International Art Foundation Dmitry Plynova

Roman Dmitri Plynova 'Doomed by unselfishness. " Synopsis. Completed and the forthcoming novel, Ph.D., a member of the Union of Journalists, a member of the International Art Foundation Dmitry Plynova 'Doomed by unselfishness. " From the words of the author: 'I wrote it a year and one day, the material collected for five years, I would say my entire adult life. Got it? For me – yes! What I wanted to say, I said.

Did not say to someone, but personally yourself, your loved ones. Though I have behind them already have a few books, but they are scientifically oriented. Fiction – my first experience. " Events in a novel set in the late eighties, the twentieth century. The young man, after an unsuccessful attempt, go to the Metropolitan university, returned to his city.

There's time to take exams in the local university, the Faculty of Journalism, evening courses, starts working in scientific and technical library. After some time he can get and the regional party newspaper, a freelance reporter. Once, on the instructions of the editorial board, he ends up in an orphanage, where he is a kind of soul-searching. The hero throws University and entered the military academy. At this time in the country originate in fact the revolutionary events. Change of regime, the collapse of the Union. Local conflicts in which, and he has to participate. Wounded, hospital, doubts about the correctness of the choice. In the end, after graduating, the hero finds himself assigned to work in Moscow counterintelligence division. During the service he receives materials about the espionage activities of foreign citizen and his bureaucrats. The operation of the localization of the alien is a success. However, the main character all the conditions that he would have left the bodies. Extensive search of work and their place in life led him to familiarity with the artistic medium. Sam begins to write again to sit down for a 'party'. Gaining fame. Assessing your limited experience, tends to find a theme for the 'most important paintings' in their lives. Delves into the study subjects 'doom of man'. Considers this question from all sides, seeking confirmation of its findings in the works of famous artists, classical painting. Meets with various people to find out their attitude to this problem What it all ends? While the issue. Intrigue – an integral part of the work.