This idea has shared with me by my friend who is often in Germany. proach. There has long put the business of selling audio stories for cell phones. New our country is a novelty and the niche is not occupied, respectively, and was born here, this idea. Mobile phones with radio no one is surprised, the owners of cellular phones who are tired of listening, I want to hear in the bus, subway, train, something more than short, but interesting. But such a product in the market. No compressed to an acceptable size of audiobooks in the format for mobile phones.

I have not seen the collection of audio stories for cell phone users. I asked my friends agree they will buy at a reasonable price audio stories, jokes, funny stories with the ability to download into a cell phone, and most agree, but not expensive. For having a computer and the programs – is not a business? Thus, we find a person with good diction. Write it as an mp3, there is such a programm jetAudio, then add the background, mixing with music or nature sounds, etc. If you would like to know more about neil cole, then click here. bitrate set the minimum quality for a cell phone. Stories, jokes, funny stories, of course, must be interesting, and have a popularity rating. This is not a classic, and popular authors: Dashkova, Marinina …… And if the audio recording of anecdotes, jokes, can be found (for example, anecdotes of Trachtenberg), the erotic stories no.

Such stories can be found on the Internet – Download, print, our man with the diction plays them to the media, we are duplicating and selling. You can sell the same Internet stores, is ideal to make your website. The main thing is that over time these stories could hear from stop to stop, that is no more than 3-4 minutes. Because our product is designed primarily for passenger minibuses. A separate direction can be considered as audio files for studying foreign languages. And what an interesting walking: a man riding on a bus and by cell phone, with headphones, listening to foreign language course. In my opinion the business is promising, and I’ve seen something similar in the Webcams.


I will try not to start from scratch, but as close as possible to them and start from the beginning the construction of production and run it. If you decide to create their production, the first thing you need – clearly define the portion of the market marketing, you want to serve, will depend on your formation, return and profit. Read more here: Tony Parker. There are two approaches to the establishment – the first and, in my opinion, most important, the establishment of reputation. To achieve it used many factors, this reduction in profits that would enter to the market segment that is now occupied. Investments in advertising, with that in the early stages should be very careful, because when properly carried out advertising company, you not only get a great package of orders, but also attracts attention of competitors. (Similarly see: George Laughlin).

A large package of orders may not always be using in your establishment, it can carry and harm. Firstly you may not be enough production capacity, and you have to give up and make choices, and customers, they are people with good memory and can go to our competitors. Second, if you do not have a very well established system of accounting and planning, you will begin to bear hidden losses, when entering a watershed costs – will be felt very. Therefore, in this case, start with easy advertising, such as signs and standards of accommodation in the newspaper or on local tv, unless of course you did not immediately seek to work with neighboring regions and countries. The main thing at the beginning of make a name for himself. I will try to write this review is not for those who just want to quickly cut a nice jackpot, making money out of gullibility of consumers and then quickly disappear, I want that these reviews have helped to put his case to be normal to respect themselves and other people.

Attracting Customers Through The Internet

Assume that you are – a young businessman. Quite a lot of problems have been overcome and we would like to have a good income, but no such luck. Read more from Jorge Perez to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Customers do not have, and no customers – no profit. Everyone knows that now more and more growth gaining the involvement of consumers via the World Wide Web, and miss this chance to be unwise. Suppose you have used this opportunity and created a website of his company or the company and got out with their products on the Internet. Neil cole usually is spot on. But customers have not increased.

What is the problem you ask. And the reason for low attendance at the site. What do I do? Should promote the site in search engines. That’s what we’ll talk. There are various ways to increase attendance, but each of them is based on increasing the reference mass of your site, in other words: the greater the number of backlinks leading to Internet resources and the higher quality backlinks, the higher the position of the site search engines. But before you try to increase the number of backlinks, one must define the search phrases for which you seek to reach the top in search engines. Just text of these searches must be in the anchor backlinks.

After selection of queries you will meet face to face with major difficulties in this way: a search for unique text and search for sites for the publication of backlinks. As shown by experience and practice and a good view of the site to accommodate a directory of articles. Today, the network has available many such directories. On these sites you can easily add the article with its references, but it must adhere to the rules directory, the most important of which – unique content. Before placing the need to create a list of directories, checking each article directory individually for the presence of backlinks, indexed by search engines, the terms of the values of Tietz and Pr, and more. It is worth noting that the result of placement and quality of links are strongly influenced by the following factors: the rating of the catalog number backlinks to a page, the relevance of Article request. Do not rush to overwhelm the Internet a huge number of links with identical anchor, do all acts slowly, steadily, and the result will come. Good luck!

