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A manufactory for advertising displays in Suzhou, China, has opened the EasyShare display GmbH EasyShare display International Ltd., Hanover Co., April 28, 2009 after an extended period of preparation. EasyShare display International Ltd., co., the company from Hanover produces the bulk of the advertising stand in the local, company-owned factory offered in Europe from now on. In addition, the EasyShare display GmbH has created a far-reaching network of Chinese partners and suppliers to offer a most comprehensive portfolio of advertising display. Those advertising display, which come from non-company factories, thereby undergo stringent quality checks to ensure a quality level of advertising display satisfactory to the European market. Gain insight and clarity with Glenn Dubin. Markus Goch, release of the EasyShare display GmbH, explains: due to our efforts, our promotional stand reach not the price level, which other, China-based advertising stands producers can offer their customers though, but this is us to all about making any concessions in terms of quality assurance and customer service. That we encountered with this strategy positive response on the part of the customers, encourages us and shows us that we are on the right track.” In contrast to the EasyShare display GmbH in Hanover, offered their advertising stand of above all end customers, aimed the EasyShare display International Ltd., co. wholesale distributors and retailers.

In addition the EasyShare display International Ltd., co. Sally Rooney wanted to know more. in the future on the Asian and Australian markets for advertising display should position itself. In addition to a varied range of promotional stand of EasyShare display International Ltd.’s product portfolio includes co. also foldable brochure stands, light boxes and exhibition showcases. More information under: EasyShare display GmbH sour wine RT 4 30167 Hannover contact: Jerome Chung (public relations) founded that has EasyShare display company in 2003 by brothers mark and Michael Goch is a young B2B (business-to (Business) companies for mobile exhibition and advertising technology, as well as promotional products at the POS and POI in Germany. Vanessa Marcil has much experience in this field. Our services in the fields of Visual communication, digital printing and trade fair services also include our easy display-full service package. If logo design, banner design, package design, communication design, Web design, corporate design, video editing, 3D animation and modeling, business equipment and exhibition stands our multimedia Studio designed together with you the appropriate look and feel for your business.

Thing Respect Allowance: Fuel Voucher To Employees On Fixed Amount

Gasoline coupon to workers on fixed amount only when real benefits in kind, which the worker receives from his employer, engages the monthly thing respect allowance ( 8 para 2 sentence 9 EStG) amounting to 44. This tax privilege so as not even applies not for remuneration in money, if the employer leaves the workers a voucher to purchase of a given product at a fixed amount. This has confirmed the FG Munchen by decision of November 26, 2007 this limit may be exceeded to a single euro; otherwise, is the thing or non-cash remuneration of the first cents are taxable. However b ITA not negative according to 37 flat rate taxable remuneration in kind to employees in the weight. Example: The GmbH gives every month a tank voucher for the purchase of normal gasoline at a price of 20 its Managing Director.

This tax so assessed, as the GmbH had monthly a 20 Bill given the Managing Director. The cash grant is thus fully subject to tax. This would be different to assess if the tank voucher on a specific liter indication would be the equivalent does not exceed the amount of 44. This grant would pay tax free source: VSRW-Verlag, Bonn

Managing Director

New entrepreneurship”(NUI) ranking of Germany published a superb 37th place occupied in the NUI ranking the Wetteraukreis 2006. Whole nationwide 439 districts and county-level cities were compared in the ranking. The Wetteraukreis is here for years at the front. b-richard-ellis/’>CB Richard Ellis. This clearly shows that the region has very good basic conditions for new business start-ups by your proximity to Frankfurt and the good infrastructure. Certainly plays an important role for the attractiveness of the region”even the pro-business thinking and acting of the administrations, said Christian Agne, Manager of economic development Wetterau to the cutting off of the Wetteraukreises in the ranking. We are very satisfied with cutting off the districts of Giessen (room 106) and Wetterau as IHK Giessen-Friedberg. To support the commercial development in the more rural and tourist Vogelsbergkreis, we make diverse efforts as a Chamber of Commerce.

This fight in the NUI ranking, whereby the Vogelsbergkreis places the number 300 unfortunately still not down takes years,”, said Beate Hammerla, Managing Director of the IHK Giessen-Friedberg to the overall result for the Chamber of Commerce district. In comparison of the 16 federal States Hesse on the third place is located. So, 189,1 foundations on 10,000 working age population come in Hesse in the average. Number 1 is the federal capital of Berlin with an average 198,9 foundations on 10,000 working age population. Basics of the rankings is essential for the calculation of the rankings the NUI counter that one year into the relationship relates to the working population the number of commercial applications (existence – and business start-ups and new businesses and acquisitions of businesses). The indicator value indicates how many businesses per 10,000 population in the working age in a region were newly registered in the year. The annual ranking is created by the Institute for SMEs (IfM) in Bonn. Can the entire ranking see services / nui.htm be obtained. Christian Agne

