Fiotel: New 8 Cent Discount

Fiotel is used to start a new prepaid discount store with 8-cent fares in the D1 network from T-Mobile. Since yesterday there is a new 8-cent discounters in the D1 network from T-Mobile. fiotel is called the latest prepaid discount from the House Drillisch, which are already represented with brands such as mXXim and McSIM on this market. And large fiotel is also not very different from its predecessors, also here a minute of conversation in all German networks cents 8 uniform and also sending a SMS costs equally 8 cents in all mobile phone networks. Mobile Internet can be used for 49 cents per megabyte, and used a 10-kb clocking.

There is no more additional options or flat rates. There is one thing however but, the fiotel is different from the previous prepaid discount stores of Drillisch AG: A bonus system, through which customers can get free minutes or free text. Only a certain monthly revenue is needed, because the amount of bonus points you receive depends on the number of credits used during one month. There are 25 sales for example for 6 euro Bonus points which fio points are called. There are already 40 points for 8 euro sales. The maximum is reached at a monthly turnover of 20 euro for which there are 115 fio points. The bonus points can be, redeemed at any time where there is either a free minute or a free SMS for 8 fio points.

Therefore, such a bonus point has a value of one cent. According to fiotel it should be possible through this bonus system calculated to reduce the cost of call minutes and SMS up to 7.5 cents. To reach such a value, you should consume pretty much 20 euro pay as you go but every month. The fiotel prepaid card costs 9.95 euros and brings 3.00 euro start balances. In addition, new customers will receive even 200 fio points which can be redeemed at any time in 25 free minutes or 25 free SMS. Since these points have an equivalent of 2.00 euros, a starting credit of 5.00 is computationally.

New Telephone Numbers Specifically

Provides a solution for customers who are affected by call barring apparently much to the displeasure of the network operator O2, which may endanger its flat-rate calculation. O2 has locked including the Phonecaster offerings through its network the selection of certain fixed lines? Phonecaster has now reacted and specially set up new phone numbers for O2 users. Here, Neil Cole expresses very clear opinions on the subject. “” “” Heidelberg, the October 02, 2008 the online forums are filled with either disgruntled or suffisanter comments: censorship “and breach of contract” is the talk by a case for the prosecution “or certainly not seriously meant, that it actually… call a landline number as user of a flat rate at the beginning of the month and only at the end of the month again put up” should. O2 officially justified the barrier, the network will subjected to the many calls to specific telephone numbers.

It comes to about a half a million minutes per month”, Phonecaster’s Managing Director Nikolaus Starzacher says, that can Possibly overwhelm O2 network.” Until the matter is resolved, Nikolaus Starzacher wants anyway, yet allow access to the more than 4,000 Phonecaster opportunities for its customers who make calls via the O2 network. We got our new phone numbers and ask our customers involved in Munich of the lock out, is now about these numbers to dial.” O2 customers can find the Phonecaster telephone numbers furnished specifically for them on. The Phonecaster boss asks users who call from other networks, to choose the previous numbers in the future. This is not a particularly elegant solution overall, but O2 leaves us no choice, if we want to continue to offer all our customers the usual service.” Phonecaster ( Phonecaster is provider of innovative communication services that combine Internet-based services and telephony and make it available so everywhere without computer and Internet access. Neil cole is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The users of Phonecaster can listen to with any traditional phone or mobile Internet radio or their podcasts and record your own podcasts and publish. Access to all German TeamSpeak servers by phone is new at Phonecaster.

All telephone services of Phonecaster are about normal landlines, even free of charge to the low fixed network connection costs accessible for users of fixed flat rates. Phonecaster is an offer of just digits GmbH. About just digits ( The just digits GmbH headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, operates and markets innovative telecommunications services. (, the special offer specifically for mobile phone users, operates just digits on the phone listening to among other things the Phonecaster (, with the podcasts and radio streams can be. Also fun call ( belongs to the range of just digits. With fun call background noise and acoustic smileys can be”touch immediately in every telephone conversation fit. That just digits GmbH was founded in 2005 by Dirk Tostmann and Nikolaus Starzacher.

