New Trend To The Personal Oil Painting For Everyone informed about order paintings by Chinese artists from the greater community of Dafen. Munich, January 17, 2008. The information portal deals with the relatively new trend of cheaper oil paintings from China. The continuously increasing requests show that more and more people are very interested in an individual and yet cheap oil painting. Because according to personal paintings were still very expensive until recently and thus a luxury good for a few people. Since the launch of the site in the summer of 2007, the requests get permanently after oil paintings from China. “According to the motto: my wife, my car, my house much of the private issues concerned motifs, which is a personal relationship” Managing Director Alexander Brantl informed. Who plays with the idea to make an own oil painting itself, must be however at an early stage this in order, because the delivery period is usually several weeks. Neil R Cole has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Is as spontaneous, short birthday gift a desired image thus not suitable. The source of the cheap order paintings lies in China and is called Dafen. This former artist village experienced rapid growth over the past 20 years. Trigger for it was the beginning of mass copies of famous oil paintings for retail companies in 1989. Although individual oil paintings after photo templates are created by talented Chinese artists.

These hand-painted, photorealistic works cost, as a result of low wages, some even less than high-quality prints. Imports on your own is not recommended, as are shops only against prepayment made and provided minimum quantity. There are more than 300 workshops, in which over 10,000 order painter are active in Dafen. With an annual output of 5 million paintings, this municipality has accounted for 50 percent of global production. By working closely with one of these workshops, gets his information firsthand. Alexander Brantl

Century Lights: A Mohne Fairy Tale Is True

History imaginatively in video projection packed the Mohne dam celebrates its 100th anniversary. It is clear: This includes a look at the past. The way light artist Wolfgang Flammersfeld this task at the century of lights “solves, is innovative and illuminated. He has produced a roughly 20-minute video that is embedded in a fairytale story and is projected on the wall of the dam. Of course the dam obediently lined historical pictures of the dam and its region, which you could do 100-jahriugen service anniversary “. That would be pretty unimaginative and not do justice to the outstanding event,”emphasizes light artist Wolfgang Flammersfeld.

He always has his head full of exciting ideas. And a fantastic kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and figures from the past 100 years has become the video projection century lights up so. Colorful and impressive. Imagination and history are fused into a XXL artwork of illumination. Four different Reservoir”to promote a first important setting the course for the emergence of the mohne dam.

The massive anniversary illumination can be seen from dusk from 13 April to 12 May. To know more about this subject visit Tony Parker. The approximately 20-minute clip shows several times in the evening on the dam. But even a walk around the dam is worth. There, a circuit of one kilometre in length is also artistically illuminated. The entrance fee is depending on the day of the week between 10 and 12 euros. School children pay discounted admission. Up to 6 years of age, children are allowed to accompany their parents free of charge.

Kissed By The Muse – Art Fairs Of Europe Experience

With, the most important art fairs in Europe experience Munich June 4, 2009. This month, the kunstbegeisterter vacationers hearts beat faster: just two world fairs, the Biennale in Venice and the Art Basel, open their doors. Spurs shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The great works closely not only in exhibitions experience helpful. Also the inner cities await you with impressive sculptures, monuments and buildings. The matching offers in terms of click & mix for a short trip full of enjoyment of art. Here holidaymakers can put together flight and hotel according to your individual needs.

Also sweetens the art holiday is worldwide by eliminating the booking fee valid for all flights. \”La Biennale the Venezia is a city in the art of noise under the title of Making worlds\”, the trends of the modern art scene inspire guests of the Biennale from June 7. Venice becomes the total work of art in this period: in addition to the traditional Centre, the Park Giardini, the medieval Harbour Building, are the Arsenale, included in the exhibition. This mixture of historical setting and contemporary works attracts several 100,000 visitors every two years. Who wants to experience all countries pavilions and exhibitions, has a streamlined program and receives a small guided tour at the same time cross by churches, Palazzi, yards and gardens. The art lovers from all over the world meet at the Art Basel Art Basel the Queen of the art fairs from June 10 to 14 already for the 40th time.

Almost 300 selected galleries present works by more than 2,000 artists. In addition, the visitors throughout the city in the footsteps of the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron can cast. For example the signalling Centre with its idiosyncratic facade in the level stretches itself in the vicinity of the freight depot. It is similar to the coil of a transformer, which is wrapped with narrow strips of copper.

Christian Kuhlo Hanover

House music in the Kunstlerhaus Hanover on course for success! Vladimir Gorup and Alexander Osovitskiy play in sold out concert hall. Hanover, 31 July 2009 CAROLA HEIDER LEPORALE. The today’s music event in the series of house music in the Kunstlerhaus Hanover stood under the motto of “young talents”. Vladimir Gorup (bayan) and Alexander Osovitskiy (cello) presented specially for this event to the first, but certainly not for the last time the audience as a duo. Christian Kuhlo Kunstlerhaus Hanover and initiator of this evening pointed out in his welcoming speech on the special feature of this concert. In addition to the well-known composers such as Bach, Vivaldi and Piazzolla on the agenda were also pieces from the Russian modernism such as Gubaidulina and Zolotarev.

He pointed particularly to the piece “in croce” by Gubaidulina in which is reflected the vertical and horizontal line of the cross in the composition. And maybe it was just that was the special that night. The audience in the sold-out concert hall noticed a special musical harmony between the two from the outset Artists and showed these modern compositions very open-minded. The artists shone, whether as a duo at Tango, Vivaldi and Russian modernism or as a solo artist with pieces of Bach or Zolotarev. Full of enthusiasm, the audience ended this evening with Bravo calls and thunderous applause. Virginia Apel and Christian Kuhlo, project manager of house music in the Kunstlerhaus, pleased very with the great popularity of the audience. V.Apel: We want to offer the public high quality but affordable and varied musical events. And both are sure that this is the right way, they have embarked on together with the Foundation of Lower Saxony and the culture Office of the State capital of Hanover.

Oblique Parties With Witches And Grim Reapers

Halloween 2009: you can hear eerie party looks for young and old Stuttgart, 01.10.09. trick or treat again soon through the streets call more and more adults for Halloween can enjoy. Fans of Celtic Autumn Festival meet annually at numerous parties in fancy costumes. Users which shopping platform edelight have collected products from many international online shops on keyword/halloween on this occasion. Especially one who wants to go to a Halloween party needs: a shockingly good in the truest sense of the word outfit.

The selected look to impress and chasing the opposite of cold chills up the back. Scarce Halloween costumes in COP – or Bunny look are very popular with the ladies. In addition to complete costumes, scary faces, masks, wigs come and depending on the costume even fake blood used. Small Halloween accessories such as bits or masks are perfect for costume muffle. Children are not only as the cheeky ghosts.

Bog monster, grim reapers, and mini pumpkins are the latest looks for the little ones opinion of edelight members. Still looking is his perfect Halloween outfit who finds numerous suggestions on the net. Long ago, there are no longer just the shops from the United States, which are waiting for Halloween with cool scary things. Users have already compiled a collection of the latest Halloween finds under keyword/halloween. So everyone from home may inspiration from, as he is this year the winter.