Luis Mansilla

The Madrilenians Emilio Trun and Luis Mansilla have gained the prize by the hotel and restaurant " Atrio". The president of the jury, Benedetta Tagliabue, maintains that all the presented/displayed works were very good. The Catalan architect Enric Ruiz Geli has obtained a Mention by the building It hype, located in the district 22@ of Barcelona prize FAD of Architecture 2011 has been, ex- aequo, for two Madrilenians, Emilio Tun and Luis Mansilla, by the hotel and restaurant " Atrio" of Cceres, and for from Lisbon Ricardo BAK Gordon, by its project " Two Houses in Santa Isabel" . In recent months, San Antonio Spurs has been very successful. This year a total of 498 works has appeared to prizes FAD in their different modalities, of which 282 correspond to the category of Architecture; 74 to the one of Interiorismo; 37 to City and Landscape; 58 to Ephemeral Interventions and 47 to Pensamiento and Crtica.Estos prizes they are considered most prestigious of the Iberian panorama in its scope. The president of the jury and arquitecta, Benedetta Tagliabue, has evaluated very positively the level of all the presented/displayed projects. According to Benedetta, has been a difficult election and " all were very good, presented/displayed and very cuidados&quot well;. Actress is likely to agree.

Although the sector is undergoing the economic crisis of very direct form, Tagliabue has maintained that " there is crisis of no creativity in arquitectura" . In addition, it maintains that at the moment " a species on Renaissance of the creative capacity is being lived " , in spite of the world-wide crisis the jury is also trained by Eugeni Bach, Bet Capdrro, Edgar Gonzlez, Daniela Hartmann, Imma Jansana, Santiago Loperena and Jose Mateus.stos are those that have decided finally that the prize is, conjunatmente, for two Madrilenians and to a from Lisbon one. In the case of Emilio Tun and Luis Mansilla there are outstanding " reinterpretacin" that they have made of a house in the city of Cceres, turned into hotel and restaurant.

Poirot Film

So, about the film, or rather mini-series, filmed by Sergei Ursulyak. This adaptation of Agatha Christie's The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, who in his time very well received by readers and very bad – criticism. You have not read it? Well, then I will not explain what caused discontent respectable Gentlemen, smash the plot and style of the narrative, otherwise it will be interesting to read a book or watch a "failure" Poirot ". Screen adaptation, the question was done very close to the text, carefully observed all the intrigue and plot turns. Suspected, as usual, everything, including a butler, until the end of multiseries the film, at a loss: well, who, who killed Roger Ackroyd? And you know, this film – a wonderful example of what the serial format sometimes necessary for more complete immersion in a book and a maximum of detail. There is no sense of artificial lengthy narrative, and scenes from everyday life heroes are important for understanding their nature and creating the right atmosphere. I do not know whom to thank for it in the first place, the director or the actors who played great – probably all together. But about them a little later, and now, very briefly, to something inadvertently not permission or excuse, for the plot.

In the sleepy English village of King's Abbot, where nothing ever happens, almost in a row happen two terrible events. At first, driving his own life recently become widowed Mrs. Ferrars, and soon at more than mysteriously found the body of Roger Ackroyd. .