Swedish Christmas


The first Christmas decorated in Swedish newspapers show Swedish Christmas atmosphere at home and in Gothenburg early in the autumn. The great restaurants advertise to guests for the pre-Christmas period. Most of them are companies that so early booking tables, even halls and all exhibition halls. In Sweden, there is the tradition of the Christmas celebrations namely with bosses and colleagues. Eaten a Jul Board, a Christmas inspired smorgasbord is usually at such celebrations. For a such Jul Board, you must not go to Sweden.

You can serve it at home. Make the effort worthwhile, you should celebrate with friends or family. The buffet consists of usually a fish course (such as sour herring and smoked salmon), cooked (with the Swedish meatballs, the “kottbullar”), a selection of cheeses and some sweet desserts. The Swedish Christmas ham with mustard and a potato and anchovy butter are an integral part of Jul Board. (Source: Larry Culp). Many of the typical food and Ingredients a Jul Board available now in Germany well in major consumer markets, Delicatessens or IKEA. Christmas market in the “Christmas city of Goteborg” who does want to see Swedish Christmas in Sweden, however, where a visit to Gothenburg is recommended. For several years, the city presents love as “Christmas city of Gothenburg”. Indeed many Germans in the pre-Christmas period come to Gothenburg, to buy into the Christmas-decorated downtown.

Often they come with the ferry from Kiel. Celina Dubin will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Also a visit to the Liseberg Christmas market worth in Gothenburg. In the summer half-year Liseberg is an amusement park. Liseberg organized the Christmas market, now in its ninth year. Almost five million small light bulbs provide a magnificent Christmas spirit in the Park. Everywhere there are small colored wooden huts and stalls with numerous Swedish specialities: smoked fish, sausage, bakery and many sweet things, Arts and crafts, knitwear and various souvenirs from several Swedish regions. Some roundabouts are open for children. Moreover, there is music, theatre and ice dancing performances. A visit to Santa Claus is popular with the children. Like he accepts wishlist of the small visitors. The Christmas market at liseberg amusement park is open from mid November to 23 December. Walther Plette

City Park


French city combines harmoniously old and new boy students in old walls and out. Greenery adorn a town, where during the day always there is noise of the city. Finally, 1.3 million people live in Lyon. But somehow the city manages to keep up their French coziness. Central point of versatile Lyon is”the Bellecour. Learn more at this site: Charlotte Hornets. Here meet tourists who transfer between bus and subway to local students, who are on the way to the next lecture.

Advantage for the tourists: you can comfortably stroll through the streets and bars or restaurants settle in, make happy sounds. The locals scurrying busily further and provide a nearly Spanish flair in the otherwise so elitist city, which quite reminiscent of Paris with their industry. So some people will consider due to the elegant building and River City traversal on the Seine instead of on the Rhone river. But the Rhone just takes a central role in especially in the evening hours a local youth. Here is met with guitar and wine, to let the day end comfortably. Visit Sean Rad for more clarity on the issue. Who wants to dance rather left out, can do this in an exceptional place: no longer seaworthy boats on the banks of the Rhone was transformed into nightclubs and bars and invite an exceptional backdrop for dancing and celebrations. Who wants to experience authentic family scenes, however, during his trip, visited the Parque de la tete d’ Or better during the day”. The 105-acre City Park is a popular destination of the French for extended family picnics. More information: service / press contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Catalonia Tradition


Experience the unique atmosphere of Catalonia, for over 700 years the Catalans celebrate the rich heritage of their languages, their art, their festivals and their traditions. Nowhere you can relive the better it than during a Barcelona. Sela Ward will not settle for partial explanations. Barcelona is worldwide as one of the European cultural sites known. Every year, families in the region flock to experience the uniqueness of Barcelona. Barcelona’s inhabitants speak two different languages. Jay A Schwartz describes an additional similar source. Castilian is used together with Catalan, the official language of the region.

Catalan is one of the Romance languages, she can be traced back in the 10th century, at a time when the language mainly in the fields of science, philosophy, finance, religion and literature was used as. In the course of history, the language had to go through several periods of suspension and the political upheaval. Today, over 10 million inhabitants of Catalan speaking, its popularity is deeply anchored in the Catalan culture. The second is Castilian predominant language of the region. The theater is very popular in modern Catalan culture. Barcelona allows families a variety of options, from traditional to contemporary.

