Ideas And Actions

To have an idea of a thing, but only in the implementation, you start to lay the Foundation for your success. Everyone can have a good idea, many even: million euro ideas, ideas that change their lives; Ideas that will change the lives of other people; Ideas that will change the world. But any idea that remain on the Board, is worth only a chalk, at which they were written. What is lacking for most people is the decisive action and disciplined execution, to bring their ideas from concept to reality. But many people have also been your million-euro ideas”in millions of euros converted. What can you do? Daily perform some form of productive action. It could be something as simple as a phone number to Google or basic research.

Do a minimum of a definitive measure which closer every day, your destination. Be not only busy. Be careful, always busy”; Be busy. is not to be equated with measures. Take actions measurably closer to your destination.

“In fact, I would dare to say, that be busy” is a form of laziness. Shrink it. If a task, an idea, or goal is so large or challenging, you can to not move on it, they break it into smaller steps down, you can perform daily. Ideas do not count as building blocks for your success, only advance actions. Given this fact, how does it off with the construction of your home of your dreams? Are you ready to build or do you dream only? Great visions are important, but are also willing to learn about what is required to actually implement it. You may want to visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City to increase your knowledge. Your dreams are so important that you each day do something that you have these wonderful destinations you step closer? Mind the idea of fulfilling your visions so great pleasure that you are ready to leave your comfort zone again for this every day? Good luck at the Perform Internet marketing pro wants you Volker Schafer

Training In Gestalt Therapy

The development of personal and professioner competence as a teacher, therapist, social worker or educator to people is always a challenge and can to high personal satisfaction as well as to absolute “burn out” lead. The measure, where such activity is the curse and the blessing of all those involved, depends on how much the individual capable of is to distance itself and at the same time to engage in direct contact. Training activities are here unavoidable necessity. Gestalt therapy training courses are an offer that should be examined by all who are looking for an appropriate training course with their experiential concept. Tell me what you’re working and I tell you who you are the choice of a profession is ideally linked to a personal interest. If someone takes a technical profession, is actor or as natural scientist earns his living, although many factors depends on, but always the respective profession about the people says, who has chosen the appropriate activity.

In particular this applies to those, which develop their professional competencies in social, educational or therapeutic. Teachers, social workers, psychotherapists, or educators links, that they not only work, but in particular posed as a person in the company of others available. Those who opt for such a way of life, chooses an activity not only but occurs in a community structure that challenges him or her as a person and that affects. Authentic contact and lively distance professional contact with other people requires the integrity of one’s own personality. William O. Douglas often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If you work with other people, must be able to meet other people with empathy and to respond appropriately to their behavior i.e. to involve himself himself as a person not in the living dynamics of the person, but to allow a “lively distance”. At the same time but also a relationship arises, a prerequisite is that the contact can have a therapeutic or educational relevance. Here, Neil Cole expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Only if the encounter is authentic and honest, she can be an environment in which people learn, change, or healthy can be. Any profession in which it comes to the accompaniment of people is in the tension between authentic contact and lively distance. Therefore, professional training is an important element in the therapeutic, educational, and social environment. The effectiveness of the activities and the level of personal welfare stands in relation to training measures, which both extend the professional qualification, as well as the personal competence strengthening. Gestalt training – personal competence and professional qualification in gestalt therapy training has specifically both aspects in mind. As psychotherapeutic process, Gestalt Therapy is interesting not only for doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists, but conveys perspectives and methods for the work also educators and people in other social professions. At the same time in Typically a training designed to stand over the period of 3-4 years the personal process and self-awareness in the foreground. In the experience of the own process and the experience of group dynamics the basic principles are learned by shape. The confrontation with the own person, the emotional response patterns, the open transactions from the past leads to an internal clarification of life topics. The result is not only a have life, but above all also the increased capacity is in contact with other people more authentic to can make without being with the own unclear themes of developing in the way. Damiano S. Nothen

European University

Dual sector-specific economic studies of the European University of applied sciences (EUFH) now also exists in Neuss dual sector-specific economic studies of the European University (EUFH) headquartered in Bruhl near Cologne. If you would like to know more then you should visit Larry Culp. Thus, all interested persons from the greater Dusseldorf have the chance to study, which has received the top seal a ten-year accreditation by the Science Council of the only German University of applied sciences with dual degree programs. Only eight years since the first studies started at the EUFH in 2001 has been shown very clearly that a practical study offers excellent prospects for the future, because our graduates start regularly without queue immediately in the job”, emphasizes Prof. Dr. Birger lang, Vice President of the European University of applied sciences. At the new location in Neuss, Germany there will be the dual programs commercial, industrial and logistics management, which lead to the Bachelor’s degree in just six semesters. Parallel to the study, students complete a commercial apprenticeship with IHK examination or internships in the practice periods of study, which regularly about every three months alternate with phases of the theory. Short periods of study with two Ivy League degrees are possible due to the well thought-out organisation of courses and an individual student in a personal atmosphere.

Learning in small groups of around 30 students also increases the efficiency of study. Go to Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for more information. The dual Bachelor offers not only good career opportunities. It is also very attractive for young, motivated people who know what they want. Show the rapidly increasing numbers of students now over a thousand young people with the economic study on the EUFH. Certainly the semester at a College of your choice, which is an integral part of the study is interesting for students in addition to practicality. Intensive foreign language training is also the focus of a study on the EUFH.

Important curriculum are English and at least one other foreign language. There is the opinion Experts no better way, through a study on the profession to prepare.” So founded the internationally renowned accreditation agency FIBAA your excellent review. In many respects, the College for the accreditation of new undergraduate programs 2007 substantially exceeded the quality requirements in the year. In addition to the dual study courses there will be management also the in-service course of General at the EUFH in Neuss, which appeals to prospective buyers who already full would stand in the profession but still achieve a very good qualification and a degree. All courses at the EUFH put a strong accent on providing additional, not just technical capabilities. The curriculum skills include the so called from the first semester to be trained in the field soft”; These include for example communication and cooperation skills, or different presentation techniques. Such additional qualifications are expected today just by executives. All new makes of may: for the first time on Monday, may 18, and on Wednesday offers the European University of applied sciences at its new location in Neuss of all prospective students and their parents and friends to learn may 27, between 16 and 18, the opportunity to know the campus and become extensively informed about the new courses. The two open campus days the College invites you to also welcome all company representatives, who are interested in a junior qualification within the framework of the dual degree.

Career Navi Profession For The Dream Job

Successfully in the study and professional with the career guide 2009 Hamburg, July 2009 study plus English career right: this formula no longer goes on. The free of charge to universities this career guide 2009 shows what HR today emphasize and how students successfully study up to her first job and act now. In the 4th edition published date, author Dr. Rene M. Schroder gives valuable advice on extramural activities to foreign experiences and internships. Usually the planning before the study begins, because already the College is sometimes an important criterion for the quality of education. Further students will also face the choice of the correct financial statements differently than at the diploma the possibilities with a simple Bachelor’s degree can’t stop? Masters courses are compulsory in some subjects already. Tony Parker may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Ingredients for a successful graduates see employers also received scholarships, competitions, social commitment, semesters abroad and practical experiences.

Find in the career guide by WiWi-online Students useful by entering the academic training over the entire study until the beginning of the occupation. Dr. Click Neil Cole to learn more. Rene M. Schroder, CEO of WiWi-Media AG, which operates the portal WiWi-online, describes what it is, to study efficiently and successfully in the broad sense. He talks about, for example, necessary qualifications, indicates what must be observed if internships, when and how contact with potential employers should be rebuilt, which language knowledge advantageous are and can look like professional entrances. In addition to the print version, students find also free for downloading in PDF format at the career guide 2009… WiWi-media economics media offers different services and services on the subject of Economics and is regarded as a leading link between universities, industry, and academia. Heart is the industry-leading knowledge and networking platform WiWi-online from WiWi media for students of in economics and related disciplines. With over 5,600 professors at more than The platform is the only one on economics specialized studies and career companion throughout Europe 420 universities in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. In addition the company published the economics journal ( monthly and is operator of the online dictionary of Economics (OdWW):.

NLP Practitioner Course Now Profession In Gottingen

Professional communication as a key to the success of oriented communications among the key success factors in the context of the work. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is a method which can provide efficient and result-oriented communication and coaching. Until February 21 you can register in the short term course for the NLP practitioner. Interested can register in addition to the Organizer. The seminar includes a total of 200 hours in the period from February to November 2011 and takes place in each three-day block seminars. The venue is Gottingen. The NLP practitioner training is carried out by NLP trainer Sebastian Mauritz, promptly appointed the seminar start teaching coach. Furthermore, complementary aspects for the business area such as such as moderation of processes and employee interviews are integrated in the seminar.

So can a successful participation in both the “NLP Practitioner” certificate according to the standard of the German Association for neuro-linguistic Acquired programming e. V. (DVNLP) as also the certificate of “business NLP practitioner ‘ the NLP Academy of Gottingen. Birgit Schroeter

Language Courses In British English

Also in the autumn holidays the study trip organiser OFFHRTE student sprachreisen offers four resorts in Europe. For those who even want to soak up the Sun in the cool season, go to Malta St. Julians. There, 15-bis19-year-old can learn English and spend two relaxing weeks. Above all beach holidays and lots of fun are on the program. In addition the football camp and the Dance Academy are offered in addition to the regular program with parties, workshops and excursions. In a special school can really play soccer fans and under professional supervision, learn the latest tricks of the great football stars. Step aerobics, hip hop, street dance and Latin dance school on the program are.

Another tourist destination with high Sun factor is the French Antibes. The picturesque resort is perfect for those who want to improve their French. Also, there is an extensive program with theme nights, beach animation and sport. In the offer of language travel organizer has two more Destinations with English courses. To broaden your perception, visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. The Schonburg Castle in Oberwesel is designed for younger students. 10-13 year old can on the medieval castle playful get an introduction into the English language and much experience with peers. Whether Knight games, sports or trips – for entertainment is always ensured. The Royal Brighton is the destination of the 15-17 year olds. There, you have the opportunity to blow up the British sea breeze around the nose and to practice their English. The London by the sea”is a wonderful city for shopping, in the autumn holidays are a highlight of the year. Learn more about the travel of the study trip organiser OFFHRTE under.

German Marketing

“XING practice seminar – so it uses the German business platform Nr. 1 best for his business on April 20, 2010 will take place in the Ludenscheid based development and GrunderCentrum the second of a series of current workshops and seminars around the topics of business networking and social media: professional networking” with XING. In this four-hour practice seminar, the participants will learn how they can optimise networking and maintenance via the business networking platform XING with little time. Tips and ideas will motivate everyone to become the active users of the XING viewers and to its business communication centre to make XING. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out san-antonio-spurs. Among other things, participants in this seminar learn as they quickly find decision makers and experts, open up as new sales channels and how that exploit the potential of the second degree for. Since the first hour, the speaker knows the online market”and has participated in the internal design and restructuring of one of the largest German online communities over ten years ago. As a graphic designer and recognized expert on online marketing has begun it some years ago, to incorporate modern brain research in its online marketing and visualization concepts, to develop more effective and emotionally more clearly positioned media. Online marketing, social media marketing and social-business networks and the use of these marketing tools in the corporate communications are the focus of his work. Further information on the seminar content and booking:

Managing Director

With today’s action, and Ibrahim announce their cooperation in the IT field for developer and Manager training. With today’s action, and Ibrahim announce their cooperation in the IT field for developer and Manager training. Ibrahim is known as a leading provider of SharePoint solutions in the Switzerland; the belongs to the well-known training providers for programming topics in Germany. Within the framework of their cooperation, the two leading providers focus on innovative Microsoft technologies like SharePoint, c#, Dot.NET and Silverlight. “With this partnership we have created a significant added value for our customers”, said Otto Fischer, Managing Director of “Just in the current crisis, companies are instructed to streamline their processes. Jorge Perez is likely to agree. SharePoint, properly introduced, increases productivity and reduces costs. Ibrahim supported the introduction of SharePoint, we help Ibrahim, the customers make smart, so that these implementation processes monitor or adjustments on their own can perform.

