Names of Legends

Was the name of the legendary English mannequin sixties of last century, who conquered the world of its fragility and introduced the fashion for thinness polls. Millions of girls rushed to adjust its size with its standards. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sela Ward by clicking through. But, unfortunately, not many people know: killed Twiggy that once brought her international fame. She died at a young age from exhaustion. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez often says this. This disease is highly sensitive excellent pupil more susceptible to disease emotionally immature, dependent mother, unable to act decisively actions and make independent decisions, impressionable, vulnerable, shy, insecure girl, studious and careful, with a high level of responsibility, fearing not justify the excessive expectations of their parents (“You should learn from one Five, “” You will get a brilliant career, “” School of Music, foreign language, ballroom dancing and a good education at a prestigious school – and only if you’re the perfect girl! “).

Provoke the development can itself adolescence, when the structure is complicated self: self-affirmation through the study is not enough significance is related to personality and appearance of the girls surrounding adults and peers. In addition, encourage the girl to the idea of completeness may be unnecessary appearance of visible female form that is perfectly normal for a period of growing up. It begins often against a background of already existing latent conflict in the family, death close relative, the failure of the entrance exams to university, unrequited love, but rather prosaic, and discreetly with the idea of the need to “improve appearance”, “correction of body weight.