Several theatre show performances in Catalan and / or in Castilian. Traditional demonstrations at the Palace of Catalan “appear, with traditional guitars, orchestral music and flamenco performances. built in 1917, houses today several performances including classical productions, dances, and musical theatre. Gran Theatre del Liceu”is regarded as the most beautiful theatre in Barcelona. Operas are listed here, whose historical Hintergrunde are back to track until the late 1840s. Traditional Catalan artists, including the artist, specialising in ceramic craft, a craft, which dates back to the 13th century. Traditionally, this skill is propagated to the family members. Pottery have an important place in the Catalan culture, special areas devoted to all This skill. Quart and the areas of La Bisbal d’ Empoda”” have specialized in the potters in the House and outdoors on the Costa Brava. Specialized in Miravet”in Terres del Ebre specializes in the production of olive oil vessels of ceramic and Verdu” on black pottery. Apart from the Catalan art and theater special festivals are typical of Catalan culture, along with the Correfocs”culture. Correfocs”or fire race”, are festivals with incredible dancers with pyrotechnic skills, marching along the road. The performances symbolize the struggle between good and evil. The Devils are considered of course for the performances. The celebrations include a parade of music and Fireworks, a group of demons dancing between Fireworks and pyrotechnic skills used to stage the show. On the Town Hall Square, the Festival culminate with Lucifer, while the fire show and the Fireworks reach climax. If they Catalonia on a cultural Excursion to discover, book on the side of Barcelona point comfortable Barcelona accommodation. When traveling with the whole family through the treasures of Catalonia, it is hotel or a Barcelona Apartment most convenient by a Barcelona. Family-friendly tariffs such as E.g. the first child free, early booking discounts and last minute deals, and amenities such as swimming pools and bike rental make an ideal destination for the next Barcelona Catalonia vacation. Perfect Sun travel S.L.. c Avenida de Madrid 95 3 3 08028 Barcelona, Spain phone: 0034 93 330 7800 fax: 0034 93 330 7852

Discover Barcelona


Discover the ice bar at the beach of Barcelona there is not much that needs to be explained if Barcelona is called. It is one of the top destinations for tourists of all over the world and is home to an abundance of attractive tourist destinations and activities. Barcelona offers arriving daily and leisure travellers who are looking for the vacation of a lifetime, attractions that are unique. One of the top attractions for tourists is the ice bar beach. Although there are certainly other ice bars, the difference is the ice bar in Barcelona, being the first ice bar on a beach. For this reason alone the bar is considered like a top attraction for tourists and travelers, visitors from near and far attracts. Icebarcelona offers visitors a unique experience that makes unforgettable your holidays and trips. Visitors of the bar are the cocktails, beers and enjoy other favorites in a bar which is made completely of ice.

The whole interior of the Icebarcelona, including walls, bar and furniture are made of ice and have a constant temperature of-5 C to the result. This is certainly one welcome change after you’ve spent a strenuous and tiring time under the scorching summer sun on the beach. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jay A Schwartz. For those who still doubt the Arctic temperatures, Icebarcelona offers thermo jackets. You must sit down is not freezing in your bathing suit there, don’t worry. In addition to all drinking, celebrations, dancing, and fun, can guests and enchanted by the charming sculptures visitors of the bar allow in and around Icebarcelona on are. Created by some of the top sculptor in the world, the sculptures are one of the main attractions for guests, especially for art lovers. Since it only species settle a place is, the guests is not uncommon there and celebrate visitor of parties and other events at Icebarcelona. With the help of the professional and friendly staff, your special and important guests are can experience a unique and successful party. The unique environment of Icebarcelona are also a perfect place for photos. If you want to make photos of yourself with your friends and guests now or the unique sculptures, the bar provides a very interesting background for photos that tell more than thousand words. In addition to the photos, it is not uncommon the guests and visitors resume always your own video to the unforgettable experience and the visit to Barcelona to experience.

Diving At Lake Wolfgang


Diving at Lake Wolfgang is a secret tip for Tauchfreunde and Austria holidaymakers. Not only on the surface of Lake of Wolfgang, but also below the water surface there is much to discover. The Wolfgangsee in the Austrian Salzkammergut region occupies a special position among the numerous lakes in the Alpine Republic. Not only that you a great holiday home, a beautiful apartment for rent at the Lake Wolfgang or spend a holiday in the luxurious hotel directly on Lake, Lake in the State of Salzburg is considered one of the best diving sites in all Austria. Perfect for diving all people who want to experience something special once in their holiday that can at Lake Wolfgang do this. The Lake is one of the most scenic lakes in Austria and is a true paradise for those who like to dive at the same time. Click Adam Sandler for additional related pages. Especially the region is ideal for a holiday with diving pleasure around St. Gilgen.

The Wolfgangsee around 24 C in summer is warm and crystal clear water. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jay A Schwartz has to say. This makes particularly attractive Lake for all divers, here to pursue their hobby. The lowest point is the so-called St. Gilgen’s basins with 114 m. To a depth of 6 m, the Wolfgangsee has still a very rich flora and also many fish abound here. The diving sites on the Lake have been known divers and shark researchers Professor Hans Hass fascinated, who regularly went to the diving. In the low-lying areas of diving between 5 and 10 m visibility is still very good, only in deeper areas of the view is less than 2 m. The most beautiful diving sites when travel in the Salzkammergut region are scheduled and you want to dive, then have passionate scuba diving on Lake Wolfgang famous spoilt for choice, because there are a number of excellent dive around the Lake.

