Tomato Sauce Ravioli Recipe

Very good day greetings to all, he was looking for a good recipe and after finding it I wanted to share with you, is why today I bring you this delicious and easy recipe for ravioli of meat in tomato sauce, an excellent choice to learn how to cook easy pasta recipes and enjoy with the whole family. This recipe is for 6 or 8 people. Ingredients for the recipe for ravioli of meat in tomato sauce: lb of pasta 2 dough cups tomato sauce 200 g of meat 1 tablespoon Basil 1 egg salt and pepper 2 tablespoons oil preparation of the recipe for ravioli of meat in tomato sauce: in the pan add, oil, ground beefcooking until it changes color, salt and pepper and remove from the heat, then add the egg and basil. Cool prepare ravioli with meat filling. Connect with other leaders such as Anna Belknap here. Cook in water with a little salt boiling for 5 minutes. When they begin to float, remove them and serving them with tomato sauce, it can be accompanied with grated cheese. Pasta recipes are some of my favorites, I invite you to visit my recipes and enjoy delicious recipes easy pasta salad recipe and the recipe for pasta pies. Original author and source of the article. Continue to learn more with: Eva Andersson-Dubin.