Subzero Temperatures Tips


The winner of the Munich Marathon (21.1 km) Bianca Meyer ‘Hot tips for running in the cold season white Bianca Meyer, what it means to train in winter’ and has a few tips on Commons, is where fun running even at sub-zero temperatures. Since she was eight years old, running is one of their great passion. For many years, successfully run Championships, and backs up lots of titles and awards. She won their last victory on October 10, 2010 on the 21.1 km distance at the anniversary Marathon in Munich. in 2008, made the runner Bianca Meyer their passion to the profession and established the RUNNING company. There it passes their comprehensive know-how together with her team to other running enthusiasts. From its own experience and its participants and trainers, Bianca Meyer knows how to best prepare to running in the winter.

Many runners break in the winter, out of fear of cold and darkness. That’s too bad, because with a few tricks, the most beautiful sport in the world is a wonderful also in winter Balance to everyday life and bustle.” “Tip 1: Runner light to dark lines track” to keep, a headlamp is the best solution: the far-reaching light keeps not only the hands free, but ensures optimum look and seen Werden.Besonders cheap there is this in the hardware store (where they are up to 70% cheaper than in the sports shop). Also, reflector bands and light clothing are recommended. Read more from Robert Foster to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Alternatively you can choose also a floodlit running track to the headlamp. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robert Rimberg. You will find beautiful winter running tracks in Munich on the ISAR between Zoo and Grosshesseloher bridge, in West Park, Olympic Park, or even in the Luitpoldpark. Tip 2: shift work many runners put on too thick for fear of the cold and then sweating during exercise.

When you shiver slightly when running off you’re dressed right. If you’re unsure, they wear their running in several layers, then they can put one if necessary. Tip 3: warm base through the breezy”it’s blowing summer sneakers in the winter often quite beautiful out! Who wants to buy any extra warm shoes, can rely on thermal sock: provide the necessary heat and do not obstruct the air circulation inside the shoe. They are cheaper than winter sneakers and last even longer. If you however frequently running on wet terrain, are trail, a worthwhile alternative. You can use this also for hiking in the summer. Tip 4: the summer in the ear who is running with music, can his personal summer hits 2010 play on the player gets hot”memories awake and ensures a good mood also at 5 degrees. Tip 5: air and lungs often is breathing through the mouth during cold air as painfully felt. Breathing through the nose is pleasant for many, because the air flows warmed in lungs and bronchi. Also the throat not easily dry out. Alternative: tie scarf over his mouth or wear a special face mask (E.g. made of thin neoprene). Tip 6: reward then you have located it deserves! Despite the darkness and They were cold run and have left their pig dog at home. Reward yourself with a relaxing massage after the: it prevents muscle strain and is also wonderfully relaxing.

ABS Sixpack Tutorial


In reverse, it is just as effective, if you this reduce your calories by 500, to take off. Even though the calorie-burning for fat loss is essential count calories distracts and is demotivating. If you leave the 10 foods for a six pack to burn the calories and muscles grow and their many relatives into his diet, this will take so to speak the calorie count for a. It is but not a carte blanche for several Gigaportionen. It is definitely advisable especially at the beginning of the transition, if it is still uncertain to restrict the size of the portions by limited amounts of certain foods, especially in high-fat and that contain a lot of carbohydrates.

Usefully, they first adhere to one or two servings per food group and eats each no more than fit side by side on the plate. The focus of the effective weight control should be so on the calorie-burning, not sure how many calories you burn through sport, but how you burn them effectively when you are just not athletic pressed. A ready-made sample diet plan you can find here: sixpack-training/sixpack-he food plan / how you properly fill out the template of the nutrition plan what for an effective abdominal training exercises are for one, the ingredients and food products optimized nutrition plan. Proceed as follows to select the appropriate meals: we assume you weigh 80 kg and would like to build muscle and get a six pack. You take 2000 calories the average day to you. Read more here: Kevin James. Thus you has in the last weeks and months increased nor decreased. As a result, you need protein 2500 calories per day at least 160 g to add to.

A large protein shake with milk has already 400-500 calories, so that a protein shake already would be sufficient on the day on the calories to build muscle with this diet plan. An optimization of other nutrients, fat, and carbohydrates is however also necessary to achieve a good and long-term success. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jay Schwartz and gain more knowledge.. Here it is called to determine the nutritional and caloric intake of nutrients. A distribution von60% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 10% fat is as well proved for muscle building. You find delicious meals and recipes, the 10 foods include the calorie burn for a six pack and allowing the muscles to grow. You create your individual nutrition plan as a result. Often, it is not important, are strictly to the diet plan to keep. It is important that you understand how you should deal with individual food and which are good or bad for your Sixpack success and muscle building. In the next few days you will find another tutorial to the six-pack success package, to work more effectively. Then, we discuss the 7 check lists and the 7 handouts success complete package supplied with the six-pack. See also: Sixpack Tutorial 1: the way to strong ABS Sixpack Tutorial 2: nutrition for abdominal muscles about the Sixpack success complete package you can find here: have fun and success during training!

Fitness Drinks Recharge


Just jogging helps to gain new strength for your everyday life. It is now commonplace in many gyms. It offered the most drugstores and supermarkets. Fitness drinks are not only a phenomenon of fashion or a Geschmacksmittel to not pure tap water. Fitness drinks are developed and designed for the body of athletes and fitness advertisers. Usually is the knowledge of doctors and top athletes behind the recipes for the mineral beverages. The experience of watching this training and why the body at some point the required output no longer can provide.

Often this is due to the lack of precious minerals that the body needs for muscles and brain. They must be replaced so that the function of the organ is still safe even after long workouts. Also must be sure that one is not a lack of minerals. The consequences would be pain and at worst injuries of the muscles as a result of overloading. He required for all movements Body not only muscles but also the brain. In other regions of the brain than for active thinking are to constantly for movements.

If an athlete at each movement would have to think about it after it just to go, would be the only workable sport of Tai Chi. Most of the movements that are used in the sport are stored in the brain as patterns. She retrieves like a reflex when they needed a situation in the sport. These include for example the protective reaction of muscles that stabilize the joints. These react automatically to unusual movements and positions and to counteract this. It bends to sport with the foot, the muscles that surround the ankle yet still somehow to keep the foot automatically try. This happens subconsciously, needed but still have energy and concentration. The body must be awake, to take advantage of this mechanism for the prevention of injuries. Tired an athlete slows also this mechanism for the protection of the body and there are more injuries. At some point everyone even fit tires. You can delay this time but through the specific supply of minerals and nutrients to the muscles. Fitness drinks are designed. The fitness drinks contain a mix of different nutrients to the body in addition to very valuable water. The water nutrients can be taken however difficult, because the basic mechanism for the transport of nutrients in osmotic operations. So, there must be a concentration gradient in the fluid balance nutrients can take on. Drinking as an athlete plenty, there is this difference, and the body can draw nutrients from the fitness drink out. This possibility again to provide the needed nutrients and minerals the muscles during training. Gain insight and clarity with Becky Hmmon. Are these so well supplied, they can work longer and harder. This affects then the performance of the athlete. So can his fitness training extend and intensify. Along the way, the risk of injury is banned and above provided the consequences of a lack of supply with the needed minerals. Fitness drinks are an important part of the diet for athletes and fitness activities at the end and should also be considered such.

WDSF Dolphin Advocates


Travel stop asked Hagen/Hanover / Turkey – November 11, 2009 – after the German whale and dolphin protection forum (WDSF) due to proven poor conditions in Turkish Dolphinariums had prompted the German tour operator, your guests to offer no dolphin tours, TUI told of other broadcasters in June against the WDSF, taken of Troy Park in Belek, on the Turkish Riviera because a review with unsatisfactory result from the program. “” After a further hearing of the WDSF last Monday with the head of quality and environmental management of TUI, Harald Zeiss, the biggest German tour operator announced yesterday evening in a press release, that now also the Dolphin “no longer offered land in Antalya with immediate effect”. Add to your understanding with Adam Sandler. “In the case of the Dolphin country” Zeiss was in September locally: I could make me a picture of the defective conditions: corresponded to the size of the basin, the volume during the shows, the attitude and the hygiene of animals to the “Time of testing even our minimum requirements, so that he was immediately taken from the sale.” The WDSF and the Organization ProWal welcomed the decision of the TUI, criticized but at the same time that another German tour operator tour offers in Turkish Dolphinariums are not followed this positive example. Jahn Reisen (REWE-Touristik), Schauinslandreisen, Oger tours, Neckermann, Thomas Cook with Bucher had been prompted also by the WDSF, to take the Dolphinariums offers in Turkey from the program, especially since proven ten animals from the cruel Japanese Dolphin hunting in Turkey were exported last year. Get all the facts and insights with Robert Rimberg, another great source of information. “WDSF’s Managing Director Jurgen Obodo: the current cinema shocker Bay” about the causes and effects of the cruel Dolphin catch in Japan with the zigtausendfachen annual Abschlachtungen and sales of the intelligent sea mammals for more than $150,000 on the Dolphinariums touched the audience deeply. Everyone asks himself after the movie what can I myself do to stop it? “.” “Our answer: no tickets for Zoo with Dolphinariums and book no travel with tour operators, who have Dolphinariums tours in their program and earn money on the cruel business with Japan in Turkey.” TUI checks currently third Dolphinarium in Alanya (Sealanya), which the tour operator has a continuing in the program.. Lynn Redgrave oftentimes addresses this issue.

