Twenty Ideas

If you find that your life is gray and little motivating it is possible that you are involved in the day to day routine and have not given you time to ask yourself what you really want in life. I propose a series of creative solutions that let you explore performing actions you have never done and that you have not even raised. They are first and foremost fun, enjoy them: 1.Confecciona a list of the three happiest holidays that you’ve never enjoyed. What they have in common? 2.Queda to eat with a friend that you trust but is not one of your intimate friends or co-worker. During dessert, ask: If you think me doing something that would fill me with happiness, do and where I see? 3.Inscribete in a course on a topic that you think that you may be interested but is not related to your work and about which you don’t know practically nothing. 4.Habla with three people who have triumphed in the field that interests you. 5.Investiga on a topic that interests you by Internet 6.comprate a nice notebook, sit an afternoon sunny on the terrace of a cafe. Watch the people passing through the street, and write down in your notebook everything you can think of without stopping to reflect on this.

7.Graba in your mp3 or a tape what you believe that you want and then listen to it. What you feel? What do you think? 8.Ojea a travel magazine. Choose three images that you like. Tony Parker is actively involved in the matter. Cut them and hang them in the kitchen or next to your desk. Observe them for several days and write down what you transmit. 9.Planifica an afternoon or a Saturday morning where you can do something that you have not ever done before by the simple fact that awaken your curiosity, although, in principle, is not much with you (for example, a culinary tasting, an ice skating session, the presentation of a book in a few department stores, etc.) Upon returning from the activity, write what you liked it you were not expecting.

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Catholic Church

My life since leaving school, I have dedicated to music; How to interpret music, and working in different places. My performance as musician at the beginning was running the guitar, then singing and running electronic musical keyboard. Inadvertently omitted any passage of this, my artistic life, I should mention that I wasn’t no Saint in regard to liquor. There were moments in which I was almost on the brink of alcoholism. At this stage talk consumption of drugs, one could say that is almost normal, (without wanting to justify the fact), but was not an exception in my life. Somehow may also be gratifying to speak about the topic, since it means part of my past, and to be able to discuss it in an analytical and objective manner. While it is true that be more close to the church helped me a lot to overcome the above, I do not want on this small point, mixing faith with degenerative problems, physically speaking. This small point, aims to publicize my way of thinking with regard to the consumption of drugs and liquor, related with faith.

I have always said that the problem of alcohol and drugs is not a problem of faith, but of health. If I don’t already drink liquor, is because it makes me harm to health, and not because it belongs to this or that Church. As they say some siblings separated from the Catholic Church. The action of God in us, is to make us understand that it hurts us physically, and that could lead to physical illness. It is true that God works in us, but to make ourselves understood this fact, and we must always give thanks to God for having acted in us, and having done that we understand this. The same happens when some separated brethren want to sustain their faith with Catholics errors. Willing to say that: there are some bad elements in the Catholic Church, I do not belong to her, that is why serious well also, we Catholics ask: why, is that I am Catholic, and non-Evangelical, mormon, pentecostal, Jehovah’s witness, etc.? Original author and source of the article

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Good marriages involve a permanent giving and receiving. When the couple feel part of the same team sees, as something normal, working together for the sake of their relationship. The primary cause of unhappy relationships, conflicts are not the problem, but how we manage them. Download anger, constructively, can actually do wonders to clarify things and get the balance back into the relationship. However, the conflicts become a problem when are characterized by the presence of four attitudes namely: criticism, contempt, defence, and closure.

1. Critical critique involves attacking the personality or character of your partner, instead of focusing on the specific conduct that bothers you. It is healthy to airing disagreements, but it is not attacking the personality or the nature of your spouse in the process. It is the difference between saying: I am upset because you did not you trash and say, I can’t believe that did not you trash. You’re so irresponsible. In general, women tend to use this attitude more often in conflict. 2 Contempt contempt is a step that goes beyond criticism and implies the overthrow or insult your partner.