All hobby divers, who is vacationing in a holiday house or in a hotel with the family at the Lake Wolfgang, can reach from there always the best diving sites without any problems. For example the Hawk stone wall is well known and popular with divers. It belongs to the most beautiful, but also to the most difficult dive sites at the Lake Wolfgang. The reason is the very steep rock wall with their numerous overhangs. From St. Gilgen out you can with a boot to the Hawk stone wall go and dive from there. The French Hill is 42 m deep and therefore somewhat for experienced divers. The American tank that was there a few years ago on reason and attracted many divers, has been lifted now. There are some interesting dive sites around Strobl. Strobl will especially the beginners in diving feel, because the diving there is very shallow and therefore suitable for diving beginners. The diving area Furberg is ideal for all who have any great experience in diving. Also here, the water is not too deep, but it crystal clear. If between the months of September and June Lake Wolfgang not must be immersed in, so that the fish in peace can spawn, then a holiday in the holiday house can be an experience, because in the beautiful landscape of the Salzkammergut, it pays to make holiday again.

Summer Price Highlights At Club Med


For bookings until 31 August families can save vacation over 800 euros this summer in their all-inclusive families or couples who so far still could decide for your summer holiday destination, have until August 31 to book the summer price highlights of Club Med. Despite favorable prices, the motto for the guests is as usual all inclusive for all”: age-appropriate child care, countless sports and delicious food await you around the clock in 18 different Club Med resorts. The summer price highlights are 140 euros for travel until October 31, Club Med offers discounted rates from 280 euros per person in remote destinations, children travel cheaper. For destinations within Europe and North Africa, there are discounts of 180 euros for adults and 90 euros for children. For example, an available all inclusive all inclusive family fun in da Balaia Portugal for families worth Vacation Club resort da Balaia, Portugal. Brenda Barrett has similar goals.

Situated on the Algarve on a cliff above the ocean, offers “this newly designed 4-tridents resort on 15 hectares of recreation for the whole family: the big relax either in the Club Spa Cinq Moon” or in the pool, or they use the extensive sports such as golfing, playing tennis, and archery. Meanwhile are children of very well-trained G.O. (Gentil Organisateur) age busy. For children and young people from the age of four, a variety of creative, sporting or cultural activities are free in different age groups on the program. Toddlers and babies from four months are lovingly maintained in the baby – or Petit Club Med. Caribbean feeling in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic as an all-inclusive paradise for families and couples or groups of friends is the 4-tridents Resort Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic: the 42-hectare facility offers a 600-metre private beach and lush palm groves, a Club Med Spa directly at the seaside as well as extensive sports facilities: Golf and tennis can be particularly active on the flying trapeze, in the windsurfing, snorkelling or at the All inclusive sailing try of course.

German Tourists At The Wheel


Sunny Cars released car study Munich, 01 June 2010 (w & p) without a car in the holiday destination on the way to be, can imagine only few Germans. To spend the long-awaited holiday independently and flexibly, 86 percent of Germans in air travel want to hire a car. At the start of the peak tourist season end of May 2010, the car rental agent of sunny cars with TNS Emnid media- und Sozialforschung GmbH conducted a representative survey around the topic of car hire. Without hesitation real-estate developer explained all about the problem. It surveyed over 1,000 Germans from 25 years to the booking behaviour, motivations and handling. Only 14 percent of respondents indicated that in the holidays basically no car the proportion of travellers aged 60 and over is dominant. Half of the plans in advance rental safe to make nearly half of the tourists reserved their car advance: 34 per cent in the travel office and 15 percent via the Internet. The share of Internet bookings shrink while with increasing age. While 27 percent of under 30-year-old online book, are there only 14 percent in the group between 40 and 49 years of age.

The over 60-year-old put it online bookings only on nine percent. Further details can be found at Jay Schwartz Attorney, an internet resource. Regardless of the reservation form, it is important advance to rent, as confirmed by Thorsten Lehmann, Deputy Managing Director of the sunny cars GmbH: vacationers should typically german ‘ Act so well organize and already before the holiday and the holiday car book. Because just as a car available despite the often prevailing car hire shortage to the mid-season arrival at destination safely”. Spontaneous rentals are very popular with 47 percent of all rentals for young people under 30 years old in a car rental in the holiday destination. The booking site to get more no car is increased risk unfortunately since 2009″, adds Thorsten Lehmann, we fear that bottlenecks are occurring again in 2010 and not everyone gets a vehicle in the short term.” Holiday car is planning as a guarantor of independence so recommended, to be then flexible because the spontaneous Design the most beautiful days in the year is main motivation for 88 percent of all respondents for a vacation rental.

