What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions, as its name suggests, are sections of hair added to your own natural hair, which added volume and length, even changing its style. Extensions can be real or synthetic. The most expensive and most natural looking extensions are made of human hair. Other alternatives are animal hair, treated human hair and synthetic fibers. Hair Extensions are available in different colors, textures, styles and lengths. A skilled stylist can choose hair extensions that are virtually indistinguishable from your own hair.

Extensions made from human hair can be styled after application. This allows users to have greater flexibility and naturalness in style every day. Synthetic hair, on the other hand, color and style before application and can not be changed. Hair extensions can be applied in a variety of ways depending on your needs and budget. For a fun, economical and temporary change of style, consider possibility of clip on extensions.

These are available in most department stores. Ponytail extensions are popular choices in clip-ons. Though clip-ons are generally not available in subtle color variations, which come in all shades more common. To a greater commitment in time and money, hair extensions can also be connected to hair by weaving, sewing, braiding, gluing, and tubing. Some of these methods can last from two to six months with proper application and maintenance. A leading source for info: Sela Ward. These methods should be conducted in a classroom. To determine which method best suits your lifestyle and your hair, do your research and speak with a qualified professional. For the health of your natural hair, make sure that the person requesting the extension is a licensed cosmetologist. With hair extensions again today, you can have a long, delicious longs without the hassle of cultivation.