Bollinger Bands

Six steps to a professional trading: 1 uninformed trader. This is the first step on which you get after you start to engage in trading. Most likely you found a book on technical analysis, you've heard that those who are engaged in trading earn millions. In the end, is it difficult? Decent remuneration, and the absolute freedom of action. I would not like to break someone's dreams, but those who actually earn trading very little. Approximately 90-95% of traders lose their money. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Lena Horne.

These are facts. In the first stage all the traders are optimistic. You open the account and the trade becomes like a very advanced game. But, in fact, you do not know how trade. You buy and the market unfolds, selling, the market starts to go in another direction. Most transactions dictate emotions, you're buying just because you think the market will go in this direction, without a logical explanation.

You do not know the psychology and mechanics of trading. What could be worse? Only what you do not know what you know. Most traders will lose their account at that stage. 2 rookie. Going to this level you've already lost enough money to understand what you are doing is completely wrong. In other words, you start to realize that you do not know. Then you start reading everything you can find on trading. You start to learn technical analysis, thinking that you have found the Holy Grail. You memorize all the known model. You'll know what the ADX, Moving Averages, Fibonacci, pivot points, MACD, Bollinger Bands, canals, etc.

Effective Business

So, half the battle – the decision to start your own business is done. Business for small – to create their own business system and start earning money. However, what business you choose? We encourage you to think – what can you do better all? Perhaps you know how to do things better than others? Or do you have anything that will interest potential buyers? The more precisely you select the scope for the work, the better will be your business. Now the fun part – you need to decide how you will inform potential customers about their activities. Advertising – the motor trade, and it's true.

Of course, you can manually search for buyers on the forums, various thematic sites, etc. But in any case, we recommend you develop your own site. Your site will not only show the seriousness of your intentions, but short and accessible to the visitor will carry the information that you wish to report. You decide to create your site yourself or order it from professionals. But today more and more Internet entrepreneurs prefer a more simple – the so-called 'single page' sites because of their simplicity and cheapness.

In any case – now, you should consult with the professionals, how effective your site, and whether you present your information to its customers. In this case, you will help our company. We long been involved in online business, and since the summer of 2008 launched the project of social audit sites. It's simple – our specialists will evaluate your site on the basic parameters and the electronic record will point you to all the shortcomings of the site. Social analysis of the most effective for online stores 'odnostranachinyh' websites, etc. You can find more information on the site This is the first of a series of articles about creating your own business, wait continue.