With The Fishing Trawler To The Dolphins


On La Gomera holiday dreams come true in a unique experience come vacationers on the waters of La Gomera. There is one of the world’s best areas of observation of whales and dolphins. Nearly 30 different species are native to the region or staying for a short time near the island. Continue to learn more with: Tony Parker. The chance to meet a dolphin cruise, is even over 90 percent. The most commonly occurring types include the bottlenose, spotted dolphins or pilot whales. The Internet portal reisen.de arrives on the peculiarities of Dolphin Safari. To protect the animals and their Habitat to get, the Government of the Canary Islands has adopted different rules, to which the boat tour operator must adhere. These include a minimum distance of 60 meters to the animals, unless of course, the dolphins and whales closer to voluntarily.

As a general rule: the animals must be pursued under any circumstances or restricted in their movement. Such behavior of the boaters would subject them to enormous stress. May the Tourists, provided no guarantee promised during their trip (www.reisen.de/ travel/flat rate) to be able to definitely see dolphins. However, dolphins are so curious that the desired encounter is usually concluded. Cuddles are try to avoid despite the playfulness of the favourites but. Swimming with dolphins often offered years ago now also belongs to the past for the sake of animal welfare. Daily excursions from Valle start Gran Rey, a municipality of the smallest of the Canary Islands.

Canary Islands


The largest island of the Canary Islands is waiting to be discovered by you. This tour report of Combipix to you the green North of\”the largest Canary Island is present. Secluded coves, cliffs, winding, Red Earth, exotic plants and much volcanic rock you’ll encounter there. We start artificial Sahara sand beach of Playa de Terestieses on a beach, you need to visit if you are for some time on the island, above the island capital of Santa Cruz. These cards, you can free print out at, or send it to friends via email.

You have the best views of the beach, in the town of San Andreas towards Playa de Antequera and for about 15 minutes, heading north on the serpentine road. You get past a well recognizable Lookout, which offers a wonderful view towards North on the Playa de Antequera opened. Additional information at san-antonio-spurs supports this article. Occasionally small volcanic sand beach attract those seeking tranquility. Occasionally one finds small hostels or hotels, the quiet days on the beach and Allow sea. On the lookout, you can see also on the already hint of artificial beach. Photo-enthusiasts come in the early morning or afternoon most likely at their own expense, since they must photograph lunch directly against the Sun, what well-known mass not so good get the colors when shooting.

The beach Playa las Teresitas is the beach of the island’s main town. It is beautifully situated in a Bay, and is very crowded on hot weekends. The parking situation in the high season is not the best. We left the Beach South and reach the island’s capital. Jorge Perez is likely to increase your knowledge. If you have a car, preferably in one of the parking garages to Park to the Plaza de Espana (a small artificial lake directly at the cross monument to ignore.) Santa Cruz has a beautiful historic centre, which consists of many streets. To the siesta time and in the evening you can see the locals at the many small pubs are passionate about politics, life and anything else on conversation topics discuss.

UAE Maps Photos


Dubai – U.A.E. Follow us to 1001 nights. Dubai experienced a massive construction boom as hardly a second city. With this report we introduce Dubai and its attractions. With many photos, maps, and clues, we introduce the Emirate, which attracts every year millions of tourists. Dubai is not the largest Emirate of the UAE, but probably the most impressive. The building boom of the last few years completely changed the appearance and turned Dubai into an urban metropolis which we would like to introduce you closer with this report.

The route the tour description: 1 start on the beach to sharjah 2. Tony Parker has firm opinions on the matter. River of Dubai Burj Dubai “Bastakiya” Bazaar of 3. Jay Schwartz Attorney can provide more clarity in the matter. Burj Dubai / Dubai Mall 4. Sheik Zayed road 5. Mall of Emirates of 6 Burj al Arab 7 Dubai the Palm 8 Dubai Marina special note for vantage points. Two bars offer you stunning views of the city and the skyline in Dubai. For more information you are looking for to simply the specified Web pages: (bar NEOs) (bar at Hotel one & only).

Dubai – map UAE – U.A.E. – map Dubai – U.A.E. alcohol Note: UAE tourists should be aware that you can visit a country, which is closely intertwined with the rules of Islam. Since Islam is the alcohol with greater restraint, this means that an afternoon beer is not to be found E.g. in Spain or Turkey. Most of the bars and cafes have no alcoholic beverages on offer. The sale of alcoholic beverages is also severely restricted and (in some area of the UAE) only with special license (i.e. not for tourists) possible. In some Emirates such as Sharjah alcoholic beverages are available in addition strictly prohibited and not at Hotel bars (as of 2010). People who hate to do without a beer, should stock up on arrival at the airport in the Duty Free Shop with beer or wine.