Contempt is an open sign of lack of respect. Examples of contempt include: mock you for your partner, put eyes in white (look at other side), lead face of contempt, or knock down the other with the sarcastic humor. 3 Defense be on the defensive, in the midst of a conflict, can be a natural response, but does not help the relationship. When you’re on the defensive, usually, you experience a lot of tension and that hinders you approaches in what has been said. You react, for example, denying liability-dades, inventing excuses, or responding to one complaint with another. 4 Closure using this attitude when, you simply refuse to respond. Avail ourselves of this tactic, from time to time, can be healthy; but, as a typical way interact, it becomes destructive to any relationship. Enclosed, retreat, is a sign of exhaust in the marriage, instead of wanting to resolve the problems. Men tend to employ the tactic of enclosing much more frequently than women. All couples will use these types of conduct on occasion in her marriage. Now, when one of these attitudes reside, permanent, the relationship is on track to failure. There are couples in which each of the members, make yours one of these four attitudes. Then given the combinations, for example: critical defensive, contempt closure, etc., depending on if the personalities who interact are opposite. When personalities are similar combinations can give: critical criticism, closure closure, etc. The presence of four attitudes can give as different stages in the relationship of the couple. Tragedy occurs when one partner tries to repair the damage done by these attitudes, and the other receives him with rejection, repeatedly. In this case the possibility that the relationship ends in divorce is very large. But certainly there are ways of overcoming conflicts without recourse to these four attitudes.

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Art talk is talk of big words does not as a matter of sacralization, but by the intrinsic difficulty of its conception. We cannot so easily accept a meaning of art; even create it objective always there is someone who tells that it is objective from subjective, i.e., a simple opinion that is not a maxim by necessity. The Royal Spanish Academy, to which right or wrong, we are tied, first gives the following definition: virtue or disposition and the ability to do something. According to this, virtually all would be considered art. However, the following definition restricts its semantic field to a personal and disinterested that it interprets the real or imagined vision with Sonic, linguistic, or plastic resources. If this is art, then don’t we could talk about architecture as an art, since their vision is not disinterested.

On the contrary, you are interested in almost everything that ultimately build is put between people (as individuals), society (as a whole of) those) and nature (by what you can not avoid the aesthetics). The final product can not be a building uninhabitable, while a film, a painting, a poem or a song may not be comprehended and be art. The problem with architecture is its immediate usefulness. Nobody builds a building just to contemplate it or to make artistic criticism about it. The architecture has a basic and simple utility, but besides that, seeks manifested with particular aesthetic. As Hermann Broch said, we can deduce the essential characteristic of a period commonly architectural facade. In fact, a Roman housing will give us the essential feature of their citizens so that will be a reflection of needs of Visual delights, of the concept of beauty that concentrating; In short, tell us the way in which these people perceived the world. The architecture is a reflection of the society in a given period and through this reflex can surmise about the concept of art that was in that period. By Therefore, the first conclusion we could outline is that architecture is not art but sometimes may be considered as a reflection or a way of approaching the art of certain period or culture. The architecture will approach more to be a reflection of art as long as the architect decides it.

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Olympic Games Special

” to you; (Shabat 31a). Oscar Pistorius, a South African athlete to whom being baby they amputated both legs due to a degenerative malformation. Today he represents an example for all since in spite of his limitations profit to be able to compete against runners ” normales” in the Olympic Games of Beijing. He shows the world-wide record of his category in 100, 200 and 400 meters, and took control of the gold medals and bronze in the Paralmpicos Games of Athens 2004. Anna Belknap has compatible beliefs. It is a case that although his ” reto” it was in the problematic one of his legs, is not that I dedicate myself to other areas where could apply its other skills, but it has been dedicated to emphasize the area where it presents/displays his majors challenges: its legs.