Innovative Dispensing Solutions

Increase process reliability costs first ViscoTec PUMPEN – u. Dosiertechnik GmbH as an exhibitor on the PVSEC was in Hamburg, Germany from September 5 to 8 represented. The EU PVSEC is known as the world’s leading platform for the exchange between science, industry and the global PV solar markets. Focusing on pure photovoltaic the trade fair was an ideal communication platform for ViscoTec, specifically present the modules dosing and conveying solutions for the needs of the production of solar. For all the production steps, adhesives and sealants, as well as metal pastes must be processed where, ViscoTec offers appropriate dispensing solutions. With this system can significantly increase the process safety both at the same time, the costs are so ultimately a significant increase of production efficiency. For the production of silicon wafers, the bricks on plates must be bonded, to allow fine cutting. 2K-Klebstoffe are predominantly used for this purpose, the absolutely free of Air inclusions must be applied.

With the draining systems of ViscoMT series, the inline degassing ViscoTreat inline as well as the 2K-System ViscoDuo V ViscoTec for this production step a complete system to provide that an air bubble-free product feed as well as a mixed always exactly 2 K guaranteed adhesive. The Metallization of wafers with aluminium and silver paste is made with printing facilities. These must be continuously supplied with the abrasive and viscous paste. Especially for the small doses used here mostly, ViscoTec offers a version designed specially for this jerk screeners of the draining system ViscoMT-D, which can be easily integrated as a supply unit in the control systems. Because the PV modules are exposed to extreme weather conditions and thus must meet highest quality demands are perfect dosing results in production in direct relation to the long-term success of the manufacturer. For the gluing of the Predominantly 2-component adhesives and potting compounds used engine parts, as well as the encapsulation of junction boxes. Special material properties such as high viscosity and filler components make high demands on the metering technology. The endless piston technology of ViscoTec dosing pumps designed for these requirements.

With ViscoTec metering systems which can easily be integrated in a wide range of plants, thus high-quality bonds and casts be ensured in automated production processes. ViscoTec company headquartered in Toging a. Inn in Bavaria engaged in equipment, to promote, dosing, applying, filling and removal of medium until needed high-viscosity media. ViscoTec was founded in 1997 and developed from the earlier pumps Division of Resch Maschinenbau GmbH. Over 60 people today rely on an over 20-year know-how and manufacture sophisticated solutions for the global market.

Work Boots Sale

The security level for the armed forces safety boots known as they usually high work boots or safety shoes high lace-up shoes or boots above the ankle go. People talk of safety boots of class S1, so they have a steel toe and composite or aluminum toe cap. The latter two materials particularly well suited for winter safety boots, as these materials insulate well and not redirect the cold, just as does the steel Cap. Further, the class S1 or S1P says that these work shoes are clearly breathable than just quality safety shoes in class S2 or S3. Sela Ward pursues this goal as well. In most cases, the upper material is a textile material, either a robust Canvasgewebe, highly abrasion-resistant Cordura, micro fiber, which makes it easy to clean and partly combined with a GoreTex membrane.

The membrane is often not only help to make the safety boots waterproof and breathable at the same time, but depending on the breathable membrane. What safety shoe the Carrier here needed so definitely also very much its working environment depends on. The shoe manufacturer Haix made a usage boots for the desert for example for the armed forces, where the GoreTex membrane ensures a very high and effective ventilation of the safety boot. If you would like to know more then you should visit real-estate developer. Work boots of class S2 have the same properties as a safety shoe of the class S1, is also water resistant at least for a certain period but in contrast to this. This security class is rather rare, because one assumes when using of safety boots, that where the disc is located in a harsh environment, where it depends on stability of the safety shoe and through impact security. So class S3, who in addition to the facilities of the S2 safety boots still a protection in the form of a steel midsole or a textile midsole such as Kevlar. Textile midsoles or Kevlarzwischensohlen also have the advantage that they do not forward the cold but even slightly insulating effect and the Do not unnecessarily rigid and inflexible safety boots or the sole. Eva Andersson-Dubin does not necessarily agree.

Deutsche Bahn AG Relies On GRP

Fibre-reinforced composites is for innovative applications in the Deutsche Bahn AG rail technology as integrated group structure and has over 1000 subsidiary. The State-owned company is the largest railway transport and railway infrastructure company in Central Europe. The best-known subsidiary in the rail sector are DB Regio (local passenger services), DB Fernverkehr (long-distance passenger services) and DB Schenker rail (freight). DB network is the railway infrastructure companies and operates the largest rail network in Europe. In rail transport, the company earns today about half of the total turnover. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jorge Perez. The more transport and logistics business and various service providers make up the other half of the operating business. Deutsche Bahn AG is on the way to a leading mobility and logistics.