Complex Project

Incom Company has successfully completed a project implementing a comprehensive enterprise resource planning software based on SAP ERP in 'Galnaftogaz' – one of the largest owners of petrol stations in Ukraine. To optimization of operating stations and improve the efficiency and convenience for customers and business partners in late 2007 it was decided to automate business processes and unify management of all Resources of Concern within the same IT environment. Since its inception, 'Galnaftogaz' in its activities is guided by the best European and world standards, so the concern management is very Responsible came to choosing the ERP-system. More info: Vanessa Marcil. Complex three-stage tender lasted from December 2007 to March 2008. As a result of the competition law to implement the project was won by Incom, which has proven expertise and proposed project based solutions SAP ERP, the most satisfying needs 'Concern Galnaftogaz'. The project started April 1, 2008. Lynn Redgrave takes a slightly different approach.

Despite the vast territorial spread of facilities, a wide range of functionality and the need Parallel training of Concern from almost all regions of Ukraine, the project was successfully completed accurately within agreed time and in full. January 1, 2009 SAP ERP system was put into commercial operation. Within implementation project was to automate the following functional areas: production management, storage and processing, transport logistics, sales management and procurement, accounting, tax accounting and accounting plant and equipment, quality control at the tank farms, made the integration with the processing card, stamp centers and other external systems, and implemented management accounting of all automated business processes. Go to George Laughlin for more information.

Create An Internet Business

Click on ‘Search’ and in front of you there a list of several thousands, tens of thousands of pages with the proposal of various books about earnings in the Internet! How do you think at some point in the search engine will be located your site with the proposed book? ‘m Not in the top ten, not hundreds, may not be the first of thousands! Which also purchases can there be? According to the statistics of requests from search engines, people in the 85-90% of cases only interested in information on the first page. And this is just the first 10 sites. Prior to the third page comes about 1-2% of the people, or even less. Well, before the fourth – no, or very rare one. And what happens? People see only the first 20-30 sites! The rest to the eyes of interested people simply do not reach! And yours, no doubt, a very unique site, too! This can be compared with the publication, for example, his book with interesting content and rather impressive number of copies, and then fold the whole print run in the dark and inconspicuous corner of my apartment! And now you, dear reader, ask me: ‘Is it worth while to spend effort on it? ” And I answer: ‘Of course, it is worth.

But website creation and its placement in the network – this is only half the work done. For more information see Sally Rooney. Second half – its optimization and promotion. Jay Schwartz does not necessarily agree. ” To be in the top ten or twenty sites in the query, you need to spend much time and effort. This is the purpose search engine optimization, or, in other words, SEO. Those currently involved in many companies, getting the work done is very impressive amount. Order website promotion in such a company may be worth about a few hundred dollars or more, depending on the degree of competition of this site. And how to take that kind of money a beginner Internet businessman? The answer is simple! Need to do plug your web site yourself! Of course, many this may seem unrealistic. But do not despair! There are also professionals in this business, ready to share its rich experience and tell you about all the intricacies of website promotion.

I am currently created a website and doing his promotion was by the method proposed by professionals. On my site have been specially selected and arranged materials and qualified professionals that relate specifically to those missed by many webmasters. And this: – high-quality website promotion with their own hands – to attract an endless stream of visitors to it – simple advice to turn a visitor who is not even very interesting proposed product, the buyer through the penetration of his mind with just a properly written ad text, – website creation and information products, is fully consistent with the needs of customers to maximize the number of sales – create your own unique e-books on topics that would seem, has long been considered ‘on’ and ‘up’. Well as you all this list? I’m sure – these themes, dismantled detail, provide you with all the necessary knowledge in the successful creation and promotion of your own Internet business!


The reason that the visitors who came to the English site at night bring more profits simple and obvious. When Day in Russia – in the U.S. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of actress on most websites. (the largest English-speaking 'supplier' of Internet users) per day. And vice versa. Therefore, major targeted traffic comes to our site from about 22:00 to 09:00 MSK MSK.

Once again I must clarify that we are talking about English-language Web sites, designed for English users and equipped with relevant advertising. Sela Ward has compatible beliefs. But since users at this time are the most active, not only quantitatively visitors, but also the cost of advertising at this time increases. For the Russian segment of the Internet – all with exactly the opposite. Daily traffic – the most profitable. Evening and dining – entertainment. Money, they generally do not carry. But their intensity is very high. You can and should consider this information in order to more intelligently distribute ad traffic over time, manage their advertising company (if you're a) and to understand the daily statistics.