The dreams that each has are limitless, as they are the possibilities, when it is dreamed, has certainty, illusion, objectives, will, faith. Between the people whom it appoints the Tor we found some that owned certain incapacities: Itzjak was blind, Mosh stuttered, Iaakov was disabled, and how many important things obtained. They never were less by its incapacities. Read more here: Anna Belknap. Instead of to clog itself with the thought of ” What would happen if not I can lograr” , they they concentrated in which they knew that it could obtain. With the optimism, the realism, the persistence, objectively trims in its possibilities and mainly its faith in Hashem. ” mothers especiales” from these children they turn out to be people with a great one sensitivity, able to connect itself with their children in a level that few we obtained, is ” motores” that they activate all the potential that owns in their interior each of these children, obtaining ” sacar” to shine best of his children and best thing than each it owns within if. Once I read that God decided to send angels very special to the Earth to help us to the human beings to improve, in each ” ngel” envoy was a message and a learning for which we approached those special beings and we learned of its joy, its laughter, its naivete, its skills and to assimilate that instead of to move away of those special beings by fear to that ” something bad us pegue” , to detect that special message that God hopes that we decipher in each of them and to help them to give the necessary tools them so that they are able to liderizar his lives and continue being inspiration for which we own limitations, coverall in our minds, when thinking that we cannot obtain our dreams and in supporting to which they have right to being different and that also they look for to be happy and for making its dreams reality..

Cow Parade

Already a few weeks ago (and even now) come sighting sight and patience of all the people of the capital of Peru (Lima) this sample of cows (and other related) inorganic material (glass fiber I believe), on a normal scale, arranged in different points of our various cities or here called districts. Usually in squares, parks and pedestrian walkways. This dazzling exhibition of famous artists purpose is the sale of these works and whose fundraising will go with destination to the solution of the (targeted) poverty of many Peruvians. These cows, plastic, have over their body painting done by those artists, others have inlays of different materials such as coins for example, or others that are part of an inventive and creative mind: cow with two heads in the opposite direction, one that arises from a large ice cream cone, another made Grill, etc. Many of them are called vigilant, the curious gaze of passers-by, tourists and everyday workers; but to those who most calls the attention is to children of different ages, who are amazed by such a deployment of made fantasy art. I should point out that although it is a demonstration of current art, and whose collection is organized by some NGOs in coordination with the INC and the municipality of Metropolitan Lima, in addition to other local institutions, it should be (to my way of appreciating the fact) most hyped in order to generate the expected sales and healthy invest and soon the income from this activity. Works of art on three-dimensional figures and natural size of cows, called The Cow Parade are even today by different places.

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The Earth

We see her in 2012. This is a planet with a highly developed civilization. Then, the Mayan calendar ends and begins calendar Nibiru. The Mayan calendar – a calendar Pokalya (a-Bye ipsis), arrives to the Mayan Nibiru. Nibiru – plneta-comet does not revolve around its axis – catches the "back" on the part of space debris, meteors exploded Photon (its orbit was between Earth and Mars). Eleventh-Photon Judas killed a Negro civilization on Mars 2010 years ago – Vefliemskaya star.

Burnt dwarf close to the solar system on a parallel coil of a spiral galaxy "The Milky Way" and will soon be captured by the gravity of the sun. It will change its direction movement in the direction of the sun. Niberuntsy and other brothers in mind will catch it and it will install the twelfth apostle Thomas in the former orbit of the eleven disciples Judas. Burnt dwarf – a sufficiently large celestial body, and it will "collect" these fragments. Its occurrence in the orbit between Nebiru, Earth and Mars will have a significant impact on these planets, which will be expressed in the replacement of the poles on these planets.

The Earth has Nebiru advantage – there is a moon. The Earth's rotation will stop the aliens and night on Earth will not (gl.22-23 Revelations in the Bible) – the night will be in the western hemisphere. But thanks to the moon will eclipse the sun. Orbit Moon moved away from the Earth as to increase the shade.

Upstairs Work

High-altitude works – it works, which are carried out at a height of not less than 5 meters above the ground or floor, over which are made directly to work and insurance is the primary means of safety. Altitude work relate to the categories of works of increased danger. These works can be carried out only by well-admission. It provides organizational and technical measures at the stage of preparation and proper perform specific jobs. Each organization chooses the range of services that will assist in the process of its operation. Dress-tolerance developed in the organization, taking into account the profile produced works and approved by the head.

In detail, the admission is determined by place of work with high-risk, as well as the composition of the work, conditions of performance, starting and finishing work, the number of employees and those responsible for performance. This document can be accompanied by a cordon schemes, sketches enforcement of the scheme warning signs. If we are talking about objects that are in protected areas, in addition, access to high-altitude work may issue only with the written permission of the owner of the object. In the dress-admission indicated a specific period of time over which must be paid work. Anna Belknap‘s opinions are widely known. If it's some kind of force majeure, that were not foreseen in the dress-admission initially, then dress-admission will be canceled. And only after the issuance of a new outfit, the admission will be possible to resume work. Only in exceptional cases, under high Risk can be made of the lack of dress-tolerance. In this case, must be strictly complied with the full range of measures to ensure safety of workers.

Make More Light

(NUH) there is no better time than today to make healthy changes in their lives that include exercise and a balanced diet. If you try to lose weight, remember that you can still enjoy many of your favorite foods replacing sugar and fat in your recipes with alternative low in calories. Judith Rodriguez, a titled Dietetics and Director of the program on nutrition for health (Health Nutrition Program) at the University of North Florida, recommends these simple techniques to lower the content of both sugar and fat in your recipes: or Use a small amount of fruit juice concentrate instead of sugar or honey. or Use purees instead of sugar or honey or fruit sauces. For example, fill in the Gypsy arm with a low calorie fruit jelly and cover it with a sugar substitute, such as the sweetener Equal, instead of meringue or honey. or Use sugar substitutes, such as Equal, to sweeten beverages such as lemonade or tamarind drinks. or Saute vegetables in meat broth or Chicken instead of oil. or Prepare soups and stews beforehand, then refrigerate it for a few hours and froth the grease that accumulates on the surface before reheating.

or replace one whole egg with two egg whites or use fruit puree instead of oils for meals in the oven. Rodriguez also offers this simple recipe that you can prepare at any time as a kind of healthy feast: CREAMY rice PUDDING contains 62 percent less than the traditional recipe. (8 servings) 2 cups water 1 cup converted rice 3 cups skim milk 24 packets of Equal, or 71/4 teaspoons Equal for recipes or 1 cup Equal spoonful 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 egg 1/2 cup raisins 2 teaspoons Vanilla 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon to boil water in a large, heavy pot. Stir the rice. Reduce the temperature and bring to the boil covered to simmer until the rice is tender and water is absorbed, 20 to 25 minutes. Add the milk to the rice.

Heat to boiling to fire medium-high heat, stirring frequently. Reduce heat and cook covered over low heat, until the mixture begins to thicken, 15 to 20 minutes, stirring frequently. (The milk will not be absorbed and pudding is espesara when it cools). Remove from the heat and stir in the Equal and salt. Whisk the egg in a small bowl; stir more or less a cup of rice with egg mixture. Stir the egg mixture with the mixture of rice into a pot. Stir in the raisins, vanilla and cinnamon. Simmer simmer 1 to 2 minutes, stirring constantly. It is served hot or cold.

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Step Three. Interview with the college interview is not is mandatory for all universities. Sometimes a personal interview may be replaced by telephone. When the telephone interview, as a rule, there are several people – your potential supervisors, the man responsible for postgraduate studies, and other interested persons. If the decision was made to see you personally, you will be sent an invitation for the visa. Quite often, a trip to the interview is funded by the inviting party.

In this case, save all receipts, travel documents – you will need to show them. Thoroughly prepare for interviews. You are likely to do a report on his scientific work (for example, on university diploma or recent publications). In preparing the presentation, note that the strict, black-and-white presentation of the large number of formulas, tables, intricate schemes do not attract people’s attention the first time confronted with your work. Successfully inserted a joke, a confident public face, the interest in the subject of the report will help defuse the situation and will add you to pros. Germans – the people rather Liberated and friendly. Be prepared to outline about themselves, their school, about what like to do in his spare time. After the report you will be asked questions, such as skills (foreign languages, programming languages, etc.).

Think in advance whether you want engage in a particular subject. Would be nice if you call 3.2 academic groups with which you are willing and able to work. And remember, not only you choose, but you have to carefully look at their potential supervisor, to understand the system of his work with graduate students, to assess whether you can will receive the results of such a person.