They Are The Sentiments Of Fashion

It is possible that many people now think that the feelings are not modern and that they should be eliminated in order to enjoy life without being bothered. But precisely the feelings, not to be confused with sentimentality, are a few valuable gifts, are the balance of our consciousness which weigh what is right and what is not. Why has reached our society as low ethical and morally? Because each thinks only in itself, or only in those who have the same faith, or in his political party, in its capital, for their benefit and to their property. Everything for your personal property. In the majority of cases to other people no matter, nor how the neighbor feels or how, if he manages to live with a paltry income, how to find the person who is alone with their children because their spouse has begun another relationship, how going to young people under the influence of drugs, how family who had to leave his home because they could no longer pay more interest or how to find it they are the unemployed and those in need of social assistance. The majority gives them equal, what is important is that one is on the right side that is next to the hechor and not next to the victim. Although politicians say charitable words, those in need of social assistance suffer increasingly under friends of the charities. The free publication. The young and the Prophet. Life Universal original author and source of the article