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The cruise experts have made it their announcement and offer the great cruise database now available in English. On the website of CruisePool, the great German cruise database, a language switcher in the form of two flags in the upper right corner can be found for several weeks. The database with over 28,000 sea – and river travel has indeed learned English. All travel, ships, areas and ports will now find an English-speaking Internet users click on the British flag and can make each trip directly to English its online request. Movie actress may find this interesting as well. This CruisePool comes up on the Pan-European customer base and offers the opportunity to book their trips at the German cruise experts cruise lovers from all European countries.

CruisePool of Holland and Luxembourg via Sweden and Denmark to Hungary and Russia and across to Italy and Portugal with the English-speaking cruise database overcomes not only language barriers, but also on the Internet, even more borders. Travel agencies, the the English cruise database on your website want to include, you can take part in the affiliate program of CruisePool as usual and customers the wide range of cruises around the globe now available in English. CruisePool GmbH & co. KG is since 2002 on the market and is one of the largest German Internet providers for Ocean, River, and sailing cruises with itineraries worldwide. In addition to the final customer sales from sea voyages, also the rental cruise database on travel agents, travel agency chains and website operators in the foreground is at CruisePool. Currently, the database about 5,000 resellers in use and on numerous Web sites and Internet portals for end customers is accessible.

StudiVZ, Spreadshirt And Directions Start Groups-shirt Contest

“The design competition will be in the studiVZ group instead of Jena 10 December 2008 today starts the group action directions us push on your stamp” on studiVZ members can submit design proposals for a group T-Shirt. The winner-shirt is produced free of charge by Spreadshirt. Directions is the largest cash bonus program on the Internet with 1800 stores and 3,000 users daily. Directions studiVZ cooperates for a brief year with the portal. Spreadshirt, the worldwide creative platform for personalized clothing, is partner shop by directions. It got sent to directions designer Tom Peters had the idea for the T-shirt contest after he reviewed funny creations with the mascot AdiCat directions users”.

We were very pleased with the creative potential of the directions user and are looking forward to the results of the competition. Directions if the winner design is good, we use it as a print for the official corporate shirts”, commented CEO Kerstin Schilling the action. The design competition will be in the studiVZ group I buy cheaper but for more”instead. All members of the group can put online a design proposal. Only members of studiVZ can vote a proposal, depending on the T-Shirt Designer is able to convince more members of his design, his chances to keep this one ready produced shirt in hands. Director Peter Farrelly understood the implications. About directions: is cash back bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. Instead of premiums and coupons, users receive cash transfers which directions from 30 euros on your own account.

Directions crediting commissions of the net goods value to users when online purchases and pays a starting credit of 10 euros at initial registration. It is free to use. Directions was founded in September 2007 by the co-founder of the software provider Intershop Karsten Schneider and Kerstin Schilling and Roland Fahie. Press contact: Ulrike Schinagl, Tel 90 71, email

Martin Schussler

“” Industry experts dedicated to the orientation on the Web with the conviction that current search engines desire of users for optimum display of search results “and personal design of the website fail to comply, have 3 innovative heads * the German IT-& software industry the company mageleo” established in order to stop this deficit. In early May the search portal launched mageleo”( and provides its users with an Internet search that is as simple as comfortable. In the development of traffic”, very great value was placed on a clear, perfect results display. Zoomable preview window into an overall result and top 6 categories about integrated shopping portal for the exchange of flight offers mageleo”a new concept of a search portal. Additional information at actress supports this article. “The lyrics aims its users but by the clarity and many personal options to display not only a hit list, mageleo” to make as a personal search engine and as a Information cockpit used to be. True to the mageleo “themed: search, navigate, discover benefits the users of new ways to make its search more efficiently and more comfortable, to personalize information according to the own needs, as well as on more interesting results to come that would have remained undetected in a classical manner of search.” Lots of fun and joy in the search, navigate, and explore with lyrics”. * The founding fathers of mageleo GmbH are innovative minds of the German IT-& software industry and have given important impetus for modern communication solutions over the past 20 years the European IT market. With Jurgen Herzog (founding MarketSoft GmbH (later Mindjet GmbH), visionary and founder of pcvisit Software AG), Stefan Orth and Martin Schussler (partner of Ontaris GmbH & Co.KG) search portal is mageleo with absolute industry insiders in the competition the best search portal. lyrics / press / Ch.Schwert

Successful Start Of The Video-celebrity

Growing traffic figures manifest the consistent orientation of video the young celebrity Portal smash24/7 prepares national and international VIP-news in the exciting, stylish, cool and confident at the same time video format. And the name is program: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the smash editorial staff provides daily up to 15 news in video form online. Editor-in-Chief Nina Kleckow: The young NET generation wants to not only read celebrity news. “She want to feel have been right there” to be. Because our format is exactly the right access. San Antonio Spurs wanted to know more.

