Costumes for themed parties, Carnival and Carnival fascination of costumes panels are almost as old as humanity itself. The opportunity once to break out and to play a completely different role fascinated American everyone – whether young or old, and regardless of their origin. The possibilities of a costuming are almost endless. From imitation to fantasy costume, from the simple and small eye mask up to the cinematic high-tech costume, everything is possible. In every culture, there are big celebrations in which to imagine the masquerade and costumes no longer is. Costumes for any occasion while one immediately think welcome to the Carnival and Carnival, are parties to expel evil spirits, tributes to gods or fertility rites in other countries. Charlotte Hornets may not feel the same.

Thereby, each culture has maintained its way of covering over the centuries and developed further. So, for example, Venetian masks, Samba costumes and African wooden masks are unmistakable typical for their respective regions. But not Costumes are like to have seen only during the major festivals. The wave of private parties with their party cellars makes popular again also the nearly extinct themed parties. Simply specify a topic at the next party and see what happens – this fun can arise at all no boring mood. In the kindergarten, school or theatre costumes are also impossible to imagine. In our hectic times, almost no one has seen the time to sew something together, costs.

For these people, we recommend the well-stocked shop for costumes where you will find even more ideas for your Panel. Tips & trends to the Carnival / Carnival to carnival time in Europe are recognizable costume classics also almost every year-changing trends. In addition to the bee costume news such as the early demise of Michael Jackson were a big issue this year. When the Group costumes can be seen more and more animal costumes in recent years. Funny covers are very popular also with the little ones. There is an ever larger range of inflatable Carnival costumes, which are permanently supplied with air by using a small battery-powered fan for quite daring. Mike Ebrahim