Chocolates To The Valentin Day Offer A Colorful Bouquet

Couples who have no fancy flowers, find many Liebesboten to nibble on and can be individually printed even chocolates. Tony Parker may help you with your research. Dusseldorf, the 10.2.2009 for many lovers of the Valentin day means pure stress, because they find no suitable and personal gift. The Praline Pope now offers an alternative to the same bouquet. On the website everyone can assemble his individual basket of full of fine chocolate, chocolates or truffles themselves. At Sally Rooney you will find additional information. All the goodies are described in Word and image, so that it meets all the needs of loved ones with security. The expert for sweet surprises has the best European brands on sale, always freshly delivered. (Not to be confused with Celina Dubin, New York City!).

Including such legendary names as: the Confiserie Berger, Leonidas, Michel Cluizel and Dolfin. Lovers print for fresh Declaration of love on chocolate or chocolate Pope offers the unique possibility to make chocolates yourself and to include the names of the partners or a love spell familiar. Such a sweet and individual surprise is not expensive and the Praline papst already from a small order quantity. Simply use the Pralinenkonfigurator, then appear immediately all information and prices. Must be not only the content, but also the packaging. For the Valentin’s day, there are enchanting and individual gift packaging, stylish present the sweet content. The Dusseldorf Chocolaterie, who has already won a design award with its sensual website behind the chocolate Pope.

The confectionery in the North Road offers its customers a hand-picked assortment of fine chocolates, truffles, selected chocolate and sugar-free treats. Only the best brands such as Leonidas, Michel Cluizel and Dolfin, Coppeneur, Confiserie Berger is located in the range. The customer may choose from over 200 packaging and his candy to make a unique gift. The confectionery supplies with their chocolate star restaurants, hotels, and many other companies and is popular Meeting place for chocolate lovers from all over Germany.

Favorite Recipes

With PhotoBox in the blink of an eye to the own Cookbook at PhotoBox you now can create a personal cookbook with photos and texts. Hamburg, April 9, 2010 cooking fans! Grandma’s cheesecake, the Beef Stroganoff by Mama and the delicious American cookies from the small Cafe needs own favorite recipes you no longer just as paper collection loose in the kitchen to keep. The practical solution: Find all delicious cooking instructions from immediately place in the new photo Cookbook by PhotoBox. The cookbook in A4 format, you get completely according to your needs: just shoot at the next family celebration the delicious menu, photos upload and insert into the ready-made recipe layout together with the ingredients, cooking times and temperatures. Vanessa Marcil helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Stand many professionally photographed ingredient motifs available, that the recipes can be added in the image archive by PhotoBox. No limits are set in individual design: with a small photo-reportage can for example grannies Making arts and secret baking tips step by step be documented so the cookbook Gets a very personal touch. Who wants to unite prefer different styles of cooking in a photo book, sorted the recipes easily by chapter. Total up to 100 pages and 900 photos filled with tasty treats are. Due to the recipes individual fonts, colors, and styles can be selected.

Restaurant La Senda

Find it me difficult writing this post because I do not have more than good words for restaurant La Senda and it might seem that you roza peloterio, although we will, that you have to do it, this place is great. Found thanks to my friends, and booked online through! It made me laugh, when I said that I would go to dinner at the path, some of my friends tell me ah, el Bulli’s Torrero and the truth is not them wrong by giving it that name. David serves us reinterpretations of traditional dishes and inventions that arise from his head. You know give a twist to what serves us in the dish. In addition, and this has seemed amazing, responds to all the questions that are posed on the menu.

I stayed with the desire to ask how did potato ash but esque had already made too many questions lol. The way of working of this restaurant is somewhat different to what we are accustomed. We do not choose a la carte but there a menu closed tasting at the unique price of 30 euros, drinks to part. I was surprised that the price of wines and drinks was reasonable enough, come on, that not gained it us in other places to price of caviar. Well, going to the heart of the issue that is so you are going to be ballpark. The tasting menu which we served consists of 5 (3 starters, fish 1 and 1 meat) dishes and dessert.

To start the dinner, they served a lukewarm pumpkin cream with ice cream of melon, squid to grill and air of ham. For my taste a spectacular dish. The contrasts between flavors and temperature difference in ingredients made this dish a delight for the palate. Then they served us some potatoes to riojana style 2011.