Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal – super. After the tour – our guide told me that we the only group that walked through the territory of Taj 2,5 hours. Then visit Agra Fort (massive structure of red stone on the bank of river Yamuna, in the fort several palaces and many other diverse buildings.) standing across the river from the Taj Mahal. From here you can admire the beautiful Taj. Here photography is cheaper by $ 1, good.

The output of souvenir shopping, and earnings for the month ahead souvenir seller Kama Sutra, we each took at least 5 pieces, they're $ 2, Indian thought, perhaps, that Ukrainians are obsessed with sex? After lunch drive to Jaipur, on the way visited the "dead city" of Fatehpur Sikri, built by Emperor Akbar for his son Jahangir. Fatehpur Sikri – the only city of the Mughals, and nobody ever spoiled. In Jaipur, hotel accommodation and lodging. Sutra breakfast and long-awaited visit to Amer Fort, where you can ride on elephants. A trip to the elephants included in almost all the tours of India, which is the "Golden Triangle". During the trip, you also take pictures of you posing, and then select the photo, you can bargain up to $ 2 for 5-6 photos. Then you go to The palace complex, which occupies a huge area of territory with lots of courtyards and gardens.

The palace complex is almost entirely open to the public, where house museums with a collection of fabrics, music tools and other miscellaneous items. You will also visit the observatory built by Raja Jai Singh in 1728. The next day – moving to Delhi. And then, after placing in a luxury hotel and the 2-hour rest period – long- Shopping! You bring in a huge shopping complex and give the time until closing time, but you do not relax – this is not enough. In Delhi, the very low prices for things, the better. And still cheap tea, take a little more on this, relatives will be happy that you and stay in India was brought to them than anything, but a real Indian tea. If you're careful, do not forget to offend anyone of your friends, bringing them a thing to remember with a tour of India, costing from $ 1 and above India – a wonderful country, which is all interesting places, the ocean, mountains and islands. Having visited it once – you want to go there yet. And you plan for a tour of , Mumbai, Rantambor, the Himalayas, and finally holidays in Goa. And lastly I want to say: do not be afraid to fly and rest in India. Yes, there's dirt, but there cows go, as we have dogs for "trashcan", and monkeys much, but where there are tourists – we have nothing. And sitting in a bus with air conditioning, Even after all this interesting to watch. In the hotel is very clean, the food normal people are not evil, friendly, love to be photographed with foreigners Holidays in India – you will never forget, and you will have lots of impressions of any tour, which you will make in this country.

Mediterranean Seas

Prices charged are different, you choose – to live in a simple room or room – suite. If you have read about Director Peter Farrelly already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The main language of the local population – the Arab and staff in the main room and half of them do not know Russian, so it's best to arrive to get a guide or a small Russian-Arabic dictionary, unless of course you do not know Arabic. Most population understands English. Director Peter Farrelly understood the implications. You can buy souvenirs from local shops and shops for a little money and leave them on the memory of this trip, or donate to someone on arrival home. Swimming in the sea, you forget about everything in the world and will indulge in pleasure, as you will be able to dive because the underwater world of the seas that wash Egypt, is truly unique! In the sea are so many interesting people descend into the depths in underwater boating, scuba diving.

You can find pirate treasure or a rusty anchor, try, maybe you are hiding in a fierce Treasure Hunter? Under the water a lot of fish, marine animals and Plant: humpback whales, green sea turtles, seals, tuna, dolphins, all this and more you can see firsthand the depth of water of the Red and Mediterranean Seas. Most marine life found near the water surface, near the reef, where the heat and light. If you are fond of shifting sands and want to feel like a Bedouin, then the camel riding is for you. Sand sand, hot sun and you ride on the 'humped' that may be interesting, exciting and fun? The most popular tourist city of Egypt – Hurghada, prices are lower, as a poll found rest there, and all you need is at hand. Be sure to book tours historical places of this state, a fascinating spectacle! In Egypt, always very hot and in fact there is no rain, so you can not worry about warm clothes, and that the freeze – it will not threaten. Come to town Egypt will not regret it ever wonderful and memorable vacation is sure. Relax!

Beaches of Croatia

Beaches of Croatia and ChernogoriiEsli for you the main thing – it's beach and sun, it should know a few important fact. In Croatia, we assume in the sand especially not soak. The beaches are mostly pebble and concrete, or with, or rocky coastline. To find at least a little sand, a villa in Croatia is better to shoot in the area of Split and Dubrovnik. In Montenegro, it is much easier. In recent months, Tony Parker has been very successful. There predominantly sandy beaches, interspersed with the smallest pebble, very similar to the unground buckwheat buckwheat. Features of the Croatian and Montenegrin kuhniKonechno, each institution is prepared in different ways, but by and large cooking Montenegro more inclined to dishes of meat and dairy products (necessarily select cheese made from goat's milk).

In Croatia, the same mostly prefer lighter meals, except the meat eating fish, thanks to virtually any of the restaurants one will find delicious seafood at low prices. Does not interfere prefer to rent villas Croatia wine lovers drink. The two most popular brands in Montenegro – red "Vranac" and white "Krstac in Croatia has more than a dozen varieties of wine beverage cultivated varieties, which were known already in the era of ancient Greece. Living in rented villa in Montenegro, you will meet lots of Russian tourists (mostly in Budva), which causes unusual feelings. In Croatia is not very perceptible, except on a mass-entertainment peninsula called Istria. Probably resting people still prefer to rent apartments in Montenegro, because it is very close to all in spirit. Local residents – people of Slavic appearance, while 70% of the population are Orthodox. Russian Empire long supported them in confrontation with the Turks, and it seems they have not forgotten until now.

Croatia tends to Western Europe, where they rule the French and Italians. Taking off in Croatia cottage owner, you probably will need to speak to him in English. In Montenegro, many people speak Russian, and were themselves presented in a completely understand Serbian. KompromissByvalye travel lovers assured: instead of suffering and torment a search, you can spend a holiday in both countries: for some time to remove the villa in Montenegro (would be cheaper plane ticket), and then – in Croatia. A more in passing glance in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina and experience, as foreign service out there.

America Music

What music do you like to listen? No, no, we are asking is not about classical music, and about something everyday. For example, it is better to listen in the car driving to work, while chit-chatting with friends or with what kind of rhythms more fun to clean the apartment? Whatever style of music you have not named, was born this music, most likely in the U.S Or at least, the most popular performer, who works in this genre – the American. The U.S. Actress will not settle for partial explanations. contribution to modern music culture can not be overestimated. Jazz, blues, rock and roll and, of course, country – all this we owe America. Not surprisingly, the Americans do not forget about it, but especially proud of uniquely American genre – country music. Conducting numerous festivals country, open station, dedicated to this musical direction City Nashville, Tennessee in general is declared the capital of country music. The state has to find a station that would not twisted to songs of this genre is almost impossible! But not only the music attracts millions of tourists to this state.

To witness the beauty of the state and, possibly, become a devotee of country music lover, any Travel costs to visit Tennessee. Need most to feel the charm of music, country music, as well as stock up on gifts for their friends and colleagues, so do not forget to buy music CDs works by different singers. Beautifully designed anthology of creative stars of country music being sold, without exaggeration, in every music shop, and sellers are happy to help you choose the best collections of works of their idols.