The Million With The Dispozinsen

The depth handle in the case of Bank clients the European interest rate, banks in the mutual borrowing of money is geared to the is currently only one percent. Despite persistent criticism, this extremely low interest level, particularly in the area of Dispokredite, still insufficient to customers will be forwarded. Interest rates, which have to pay bank customers to overdraft their checking account, remain too high. The Internet portal reported about the rip-off of the customers at the Dispozinsen. (As opposed to Sohn Conference). Financial institutions are obliged to inform their customers not only through changes in interest rates, but to their Dispozinsen as to a reference interest rate, to prevent arbitrary interest rate increases since June 2010. But still not a law covered by the profit margin between planning and refinancing rates. Which means that banks can maintain their disproportionately high overdraft interest rates for these loans.

At the current level of interest rates, according to experts, Dispozinsen are about ten Inappropriate percent. However, many banks charge significantly more of the overdraft fees. The average is doing currently at about 11 percent. Is the Union savings bank Wesel with 15 percent. About every fourth financial institution lowered its interest rates due to the continuous complaints, although limited to these interest rate reductions on average usually less than one percentage point. Until the legislature of this source lucrative for banks customer opts for cost barriers, financial institutions at the Dispozinsen will earn still a golden nose. GmbH Lisa Neumann