Onmega Centre Turkey


The Dolphin therapy centre Onmega from Marmaris in Turkey of the Dolphin therapy Onmega Centre of Marmaris in Turkey ended a total over a year ongoing dispute against the whale and dolphin protection forum (WDSF) about various allegations relating to the Dolphin therapy centre. The injunction banning the OLG Hamm was recognized also by the WDSF. In May 2011 Onmega health tourism Ltd. has obtained an injunction against the WDSF, wherein numerous claims for damage to reputation were prohibited. Robert Rimberg may not feel the same. The allegations, which publicly did inform the WDSF during his boycott campaign against the Dolphinariums in Turkey located in relation to the Dolphinarium in Marmaris, were for Onmega”no longer accept since, have been on the Internet as well as hotels and tour operators many statements and mixed images of from various Dolphinariums, to care about all plants in Turkey over a ridge. The Dolphin therapy Onmega downtown is also compared to other Dolphinariums in Europe the largest and only freischwimmende marine delicacy. Onmega strictly adheres to the German standards of the animal protection law and places the utmost importance on welfare and qualified personnel.

Focus of dispute in which two judicial instances was therefore the effort to prohibit the dissemination of untrue statements of fact the WDSF, who were simply untrue and therefore suitable as regards deposits by Onmega in Marmaris, to damage the reputation. The Landgericht Hagen as well as the higher regional court of Hamm had in the preliminary injunction proceedings on the legality of these claims to be.

Dolphin Advocates Of The WDSF Criticize Birthday Party In The Duisburg Delicacy


Veterinary Office Duisburg is not a Duisburg/Hagen – the whale and dolphin protection forum in the Westphalian Hagen criticised the opening concert of the celebrations for the 75th birthday of the Duisburg Zoo in the delicacy because of an intolerable sound. WDSF’s Managing Director Jurgen Obodo (55): also we congratulate the Duisburg Zoo like birthday. 75 years are but also an occasion to try to avoid unforced errors. Climate change and species extinction should cause that just a Zoo sensitized to dealing with captive dolphins. The highly intelligent marine mammals are enough punished to eke out their existence in the relatively small concrete pools. An Orchestra concert in the Dolphinariums, even if it is the played Divertimento von Mozart, produces a sound backdrop, which defined the Phon number of instruments rather than the intensity of sound, far more intense will be perceived by the dolphins, for the human ear. Check with Tony Parker to learn more. What in the wild dolphins have a highly sensitive echo sounding and a corresponding sense of hearing, km is enough… The sound duplicated in the water than in the air several times and significantly impacts the hearing sense of the animals.

In the conditions of the mammal opinion of the Federal Government the decibel value with 40 dB is defined for Dolphinariums as a legally binding basis, to protect the animals from intense sound. More info: Rebecca Shaw Yale. A Zoo Director must avoid unnecessary impairment of the marine mammals, otherwise he moves in the area of animal cruelty.” The argument of the Zoo, the animals into the rear pool could withdraw was unprofessional, thinks the WDSF, because of spreading sound in water and reflected in every corner of the Dolphinarium. An intervention by the veterinary authority of the city of Duisburg as the supervisory authority for the protection of animals went unnoticed. The WDSF is considering now legal action against the suspected animal cruelty. In the wild the sea creatures already suffers from about unbearable noise nuisance caused by the people, as this should be strictly in a Zoo be avoided. We strive hard, closing the three originally new Dolphinariums for conservation reasons”, says head of WDSF Obodo.

The Dolphins


For people who have direct contact with marine mammals, the danger of microbial infection through a variety of microorganisms that occur usually in an aquarium or sea water environment, as well as by micro-organisms that belong to the normal flora of the marine mammals, as well as in addition by pathogenic micro-organisms, where marine mammals can fall ill. Infections in humans can also by indirect transfers from the Blas transported aerosols, water contaminated with urine and feces of the animals or be triggered by the touch of food containers. Bacterial infections: wounds of marine mammals have been found include pathogens: Streptococcus-> such as sore throat, Scarlet fever, pneumonia staphylococci including meningitis, pneumonia, kidney –> and Wound infections) Pseudomonas-> trigger of respiratory diseases as Legionnaire’s disease or chronic lung infections of Aeromonas-> diarrhoea, wound infection, urinary tract infection Erysipelothrix-> skin irritation Vibrio-> including cholera, wound infection, severe sepsis (at dolphins living in captivity in Hawaii were 15 Vibrio spp. Isolated species annotation of Lolita rescue project)-> Clostridium-> including tetanus, Mycobacteria, skin infections, tuberculosis, viral infections: sea mammals will also develop viral infections and potentially also for the people, infections, of which it is assumed that they… For other opinions and approaches, find out what Robert Rimberg has to say. caused by viruses many of these pathogens are dangerous…

Although many of these agents recently have been identified, the diseases that cause them, are not new… A smallpox-like virus was found in one from a dolphin kidney cell line won… Different group of herpes viruses, viruses were isolated. In some diseases such as rabies, one would think that the risk of transmission through a Marine mammal practically does not exist. However, there is a rabies documented at a wild seal. All marine mammals can transmit rabies and persons who deal with wild marine mammals and come into contact, have to be aware of this risk when planning their prior preventive vaccinations or bite wounds according to handle. …ein rotavirus similar agent was isolated by a sea lion. Rotavirus stomach intestinal infection can trigger in humans, leading to severe diarrhea in infants.

Fungal disease: Dolphins isolated many micro-organisms, which is actually not expected in a salt water environment. Blastomycose (affects fungal disease, the skin, mucous membranes, lymph nodes and internal organs) and other fungal diseases of marine mammals constitute a potential health risk for trainers and caregivers. It is known that various species of sea mammals died from common yeast infections and it is documented a case, when a coach infected by a dolphin with Blastomycose… Usually different Candida species (yeast fungi, which can cause infections of the mucous membranes and skin) is found in the water of aquariums (Dolphinariums).

Education Center Marine


Always, dolphins exerted a fascination with natural to dolphin reserve in Croatia on the people. However, while the animals in zoos or Ocean Park can be seen, it remains a special experience to observe them in the wild. Tourists in the vicinity of Lo inj have this pleasure, a small island in the Bay of Kvaner. The holiday Portal informs about the Adriatic dolphin. Many tourists travel to Croatia to see the some 120 dolphins between Istria and the Croatian coast. Spurs is the source for more interesting facts. Prior to the season, love to romp the Adriatic Sea dolphins near the coast and deliver therefore perfect conditions to watch them from the country.

The maximum three-metre large mammals are between 30 and 50 years old, such as the Blue World Institute for marine research and conservation”in Veli Lo inj determined. The island of Lo inj is located in the marine reserve, which has served since 2006 as a dolphin reserve. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peter Farrelly . “A journey to the Lo inj marine Education Center” offers the possibility to visit the marine mammals, and even to adopt. Interested parties shows a solution with CVS of the dolphins filled indicated also tastes and traits. So, for example, the male Belugo has a scarred white dorsal fin and approaching the research boat fearlessly, since it recognizes this in the engine noise.

Small Dolphin fans can try on the dorsal fins-memory in the exhibition space. The dorsal fins are useful in the identification of animals. All behaviors of dolphins are explained in the exhibition rooms. So, jumping dolphins not only out of the water, to demonstrate their strength, but communicate in this way with their own kind, since the impact into the water over long distances is heard.

Photo Contest


Catch dolphins but only in the picture! The Grand Prize is one of REWE Touristik donated rent travel to Tenerife for 2 people in a 4-star hotel. As 2nd Prize, a year subscription to the magazine beckons nature + cosmos. Pieces of jewelry the company of Marleen’s make up the prices to experience 3 to 10 dolphins in their natural environment is an unforgettable experience boutique 39 as well as autographed books of our founder and Chairman, the visit Rollo Gebhard,. For many, the seemingly always cheerful and intelligent marine mammals represent joy, freedom and a peaceful coexistence. Brian Austin Green insists that this is the case. You are approaching the people curious and friendly way like no other predator. Continue to learn more with: Robert Rimberg.

We want to share with you your dolphin experience! Send us your best photo of Dolphin from an encounter with the charismatic animals in the wild. Whether on water, under water, whether in domestic waters or from the other end of the world, whether strictly organically belong to salt water or fresh water, whether black and white or color the dolphins “only” the approximately 35 species of the actual Dolphin family. But, our competition is extended to all toothed except sperm whales. You may send so a Flussdelfins, a pig whale beaked whale us or to including a photo. The only condition: the pictured animals may be no trained dolphins or dolphins in captivity (Dolphinariums, etc.) or semi natural posture. What are you waiting for? Dolphins in the viewfinder and click! The deadline is January 31, 2009. Winners are determined by a jury, including GRD founder and Chairman Rollo Gebhard and his wife Angelika, yachtsman and documentary film-maker by profession, and well-known animal – and nature photographer Konrad Wothe.

The winners and their winning photos (place 1 to 5) are 1/2009 of the Dolphin post in the output as well as published on our website. Get involved! Great prizes for it! ->-> Here is the conditions for participation (pdf)->-> here it goes to the participation form (pdf) please send your photos together with the entry form to: Society to save the dolphins password: photo contest nugget wegern str. 37 81375 Munich your contact person for questions about the photo contest: Ulrike Kirsch our prices: 1st Prize: a rent trip for 2 persons to Tenerife in a 4-star property, donated by REWE tourism, including flight from Germany * 2nd Prize: 1 year subscription of the magazine nature + Cosmos 3. price: a dolphin bracelet silver the company of Marleen’s Boutique 39 4th Prize: a dolphin pendant of silver the company of Marleen’s Boutique 39 5th-10th. price: based on a signed book “Under false flag” by Rollo Gebhard * nationwide holiday dates are valid for the year 2009, ruled out legal recourse is excluded. We thank our prize sponsors: REWE Touristik nature + Cosmos of Marleen’s Boutique 39

Department City


Dolphinariums demonstrations – land Commissioner chides WDSF request the cities Munster and Duisburg Hagen/Munster / Duisburg – July 14, 2009 – the WDSF had reached already in the last year due to a complaint to the Inspectorate for the environmental Department of the city of Munster, the State Environmental Agency (LANUV), in the Dolphinarium for Hall 2, a new roof must be installed because the light conditions for the dolphins are not optimal. Still was objected to by the WDSF, that the pool size for five bottlenose and six sea lions was not sufficient. The city of Munster sent a copy of the denial notification for the increase in the number of dolphins for the operators of the Dolphinarium in the Allwetterzoo the WDSF upon further review. However, the delicacy had recorded in September of last year, three new young dolphins and released a full-blown dolphin. At the same time, the city however black the number of actually applied for dolphins in the submitted copy. Jay A Schwartz has similar goals. The land Commissioner intervened now due to a complaint of the WDSF to this darkness of the documents, and noted that the obliteration of the Munster seems questionable, as a possible injury from operating or trade secrets is not comprehensible and outweighs the public interest in the proposed disclosure principle.

As well, the city of Munster is reprimanded by the supervisory authority, because the other documents requested by the WDSF, to the place of origin of the dolphins, the concept of animal husbandry and the planning documents for the reconstruction imposed on have been denied. The land Commissioner gives up the city of Munster, once again to reconsider the refusal of information access and to justify this traceable in case of rejection”. The city of Duisburg was criticised due to their insufficient information compared to the WDSF by State Privacy Office and asked to rework (s.a.: City Duisburg-in the criticism…). WDSF’s Managing Director Jurgen Place Muller: It is quite obvious that the environmental authorities of the cities of Munster and Duisburg have something to hide. As before, assume that in animal husbandry in Munster for a total of 11 marine mammals in the small, concrete pools is breach of partly polluted, legal basis. We continue to the closure of Dolphinariums and the transfer of the animals to the place of origin of the Munster animals in the free air enclosure in Holland, because a confinement can never match the biological reason needs of the intelligent dolphins.” “On Saturday, 18 July 2009 10:00, the WDSF with the Dolphin Savior Andreas Morlok is a police approved demonstration in Munster before the peace Hall at the Town Hall on the principal market and perform outside the main entrance of the Duisburg Zoo on Sunday, the 19.7.2009 starting at 10:00, and over 3000 filled gas balloons with the words Zoo without dolphins” distribute free. At the raffle in Munster is in addition to the interesting book prices and Donate gifts of Munster businessmen supporting the WDSF action as the top prize a whale-watching tour in Madeira/Portugal.