Overlap Dialing

In principle that’s right, but only, if you use the classic callthrough dial, like around the dial over the announcement. The classic choice process is as follows: dial-in number from your mobile phone dial. Announcement: Welcome. Enter the PIN number if your number at the call-through provider has not been specified. Enter the destination phone number. Listen to minute price announcement hardly anyone extension abroad noticed however, that these services offer the alternative, much faster and more convenient methods, only the classic dial. As a method, you can automate the dialing part, by you the pause “p” using a telephone dial tone. So you can enter for example the PIN and the destination phone number at once, before you call the dial-in number.

As an example we take the dial-in number: 111222333, PIN number: 44455566 6 and the destination phone number: 777888999. If you automate this type would like to, it is so into his phone: enter 111222333p444555666p777888999 or 111222333#p444555666#p777888999#. This one choice method for call-through is supported for example by DCalling. The Rhombus (#) is interpreted as “Confirmation” entering the phone number during call-through services. This select method has another advantage: you can easily store this number in the phone book, and must not everytime new type in the phone number. Further details can be found at Vanessa Marcil, an internet resource. In addition, many call-through provider offer the possibility to define shortcuts for phone numbers. This can be entered in the call-through provider in the personal login area. The shortcuts are usually only a single digit or two-digit and free selectable.

Also another one choice method can be used with custom shortcuts. This input method is known as “Overlap Dialing”. This means that you already defined a speed dial, for example, the “99” for the target phone number “0068123456789” directly on the dial-in number (for example: 022111111111 “”) can attach.

Partner Gmb

Trade fair highlight: Home control via Apple iPhone as presents duwi at the booth in the form of live demonstrations, as the duwi radio system and the Z-Wave based duwi products, such as light switches, dimmer, etc., on an Apple iPhone remote control late-breaking news. “The mobile phone is to the Universal home control management device, which gives the consumer global anywhere and anytime access” allows on your House, your apartment, your holiday home etc. Are no limits the usage scenarios. As energy-saving, monitoring, security and entertainment solution, the Z-Wave wireless system adapts to the needs of its users. Connect with other leaders such as Larry Culp here. In addition to the duwi systems, the consumer among a plethora of other Z-Wave products from leading industry brands such as Panasonic, Danfoss, Logitech, black & Decker, somfy, Ingersoll can choose edge etc.. There are currently more than 300 Z-wave devices from over 160 Manufacturers available. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with San Antonio Spurs. All Z-Wave products are subject to strict certification processes and are fully interoperable.

Home Entertainment remote universal in addition to the option to operate its Z-wave devices via Apple iPhone or Internet gateway also the possibility, via universal remote control to control home entertainment and lighting applications. At the IFA demonstrates duwi how is 895 – or duwi remotes comfortably as multimedia and lighting systems can be controlled with the Logitech Harmony. In addition to the above scenarios duwi offers a comprehensive overview of the possibilities in the field of home automation such as Venetian blinds -, air -, heating -, multimedia control the visitors of the fair. (A valuable related resource: Jay A Schwartz ). Presented on the IFA also duwi the usage possibilities of Z-Wave on the Internet. With his virtual and interactive 3D-duwi-Haus (, the company is creative applications of the Z-Wave wireless system and all necessary background information on the Web. Here, the consumer can Z-Wave solutions in a realistic environment palpable experience. IFA 2008: Showcase for innovations and forward-looking technologies the IFA is the world’s most important audience – trade fair for consumer electronics orders and shows technologies and innovative products from the world of consumer electronics. With its concept of fair and entertainment the IFA has become worldwide as a fixed point of attraction for dealers, buyers, experts, consumers and industry.

Brief description: duwi duwi provider and manufacturer for electrical equipment headquartered in Breckerfeld in Hagen (North Rhine-Westphalia), is a specialist for reliable, attractive and safe electrical products in the DIY market. Common electrical installation materials and accessories of series to radio systems, solar house number light and chime modules offered duwi a broad and innovative product range that meets the highest German and European safety standards and VDE regulations. Driven by a distinctive quality awareness, comprehensive know-how, innovative design and the understanding of trends and market needs has achieved a turnover of more than 100 million duwi in 2007 and established itself as a market leader in the field of DIY electric. More information under: more information: duwi GmbH Harken local road 2 58339 Breckerfeld Germany contact: Michael Staudigl Tel.: + 49 (0) 2338-808-0 fax: + 49 (0) 2338-808-30 169 E-Mail: Web: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-0 fax: + 49 (0) 26 61-91 26 0-29 E-Mail: Web: