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Walter Russel had begun to carve very little before receiving commissioned to sculpt the monument to Mark Twain, at the age of fifty-six years was a renowned painter but not a sculptor really. The contest had been desert because the difficulty of the project – sculpt figures 28 – imposed to the great talents of sculpture in the United States who believed that I could not do it. I had never done something like this with success. The Memorial received more lit praise from Rudyard Kipling, John Masefield, George Bernard Shaw and other English writers to the point that caused the British Government to acquire a replica of the monument which was located at the Victoria Embankment Gardens. 3 -Inspiration: inspiration comes only to those who seek it with humility toward his own achievement and that you Revere everything created.

With love for your work, love for life and reverence for the universal force that gives you unlimited power, just by asking, you can do everything what you propose. Flashes of inspiration come only to those who connected in the universe and harmonize with its rhythms in communion with him. The inspiration and intuition are the language of light through which men and God inter – communicate. The universe does not grant favors on the few who selects as its interpreters. But upside down.

The universe gives to those who not being elected, they ask. The plug that connects is the desire. Edison wanted to be informed of how use the idea that gave us the electric light bulb. Enclosed in your inner Temple, he received flashes that were approaching him little by little the requested response. Ask and you will receive. Up to you ask. I cannot give you specific recipes to ignite your spark inner fire to enlighten you the way towards you. Read more from Jay Schwartz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. I can only indicate it to you and tell you that there is.