Tranquility in Life

Today I want regalarte a text that is at the end of my reflection, that it turns on La Paz. When reading it invited to me to reflect on this feeling that as much we yearned for and we needed in our lives. When we felt peacefully? We maintain that we can feel peace when we can accept the facticidad of the life, that is to say, those things that we cannot change. Check out Jessica Michibata for additional information. We felt peacefully, when we stopped fighting; in its place, deserts the march, we reflected, we took brings back to consciousness of the situation and we stopped fighting against those things of the life that we know will not modify, on that we do not have to be able. A facticidad example? The negative and difficult experiences that we have had to cross in the past.

Which is the then key to feel PEACE? The key is in the acceptance. If we are against or we resisted to what we cannot change, which happens is the resentment What we do from the resentment? We look for guilty; these guilty can be a person or a group of people, a situation and until the same life. We waste the time and energies judging that nothing we can do so that the changes take place. In opposite form, when we accepted, we felt peacefully with our possibilities and we left to look for them, without having left we catched in which we do not have control. In the example of the facticidad of our negative past, if we positioned ourselves from the acceptance, we can be still related to that history that we lived accepting it, recognizing that we had liked that outside another way. If we accepted, we released negative energies, we loaded ours " pilas" of motivation and we can create possibilities that still do not exist.


The sharks have enemies 1. The sharks are considered often like the ferocious creatures but of the sea, ” boys malos” of the films. The great white shark is known for being responsible for numerous attacks of sharks to humans, and the sharks are predators of many fish and animal that live in the ocean. Nevertheless, one orca can be swallowed a whole shark, if a group of dolphins feels threatened by a shark, would attack the shark with a strong attack to the weak parts of the shark or in its gills, a swordfish can hurt to the sharks with its sharpened tip. A shark also must worry about the pulpy one, the serpents of sea, from Leon sailors, great calamaries, fish and puercoespn. The sharks can even be enemy of other sharks.

Many species of sharks eat smaller sharks. The human beings are also a threat for the sharks. People hunt and kill to million sharks every year, much people anywhere in the world eats shark, the skin of a shark is valuable and it is used for the leather. Other parts of the shark are used in the medicine. How protect themselves the sharks? 2. A shark has many forms to protect itself. The body of the shark is aerodynamic to swim quickly through the ocean and far from the predators, they can swim near 22 miles per hour, and still more fast in short startings. Some sharks are the inhabitants of the bottom (at heart spend long time of the ocean) and they are camouflaged to mix itself with its surroundings, these sharks are quiet, happen unnoticed, until its prey appears, then, capture its prey suddenly off guard.

sharks have grudges in their body (dentculos), that are like small teeth inlaid in the skin of the shark. The dentculos can harm a fish if the shark by the mistaken side grazes. Perhaps but, reason why the sharks more are known is by their teeth, the sharks have several rows of teeth, and can have up to 3,000 teeth in their life, you have so many teeth due to the form in which they eat. They bite his prey and they shake it with such violence, that the shark loses many teeth in the process, and when a shark loses a tooth, one new one that grows in its place. A shark uses its senses 3. The sharks use their senses of different way for the protection, they have small holes by all the head called blisters of Lorenzini, these are receiving nervous of the electricity in the water, the animal emit electrical currents when they move, that the sharks can detect. A shark also has an acute sense of the sense of smell, as much that it can smell blood to several miles of distance. Another sense that a shark uses calls lateral line, all the fish have this sense, that it is the capacity to detect the vibrations in the water.