The Artist

I think it is not art, and a thirst for glory, who wants to get in any way. In the soul of these people have nothing but a complex of inferiority and resentment toward those who can create something beautiful. This resentment expressed by destruction of beauty created by others. I have something not seen any of the artist who created a unique painting or sculpture, and then publicly destroy her. It can not destroy the true artist creates works because it is the same as to kill his own child. Of course it happens that the artist is obscure almost finished now, but this process works, the creation process.

If he is not happy with what he gets, he has the right to alter it. The process works and is to create beautiful, therefore it requires constant changes to the figure in painting and sculpture. But when the product is ready, the artist can not destroy it. True true artist usually all the same it is dissatisfied with that done, he always thinks he could have done better, and it is this sense of always forcing the artist to create new works and at the same time "sharpen" their skills. If you no longer feel a sense of dissatisfaction with his works, if you begin to feel that your best work and begin to admire them – this means that you are dying artist. Of course this does not mean that every artist is always dissatisfied with what he does.

Automotive Service

The automaker behaves bandits in pursuit of profits in the vehicle suspension repair car repair is to replace old parts with new ones. On some cars, this approach can be very expensive service, as a manufacturer to take care of designing their own benefit not collapsible suspension parts. At this time, most cars suspension parts are together and in such cases, silent blocks and Ball bearings are not supplied separately, in case of failure of one of the elements have to buy the whole arm. Typically, the cost of such products is high. This fact suggests that the auto maker sells motorist spoon which he will bring him and Automotive Service coin on a schedule. I am confident that we motorists need to know more about it! Joints widespread opinion that the ball joints, steering ends, tie rods and Non-Repair the vehicle in case of wear should be replaced, in reality it does not, because this part is responsible and therefore make it with a lot of fatigue.

Any ball joints, in which there are inserts, repair is possible in principle. A typical example – replacing the crankshaft bearings. However, ball-bearing crankshaft is not, repair kits, it does not exist. The first thing to face are interested in the restoration of ball joints: a way out of the two choose to do or simply folding hinge polyamide download! What better recovery? The first time version of the ball is opened, the liner (a biscuit) are machined from rod polyamide prepared with the size of a finger and the housing.

Car Refrigerator

Refrigerator Refrigerator (from Lat. Refrigeratus – chilled, refrigero – cool), a vehicle with a refrigeration unit for the transport of food in refrigeration. In road transport, as refrigerators use refrigerated trucks – vehicles, trailers and semitrailers with thermally insulated bodies. Exterior and interior panels made of duralumin their sheets or galvanized iron. As Insulation is usually used foam and aluminum foil with air spaces.

Compression refrigeration machines such refrigerators are driven by independent internal petrol engines combustion. Range of temperature adjustment from 9 to -18 C. Payload refrigerated vehicles of 2.5 tonnes and refrigerated semi-trailers, up to 5 tons Refrigerator, range of equipment that is used to obtain and keep in refrigerated rooms, bodies or substances at temperatures below ambient temperature. X y. includes one or more of the chillers, as well as the necessary auxiliary equipment (systems of energy, and water supply systems, instrumentation and control, etc.), ensuring the normal operation of these machines.

Chill with a J.. served to the consumer either in the form of liquefied or compressed refrigerant (direct cooling) or as a refrigerated cooling fluid (coolant cooling). By its very cold in H.. conventionally divided into small (cooling below 30 thousand kcal / h), medium (from 30 thousand to 500 thousand kcal / h) and large (over 500 thousand kcal / h). Installation of vapor compression refrigeration machines are located indoors in a building where the consumer is cold, or in a separate building – cooling station. X y. with absorption and steam jet engines often mounted outside the building. In H. at. widely introduced automation, which primarily comes down to maintaining a constant temperature (by changing the cold-install). Regular servicing refrigerated (refrigeration) in the service center is a necessary condition for long-term operation of the unit.