Canary Islands


The brands were involved in fashion, entering the departments of design and development to pilots and engineers specialists in the sector more racing. Thus began to join names such as Oettinger and VW, or Irmscher Opel. We talk about, although not the seems, 1960s, years also Alpina, one of the largest for the parents and grandparents of today’s youth. Later, at the end of the 1980s, would appear business as Rieger, which allowed many to renew the car without having to buy another. Charlotte Hornets will not settle for partial explanations. Tuning Made In Spain after years living a discreet tuning movement, with the preparation of engines (not to brag, but to make the annual trip to the beach faster) or the bodywork which are arterial to the racing in the mid-1990s madness erupts.

Fiber begins to make increasingly wider cars, tires are becoming inch to inch larger, ailerons are more noticeable and BodyWorks are starting to paint with colors that never would have been in the shop windows of dealers. Arise national trainers and specialised shops, which offered the possibility of translating their dreams in their cars to the public. e situation. Trade journals are beginning to emerge and become popular, quickly covering the demand that was generating and doing come this way to see the car at every corner. In parallel arise early concentrations, which filled color sites such as the Olympic Stadium of Montjuic in Barcelona, or the great padock from the Circuit de Catalunya, where annually, and along with 24 h racing until today, more than 1,000 cars coming from everywhere create the most amazing tuning of our country show. Strongly rooted in the Islands (Balearic and Canary Islands) movement, and their concentrations would know vehicles that even would be able to cross the water so we could admire them live. Already entered the 21st century would be the fairs, with exponents in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza and Galicia. .

Practical Educative


PLAYING & LEARNING: A SPACE OF PRACTICAL EDUCATIVE Pertaining to school Ludoteca JUSTIFICATION is a place with playful material especially chemical preparation in accordance with the diverse phases of infantile development, with the objective of oportunizar the outcrop of multiple intelligences of the child and the enrichment of the social interactions. Adam Sandler has much to offer in this field. When offering a space child to try it and to choose the toy, any toy, any brinquedoteca or ludoteca stimulates the autonomy and develops the critical capacity. Innumerable studies show that the socialization is so necessary for the infantile development how much the nutrition, cares with the health and other factors that satisfy the necessities vital of the child. In pedagogical practical ours the existence of a new familiar structure is well-known, coexisting in housings reduced physical space more. The Ludoteca is a space of significant, pleasant and cooperative learnings. The child learns for the manuscript of materials, colors, sizes, of forms, of sounds, different textures and resistncias. With the playful wealth and a so rich playful environment with certainty will contribute inside for a development of experiences of the pertaining to school space. But, over all, the child has chance to develop the initiative, the autonomy and to enrich the social interactions and thus to exert its Citizenship. Thinking about this, the idea to institute a ludoteca in the Municipal School of 1 Tiradentes Degree if makes necessary, this because it will take to a bigger entertainment having offered moments of pleasure in the recreation that will make appropriate and improve the tricks. Objectifying to implant the ludoteca in the Municipal School of 1 intitled Tiradentes Degree: Ludoteca/Brinquedoteca, Arguing its Previous Knowledge On the Subjects, to take care of the children who need psicopedaggico attendance becoming a laboratory for the courses graduation, licenciatura and of formation of professors of this institution (FTC and the D), assisting them in research and the construction of the knowledge, through group of studies and practical reflection of its.