Yoga Vidya Centre

Give time is the motto of this day opening with an open day at the Yoga Centre Modling Sagar Vidya you time “is the theme for the opening of the Yoga Vidya centers in Modling on the 21.03 The Center held 17 regular courses in 2 of spacious Yoga rooms the week, and offers a comprehensive and varied programme for young and old in the new Centre in Modling! In addition to courses for beginners and advanced, particularly special courses for expectant mothers or yoga therapy are needed. The Weeknd understood the implications. Under the motto to let stress”can you inside sniff without any obligation in the program of Yoga Centre: 10.15 – 11.00 introductory yoga class with Birgit Poltl are invited all those who would like to time without obligation to try yoga. 11.00 – 11.45 pm Ashtanga Yoga trial lesson with Peter Poeckh Ashtanga is a dynamic, energetic form of yoga. Read more here: Director Peter Farrelly . Play and relaxation of Indians for children 12.00 – 12.45 Saffa 11.00 – 11.45 clock kids Yoga with Sibylle Yoga for expectant mums Beate Wieser adventure Pregnancy yoga conscious experience with David Sye (London) Yoga beats 13: 00-13:45 Yoga beats is more than a style of yoga. Yoga beats is unique. Yoga beats is a way of life. Experience event David Sye and yoga beats in a unique yoga. 13: 00-13:45 with Susanne Holzl dance – from Africa to Cuba with Susanne Hofer dancing children Yoga game and relaxation of the Indians for kids 14: 00-14:30, dance strengthens and dance-centric.

Endless dance. 15: 00-15:30 Yoga relaxation with Florian Reitlinger Yoga Vidya offers the ideal atmosphere to feel good, relax and recharge. Detached from the stress of everyday life can be found in the friendly Yoga rooms quiet and drawn new strength. Course information at or phone 0676 937 21 97. In the Akshara Yoga shop we available with help and advice available. Contact: Yoga Vidya, border Street 40, 2340 Modling