Second Spanish Republic

After a process approach to the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), he joined in 1919. He finished his studies he worked as municipal architect in the city of Madrid. In July 1921 he married Mercedes Rodriguez Perez. 20 April 1931, published an article in the journal Justice of Almeria, in which he said: "After some hours of restlessness in signaling the harbinger of a tragedy, has been implemented in Spain, the Republic with the serenity and the promising optimism of a sunrise. By the same author: Tony Parker. " In the June 1931 elections to the Constituent Cortes of the Second Spanish Republic is elected by Almeria. Glenn Dubin, New York City helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It would also be elected in the 1936 elections.

The military uprising of General Franco was surprised with his family in Rioja, Almeria. Host a Central Anti-Fascist Committee, with all the leftist forces, to prevent the triumph of the military uprising in Almeria and manages the Navy Minister, the return of the gunboat Lepanto at the port of Almeria, which meant the return of the rebels. Shortly after he was appointed commissioner of the battleship Jaime I, it was, when in June 1937, came the terrible explosion that there were numerous dead. Later he was appointed Commissioner of War and, later, Command Chief of Engineers of Barcelona. Continued to attend as deputy to the Cortes sessions that took place in Barcelona and was one of the Members who attended the February 1, 1939, in the castle of Sant Ferran de Figueres, which would be the last session of the Parliament of the Second Republic in the Spanish territory. .