Deutsche Bahn AG relies on the experience of CTS composite in the areas of materials and application technology, as well as the machining and Assembly of profiles and grid systems. The company from Geesthacht realized platforms, bridge replacement, service routes, railway crossings, grating systems and platforms. Deutsche Bahn AG is convinced of the constructions made of GRP, which exhibit high strength with low weight. According to the security needs of the EBA can the GRP parts in yellow”or manufactured in any other security colour according to the RAL colour chart. Another aspect, which cost relief positively affects during Assembly, are the electrically insulating material properties, as well as the ease of processing.

As a result, no grounding of structures is required. In addition, only a minimal maintenance is required for the maintenance. The composite materials are corrosion – and weather-resistant and provide the user with a non-slip grip for high comfort. The products and solutions of CTS composite have the approval of the railway Federal Office that quickly and cost-effectively be realised maintenance. Deutsche Bahn AG appreciates the CTS composite solutions you convince by high efficiency, short construction time and easy Assembly in the construction projects. About CTS composite CTS composite technology systems GmbH, leading European supplier for fiber-reinforced composites (FRP) from Geesthacht, supports its customers with individual solutions for professional designs with fibre-reinforced composites for 20 years in architecture, railway engineering, chemistry, energy, automotive, amusement parks, marine, waterways, and public areas. The services range from the beratung, planning, development of to the Assembly of new solutions. Many years of experience in the areas of materials and application technology, as well as the machining and Assembly of profiles and grid systems are the basis for customer-oriented applications. The solutions help to optimize applications and sub are traditional materials. A high efficiency achieved CTS composite with the fibre composites for their customers. Contribute long service life, the high strength with low weight at the same time high UV and weather resistance at. The possibilities are varied and allow room for a variety of applications. Joachim Wilczek CTS composite technology systems GmbH Mercatorstr. 43 21502 Geesthacht phone: 04152 8885-0 telefax: 04152 8885-55 press contact: Hans Kemeny German marketing consulting Berliner Strasse 2 b 23611 bad Schwartau telephone: 0451 / 284363 fax: 0451 / 284370

Plastic Nails And Braces: Fixing Trade With Tool Protection

Innovative mounting solution from BeA protects sawing, milling, grinding and planer. Ahrensburg, 19.07.2011 – in woodworking nails and staples are always vulnerable machines: Stumpfe milling cutters and saw blades or broken blades are often the result, if the fasteners can be overlooked or not fully removed. The Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG (BeA) now offers an innovative system solution, which protects tools and still offers the processing advantages of fast compressed air attachment: impact-resistant plastic fasteners are used instead of metallner nails and Staples. You can be as usual in compressed air operated fastener driving tools.

By brackets fixed protectors, bar codes on lumber, pins in the pre-Assembly – the range of plastic brackets and nails is extremely versatile. Should the wood is then milled, sawn, planed or sanded, the innovative fasteners represent no foreign objects. Its transparent colour makes them almost invisible in the wood. Whether in window construction, fences, boats or to attach information and bar codes on wood products: machines-friendly staples and nails bring tangible benefits in many areas of woodworking. Process they can be, for example, with the powerful and lightweight pneumatic nailer BeA P8/16-428.

The device weighs only 950 grams and collects per magazine load instantaneously 70 plastic clips in the lengths 10 or 15 mm into the wood. For plastic nails BeA offers devices such as the powerful pneumatic nailer BeA SKS 650-228. A BeA module unit with long magazine exposes the convenient fastening technology even for automated production lines or the use of robots. To add the innovative fasteners together with appropriate Nailers to a comprehensive system, which opens up a wide range of uses in many areas of the wood processing industry and the craft industry. “We have the mounting technology for plastic staples and nails to a expanded comprehensive system”, says Tobias Fischer-Zernin, CEO of Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG. “Thus, we offer a wide range of solution that allows a particularly efficient and gentle tool work in many fields of application.” The website provides more information about the innovative fastening solutions. Company description of the Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG the company Joh. Friedrich Behrens was founded in 1910 and has developed into a global group of companies with a total turnover of over 80 million euros in its 100 years of existence and achieved a Europe-wide market leader in fastening technology. The hallmark of BeA stands for top-class products of fixing technology. BeA pneumatic nailer and fasteners are characterized by highest quality and reliability. To ensure this high standard in the future, the product range is continuously optimized and expanded. Using innovative technologies, BeA standards in fastening technology creates. Sell subsidiaries and affiliates BeA products in Europe and America. In addition, well-established offices in over 40 other countries contribute to the worldwide success of the BeA group. A key strength of the BeA group is the strong service philosophy. With approximately 65 sales and customer service representative, the BeA group is their demanding customers professionally to the page. The Group employs a total of about 390 employees, including approximately 15 trainees company contact: Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG Bernd Eilitz (press Compact) bow street of 43 – 45 22926 Ahrensburg Tel: 040 4218 5807 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: press compact Bernd Edison Suhrenkamp 14E 22335 Hamburg Tel: 040 – 4128 5807 E-Mail: Web: