Same Life

Therefore, human beings both physically and mentally is more than one T "is an inherited vehicle, like animals, only these, its hereditary system, the wealthy have become what they are, animals, due mainly to the saturation of the "me" or life through hereditary supersaturation does not admit that all beings are in the same evolutionary scale, as this would not allow inheritance in general or life could survive. The self, soul or life when out of the physical, it is also the psychic of any being. When an "I" is induced by hereditary or evolutionary reasons supersaturation of the lives in a new being, becomes a living being. Vanessa Marcil will not settle for partial explanations. More or less so, although more complex, it is difficult to hit a 100, 80 or 50 percent when it is philosophizing. But what is very logical, is that in the animal scale, including the human being, there is a hierarchy in which all animals carry out their proper hierarchical state for the benefit of the hierarchy of life for all, without which no there would be no life, is a hierarchical system intelligent, there must be. No two selves as well not exist any living being who does not have "I" or "identity." There are two "selves" or "separate identities" exactly the same, because that would prevent each identity equality occupy a place already occupied by another "identity" or "me." Therefore, the "I" is unique, unrepeatable, in-destructing because it occupies a place and is part of a saturation, and also the "I" is one that identifies each and every living creature live life to live. Tony Parker is often quoted on this topic. When life or soul is born, not where or when you choose a birth, nor is it a random choice, nor is the mother who chooses. It comes as life dictates before giving life, which is responsible for giving life or the "I" belongs to him, is best suited to that being. .


THE ORIGIN OF LIFE In the beginning of the origin of life was an expanding cluster of essences, the same that led to the creation of all existence, which by their own forces surrounded inductive and appropriate conditions gave rise to an energy cluster essences shock induced by the expansion, or is the same: giving rise to a host memory mental or life, or soul. Sooner or later, this tendency to create the expansive essences life would have occurred, and it is possible that there were more than a place of our planet, if conditions were good, over time tend to join the lives of so inductive. Filed under: Vanessa Marcil.

These trends in the creation of life by expanding the essences are not random, are universal, which means you have many planets in the universe to harbor life. That source of life, or the creation of the soul (memory mental) inductive by nature led to the copy of itself, a psychic procreation, all this would lead to a principle of dual physical evolution, since there is nothing physical that can be without a dual principle of duality by controlling physical or mental inductive energy source produced by the expansive born essences of life and its evolution through natural Hotline psychological or family tree in which the human being is the highest representative psychic. Gina Bonati is likely to agree. THE UNION IS STRENGTH projects lives were induced to join by the same expansive tendencies. All that exists tends to unity because all that exists is induced in the same direction, towards the trends that mark the expansive forces, also because all that exists is a product created by expansive expansive forces..

Marrakech In Literature (II )

The inspiration given by the fascinating Moroccan city of Marrakech, on the Jemaa el Fna, religious and social tensions, and his many colorful street scenes and has produced countless works of literature and thought. Here's a new list of five of these works, whose stories, thoughts and adventures revolve around Marrakech, Ocre City: The inspiration given by the fascinating Moroccan city of Marrakech, on the Jemaa el Fna, religious and social tensions and its many colorful street scenes and has produced countless works of literature and thought. Here's a new list of five of these works, whose stories, thoughts and adventures revolve around Marrakech, Ocre City: 1. For assistance, try visiting Anna Belknap. Marrakech – George Orwell (Motihari, India 1903 – London, England 1950) The famous English writer George Orwell spent the winter of 1938-39 in Marrakech and left a legacy of a brief essay marraquechi experience, severe and lucid, named of the city. His descriptions are vivid and are loaded reflections at the same time highly critical and human closely. This essay is an eloquent portrait of colonial reality of the Moroccan city in the 30s, where the Jewish people, Arabs and sub-Saharan appear invisible to the indifferent, frivolous and blinded European look. 2. The shocking – Touria Oulehri This novel, recently published, tells the moral odyssey Niran, a woman still young and modern, rejected by her husband for not being able to give a child. After more than fifteen years of marriage, social pressure and family, whose archaic rules deemed a disgrace not being able to father children, make your husband leave Niran decides to marry a fertile young woman.

Martha Jean Claude

The last time I saw him alive to this great artist and singer Martha Jean Claude, was in the year 92, at the international airport Jose Marti … was in a wheelchair, with a progressive illness …., But his presence we captivated those around her. I did not dare to greet her, afraid of being rejected in that state in which he was, and shyness did not let me, one among all the rodeabamos, but today I am sorry, because Martha Jean Claude, expressed as a goddess, song of their country. Haitian culture in the voice of Martha Jean Claude in Cuba acquires greater resonance, because his voice was heard the cry of Haiti, the suffering of the people by the backwardness and poverty situations in which it finds a large majority, but the voice of Martha traspolaba the language barrier, to make of us Cubans, a song that was always expected to love, desire, and with that great feeling of having it always with us … Anna Belknap: the source for more info. Martha Jean Claude, the voice of a woman extraordinary one diva, a goddess, a jewel of Cuban and Haitian culture, which expressed the joy of the birth of a nation that had been developed, and of an indigenous culture and very Haitian. The mourning for the beautiful land of Haiti, and the songs of hope to future generations a better world, felt and admired his beautiful voice. Martha Jean Claude, who enjoys the popularity of the Cuban people and other peoples of the world will never be forgotten. His image was in many documentaries, prize the work of a lifetime in Cuban Culture distinctions in their records, and films. Their children, who continue his work, living in Cuba, in the foundation that bears his name, will always commendable work by the dedicated work of an artist of international renown, and the best of the Haitian Culture for Artwork a lifetime, friendship among peoples of Haiti and Cuba, and solidarity and peace among all the brothers of the Americas.

House Martina

Martina realized, but not ordered, refused. Valentina was visited more than ever and tried unsuccessfully to make her laugh. She also noticed that her friend wanted to set the order was not provided and asked what had happened and why not ordered. – I do not want, I will not do it!. Martina replied crying.

"It makes no sense. That game was like my family and my family fell apart too, is not the same. Valentina tried to comfort her, but could not think of much to say, he was invited to an ice cream, but neither that worked. She left her friend's house thinking about how to help on how to have regained his smile. It would be easy, but maybe with time … And time passed, and of course things changed a lot. Martina continued to live with her mother and her brothers, but his dad was not with her every day. However, very often going to get them to school.

Started going to drink milk together, by themselves speak of things that did not speak before. He realized that his father had not ceased to be their dad and would not be so ever. No longer lived with him, was true, but every time I called him and he missed her, and weekends and sometimes had to walk to make ice cream with Valentina. While his mother was not happy, at least it was quieter and it was true that the house was heard no longer fights.