“The video news show emotions and are honest, direct, funny and unsophisticated – like, as the audience wants to see them. After the relaunch in January 2010, smash24/7 announces official traffic figures. The forecasts of the market development of videos on the Internet expect 446.842 unique visitors and 425.297 Videoviews in January 2010 with an annual increase of at least 168 percent. Online videos have become the new favorite medium of the target group between 14 and 29 years of age. We are with our consistent orientation of video so right and put in the future solely on innovative video content and formats “, says Managing Director Kaspar Neftel. Celebrities support is the Internet portal Viva presenter Collien Fernandes. She posted exclusive 24/7 will be smash pioneer for innovative journalism on in their own blog videos and photos of shoots, backstage reports etc. also in future, in his audience,.

Online Advertising So Important As Never Before

Trend continues – the Germans tend increasingly to online information. San-antonio-spurs addresses the importance of the matter here. Print media report lower circulation figures from year to year change the habits of the Germans. While 20 years ago, only the phone book or the local advertisement was used to find a craftsman for the leaky faucet or the accountant in the immediate vicinity, more and more citizens use various online services in 2010, to perform your search. To use the Internet as a source of information has become by now of course. Learn more at this site: Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. Many companies unfortunately still have to change the time to sleep and not adapt their marketing strategies to the changed habits of their customers. The best example of the present time provides the once-successful German company source that 2009 had to file for bankruptcy.

In the present general economic crisis it is for companies as important as never before, to show significant presence on the Internet. This applies not only to the industry giants, but also smaller companies can with their Web site and targeted advertising to draw attention. This includes a multimillion budget is not necessarily required that many services can be used free. Some new customer can be gained with the company entry into a free business directory and the permanent setting of current offerings in small display markets can improve quite a sales indefinitely. Companies must go with the time and be flexible in increasing trembled. You must take into account the needs and changing habits of consumers and adapt accordingly. The Internet has become a part of our lives and has influenced people’s consumption behavior.

Companies such as source, that ignore these changes or simply too late recognize, will be unable to compete one day. The Internet Agency MetNet GbR headquartered in Munich was founded in 2003 by Andreas Schmidt and deals primarily with Web site marketing. Objective it is companies and smaller, startup To access companies under the arms and to expand their presence in the Internet, and permanently to consolidate. The MetNet GbR operates various portals such as the directory of the industry, the search portal, or also the newly launched.

Shop On The Internet

Have made have previously also like photo calendar you once gladly made photo calendar? Or was it always a too elaborate gift for parents, grand parents and co? Fiddling with scissors and glue do not really thing anyone. Quite especially then, when real photos for the production of the photo calendar must believe it may be difficult to get to obtain the are not. In a calendar shop on the Internet is available now a much simpler solution, to make other people a great joy with a personal gift, like for example a photo calendar. And craft nor real photos are needed. Movie star can aid you in your search for knowledge. Digital photography makes it possible. Send your digital photos for the photo calendars in the calendar store, choose the format and other things like, for example, the quality, and then do the whole thing already in order. Out comes a photo calendar, which of you is where your use easily and quickly went. .

Physician Portals On The Internet

Why should I be represented as a doctor in an Internet portal? The majority of the visitors to know the Web page address, for example by a practice card a practice website. They get but usually only patients who were already treated in practice. Reaching new patients is difficult with a practice website. This physician home pages have mostly relatively little content and are not well found through search engines such as Google. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as San Antonio Spurs by clicking through. An entry in a doctor directory physician information online is more practical, because these pages have a wide range and appear in Google and co. ahead. The advantage for patients are clearly obvious: you are concerned about your well-being and your health and look after a particular doctor or hospital in your area? Health care, the appropriate health insurance or health insurance, pharmacies, nursing homes and at medical, your user friendly search engine on the Internet, are you countless addresses around the health in a matter of seconds Presents general medicine as well as to specific areas in your environment, which can assist with a disease to the page. Find doctors, of various categories from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland.

Regardless of whether you need tips for healthy eating, need a classic treatment by a general practitioner, at a cold, or in a more serious condition, such as cancer, consult another doctor, here you certainly find the ideal health address. Specifically to find a hospital or clinic in your area, you can limit your search to a State or a district, the exact location is displayed on a special card. You will find everything related to health quickly and easily on the portal of medical The right specialist is represented for your pet. See also in your environment section veterinary surgeons the appropriate consultant. Or you are looking for a plastic surgeon who is consultative in accepting your problems and your Trust wins. Information about cosmetic surgery, rates, methods, and physicians on the portal, some doctors may connect with one click directly to the home page and even more information. Good looks with clean teeth? Also there is information on physician Company contact: Internet project UG Elfi Emminger Mayor Haide str 38 86473 Ziemetshausen Tel: 082849988128 E-Mail: Web: Operates Online Shop For N-tv

