Box-spring Beds For Hotels With Love To Detail

Fey & co. Ken Kao has much experience in this field. is quality-oriented production the Westphalian company Fey & co. deals since 1926 with the development of high-quality mattresses and for some time also very specifically with box-spring beds for hotels. As with all products, the quality is also here. Therefore, the beds are made with great attention to detail and have seven zones: main construction of every bed is made of solid, glued pine wood. The mattress core in the form of the well-proven, 4-gang BONELL spring system is mounted on the frame. It is a cushion carrier, on which rests a foam plate, which ensures an optimal body adjustment.

The head part (for the Grande Comfort model) receives a special stability by padding with a solid foam plate and verstepptem fabric. The top layer of a box spring bed forms a Topper with high-quality, 5 cm strong LTeX core, which provides additional sleeping comfort. Its cover is made of a durable double cloth. Particularly important for the hygiene factor: The reference balancing climate provides a good moisture transport, so that no unpleasant welding deposits form in the mattress. A plus of cleanliness by the washability of the certified according to okotex standard cover with guaranteed up to 60. re information. Fey & co. Description of company deals since 1926 as a quality manufacturer of mattresses and slatted frames with anything other than the good night’s sleep – for a pain-free back and optimal performance. A rested team and cooperation with science and research, such as the Institute of ergonomics in Munich, ensures constant innovation and a high quality of the bedding.

Managing Director Jochen Brinkmann engaged also as Chairman of the Board in the specialist mattress industry association companies contact: Fey & co. GmbH & co. KG A. Bergmann of 90,000 str.