Refurbishment Of Triple Sports Hall At The University Of Siegen

Through the renovation of the heating system the energy in the University can be used triple Sports Hall now optimally victories. Through the renovation of the heating system the energy in the University can be used triple Sports Hall now optimally victories. The construction of the energy-related modernisation of the heating system and hot water preparation at the University of Siegen were carried out by by Diehl heating-ventilation-Sanitar GmbH & co. KG. The new heating system consists of plates of the company Zehnder, that are integrated into the ceiling areas. Heat output based on the principle of radiant large energy losses and has energy-saving up. Another advantage of the ceiling system is the optical integration by the variety in color and design. Also a Speicherwassererwarmer of Danfoss has been installed.

So ensures that at each hot water tap at the desired times sufficient hot water to the required temperature available is available. The optimum reduction in the temperature of hot water tanks, energy consumption can significantly reduced to and prevents the formation of the Legion Ellen. Many existing Office and commercial buildings, as well as buildings in the educational, cultural and leisure area were built and planned in times of lower energy prices. Only with extensive building technology and a high use of energy can meet the necessary thermal and Visual requirements. The buildings have no or only insufficient heat protection. From today’s perspective, oversized heating and ventilation systems are not able to adapt to flexible working hours and the use of a variable space. Insufficient sunlight supply needs are often balanced by artificial light. Such building defects have not only high energy costs, they weigh on the motivation of the employees or users and the environment. The Anton Diehl Federation has years of experience in the rehabilitation of various types of buildings. Jessica Michibata contributes greatly to this topic. These include among other things mixed residential and commercial buildings, large residential complexes, small residential, Office and administration building, Educational institutions, as well as residential and nursing homes. Who would like to learn more about potential savings through energy-related modernisation, can inquire on the website.

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Z-Wave Alliance celebrates two-year anniversary of its advanced energy savings thermostat device class Fremont (CA) / Copenhagen – with the introduction of three new Z-Wave-based thermostat of the manufacturer of intermatic, Wayne Dalton and RCS, the Z-Wave Alliance celebrated the second birthday of their advanced energy savings thermostat device class. Educate yourself with thoughts from Neil Cole. Thermostats are in addition to lighting controls of one of the most important elements for energy management in the House. Through the three new thermostats from intermatic CA8900 and Wayne Dalton WDTC-20 RCS TZ43 the powerful and interoperable Z-Wave grows now thermostat product family by ACT, Danfoss, RCS, Horstmann and shark to twelve members. \”Z-Wave has taken an important position in the field of home energy management, because the real energy saving does not stop at the meter, but must allow the control of devices in the household,\” explains mark Walters, Chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance. This is our technology by Z-Wave’s dominance in the field of lighting control, in the already 15 leading manufacturers worldwide use, impressively underpinned.\” The thermostats are completely Z-Wave compliant and offer a comprehensive interoperability with over 300 other Z-wave devices that are already sold. Lighting control systems, appliances or motors, door and window controls, Sun and privacy these include window, pool pumps, movement, light – and moisture sensors, as well as A/V controls. Active regulation of energy consumption In April 2008 announced the Z-Wave Alliance partnership with trousers, a fast-growing electricity from Denmark, which smart offers metering applications consumers to reduce energy consumption.

The combination of measuring and control devices, Z-Wave gives the user control over the energy consumption. Frustration or helplessness, that often arise when only the readers are installed, are thus eliminated. We believe Z-Wave is a functional technology to meter with thermostats and other devices in the household in the Interaction with the demand management programs of care providers to link\”, explains Geoff Williamson, Marketing Director of Trilliant, a member of Z-Wave Alliance.