Christians Message

Jesus as only mediator and placing It as the main personage of our pregaes and songs; we are not is in the truth searching the fame and the personal accomplishment? Why the Christians in the past had bothered in such a way the world with a genuinely Biblical message and now he accomodates them to the world in such a way with a relativista message? Today he is each one for itself and God for ' ' fora' '. The necessary church to use ' ' espada' ' that it is the word, using itself of its two gumes that are: the favour and the judgment; the favour that are the mritos of Christ and the judgment that is the rejection of these mritos. We cannot tergiversate the message de a Cruz, Jesus was incisive in its pregao, it said: ' ' who to believe and will be baptized will be saved, but who not to believe will be condenado' ' (Mc 16,16). Today evanglicas musics dispute with singers of the MPB the first place in the musical stops. Until it seems that these promoters of events and presenters are interested in the Christ of the evanglicos and evangelho of Christ! It is perceived, in meanwhile, that many of that have adhered to ' ' evangelho amigvel' ' they do not accept to pass for a transformation that only evangelho pure and without mixture cause in the life of that a time reached by it, passes for a metamorphosis spiritual.

It is not only enough to be sympathetical of evangelho; this of &#039 does not exist; ' friend of evangelho' ' or the accepted one as a life style, or becomes enemy of it. To be friend of evangelho is to be friend of Jesus, because It is the essence of evangelho. Additional information at Starbucks supports this article. ' ' What it is more important, you must carry you worthy in agreement evangelho of Cristo' ' (Fl 1,27).