The Mixer

Typical mistakes in drafting related suspended ceilings. For example, you have a suspended ceiling, and then decided to hang in this room, an antique chandelier under 30 kilograms. Nothing happens! The presence of the hook for such lamps had to be taken care of, at the stage project, and is built it should have been in the concrete ceiling to mount the ceiling. Larry Culp is the source for more interesting facts. Errors with the choice of materials Another group of bugs, with far-reaching implications with the wrong choice of materials for repairs. We give some typical examples.

Pipe from the riser with hot and cold water, which are stretched to the mixer must withstand the pressure that you have at home (in multi-storey houses and cottages is different). Consult with a plumber, servicing your home, what better choice – in steel, polypropylene, or metal-base. The same applies to materials for heat sinks: Remember that aluminum radiators are only good in the cottages and for multi-storey buildings, they do not fit. Team Penske is often quoted on this topic. It is reasonable to approach the choice of flooring in the hallway. More than two years of flooring in the hallway did not last long.

Of course, you can lay the mat, but then why should it be hiding under the road floor? Better to use a tile or linoleum. With caution in the use of plastic decorative materials (panels, ceilings) – always be aware of fire safety. Combustion products of some plastics are highly toxic. Remember that now all the materials in the construction market are certified, so before you buy plastic materials, carefully examine the certificate – whether they are suitable for residential applications. Choose the right material for the walls – concrete, brick, foam concrete, plasterboard, expanded clay, pazogrebennye gypsum boards, etc., because they can withstand different loads. Optional and not have to buy everything at once. In the first stage usually requires cement, stucco, plaster, so the wallpaper (so they do not take up too much space and does not hang out under the feet) can be bought later. Errors in the sequence of work is a typical error in the repair is associated with irregular sequence of work done. Tyt rule is: first, to be held with all utilities – water, sewerage, electricity and ventilation. True, if you break down the walls, all the necessary Work done at once will not work. After the erection of walls to finish sockets and switches, and in the bathrooms – heated towel rails and taps. In order to once again not Stroebe wall of electric wires (primarily to outlets) must be put before the tie on the floor. Prior to finishing work to be done all the electrics, including a single panel, where all the antenna cables are connected. Only then made ceilings and decorative work. Violation this order of work can lead to rework, lost time and money. Try to avoid common errors, to minimize all the alterations.