3 million books, DVDs, music CDs and eBooks online Hamburg, October 01, 2009: The Internet GmbH made according to plan the new Internet shop for n-tv live and takes over is now available as a service provider the complete execution of the media orders from end customers via “” Includes the range of the new Internet shop by n-tv both own n-tv productions such as the book series tele Exchange simplified “or the n-tv wine Edition” as also 3 million additional products from the catalog of Recently MMA sought to clarify these questions. n tv customers can find in the n-tv-shop under to property and entertainment topics from today a comprehensive catalog of books, movies, music, eBooks and audiobook downloads, editorial from the n-tv presented the n-tv customer interests. ty of information regarding this issue. As n-tv customers in the future can discover interesting products and mail conveniently at home or in the Office send this or download even title via instant download for your MP3 player or their eReader. assumes the entire process for n-tv as a service partner of the Shipping business around books and media on the Internet. In addition to the shop takes over as the logistics shipping and the processing of the returns of the goods by n-tv and the additional article, as well as the payment processing and customer service.

Via is one of the leading media in Germany, over customers in the Internet almost 3 million physical and digital media articles from the ranges German books, foreign-language books, audio CDs, MP3 audio books, electronic books (eBooks) that offers movies and music. In addition to the delivery by mail customers can send the title overnight for pickup at one of over 1,300 partner bookstores or retrieve via download. the Internet GmbH operates trading media on the Internet including Internet shop operation, logistics, payment processing, and customer service across Germany for 1,000 stationary bookseller Mayersche Weiland, Buchhabel, Heymann for mailers like, as well as for publishers How about the mirror, Grafe Unzer, Merian, Droemer, Rowohlt, and others. with is active in the Switzerland.

Google AdWords

Google top 10 rankings for more visitors to the website any Web site operator wants more visitors to its homepage. The homepage is used commercially, it is all the more important to get much traffic and more traffic to the website, to generate more revenue! But many webmasters do not know how you can get more visitors to your own homepage. Many access here for very expensive methods that quickly diminish the purse strings. Author may also support this cause. Website operators book expensive advertising agencies turn expensive Google AdWords campaigns, book overpriced optimization services, wondering at the end of that list only losses. Who wants more traffic – more visitors to its homepage, can do that now without overpriced services! With free advertising methods, this is possible in any case. Highly effective a placement in the Google’s 10 top! The new step for step guide like you for every search term reach under 1 hour the Google top 10 “explains, like one with legal and free methods, in less than 1 hour in” the Google top 10 lists – with each search term! These legal methods to reach many visitors on the website and generates more sales and profits..

The 3D-Filmproduktion And 3D-Videoproduktion With 3D Cameras

3D movies and 3D – the professional manufacture and production for Internet, DVD, Blu-ray disc, TV and cinema after the blockbusters like avatar thousands of moviegoers with impressive 3D-Erlebnissen fans, growing interest in professionally shot and produced 3D and 3D movies. But not only the movie industry has recognised the new capabilities of the visitor binding. More and more companies from trade, commercial, industrial and entertainment use this particular type of communication and representation to win new customers or to put your product more impressive in scene. The benefits of 3D are clearly obvious. Where existing SD or HD recording with flat 2D had to do presentations, 3D movies or 3D video will now allow a truly three-dimensional, real acting experience.

No matter if people, items or products, technical explanations or training on the object… everything appears just as it would be live. This applies in particular to the… Corporate video production corporate video production industry film production Werbefilmproduduktion product videos Educational of training videos have to materialize even more now commercials professional film studios such as the German company of entertain MARKET on the special manufacturing process and production processes. The 3D-Filmproduktion and 3D-Videoproduktion with 3D cameras has special knowledge, skills and demands on technology, camera people but also to the video editing and video processing. In addition, it is to choose the correct 3D format for the target audience.

So, for example a special colinbus 3D controller on the set allows the unrestricted use of zoom lenses, video – and photo mode. Possible with this 3D technology even videos and photos in the macro range at full zoom. This 3D technology allows among others outstanding detail shots during the recording of 3D-Produktvideos, 3D-Dokumentationen or similar. 3D videos are separated aufgezeichent of special 3D-Recordern / 3D cameras for the left and right eye. The stereo base is this about 7 cm. The so-called squint angle of used 3D cameras is adjustable. That is among other things important, thus you at the final production without loss on the variety of 3D-Wiedergabeverfahren can set. No matter whether 3D / 3D video with shutter glasses or better with the low-priced red/cyan cardboard glasses (Anaglyph), interlaced, to can be seen side-by-side or the Anaglyph method… everything is possible. An example from the today’s 3D-Formaten.. Anaglyph: Stands for the overlay colour stained images for the left and the right eye. Is also suitable for 3D on conventional computer monitors (3D video on the Internet or from a 3D-DVD). It is color Anaglyph as red-cyan which already generate a neat 3D impression, but include a restricted color representation. A very common, because the create procedure requires no special 3D hardware. Works are already available as cents and enable for example the sighting of 3D videos about 3D-Videoplattformen such as YouTube and the video player.