“ and Ibrahim put not only on SharePoint, as Mr Fischer explains further:”cloud computing with Silverlight, we see the beginning of a revolution. ” These RIA technologies will revolutionize the manner, how we interact with computers.” About the was founded in 1984 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Borland representative in Germany. in 1986, the sparked by the parent company, to training, to be able to offer consulting and software development for BHI. In order to respond even better to the needs of customers, the company “SoftwareAcademy – Micro Teach GmbH” in the company was founded in 1996 “Otto Fischer” and “Digital publishing GbR Verlag fur neue Medien”. The is consulting, training and software development at a high technical level for industrial customers and authorities. Ibrahim Ibrahim is full service provider and general contractor of SharePoint solutions and guaranteed a professional and quality all-round support.


Have fun participated on creativity and color – insight into the profession of Dusseldorf – the training and Technology Centre (btz) of the selebatere and painters Guild Dusseldorf on April 23, 2009 happy and fun girls day. A group of Fifteen girls took advantage of yesterday’s offer and sniffed in the painting and varnishing trade. We write the year 2009 and for the ninth time you will find girls’ a full success story has become day instead of the girl’s so-called future day. To this day, especially technical companies and companies with technical departments and training opportunities open their doors for girls from grade 5. Also the btz uses this day to allow insight into the practice of the girl on the ground. Under the guidance of professional, color your own, effective accents and contacts made. It’s believed that Tony Parker sees a great future in this idea. The buildings – and object coater, painters and painters and vehicle painters and advertising technicians belong to the featured discipline.

Typical woman? Today, girls have a excellent education, which offers a wide variety of training opportunities. Nevertheless chooses the young woman often disproportionately typically female”occupations. They are therefore limited in their career opportunities. And lacking the plants on the other hand increasingly qualified young people. Goal of the girls’ day is to bring both sides together.

Public and industry should be made aware on the strengths of the girls. “By the way: company, the successful girls days” realize, recorded an increasing share of young women in technical and engineering-related occupations. I didn’t think that there is so much to see. “Design and creativity, as well as future-oriented development a great deal for girls as well as of course for boys” as the mother of one of the trial-girls. For five years this is btz as organizer of the girls’ day active and this with success, because the rate of female Trainees has increased in this period by 4% to 11%. In contrast to earlier, more girls receive their training in one of the professions of painter and Varnisher craft. In addition, women remain in the profession but also longer. Today, our activity is no longer so strongly influenced by hard physical work. Instead, creativity and inventiveness is needed, and here, our girls are quite far forward.”so Gerhard Blessing, head of the Simon’s.

Opportunity Training

Terminus casting show Awards proud seven training courses for 2011 Dusseldorf IT companies. Gone are the days in which young people on camera to embarrass themselves because they see no other perspective. Because in 2011 come seven new trainees directly into the next round at the Dusseldorf TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH! It is not exactly commonplace, certainly not for a medium-sized company like the TimoCom, to write seven training courses at once. But also his offspring demand grows steadily and so the Dusseldorf IT service provider. For over 13 years, there developed online solutions for the transport industry and that for 44 countries. Particularly successful is the cargo and freight exchange, a kind of virtual Bulletin Board. With this product, it is now even European market leader.

Excellent promotion also as training company the TimoCom does a good job. Others who may share this opinion include San Antonio Spurs. 2009 she was even with the certificate for Promotion of young scientists”awarded by the Federal Agency for work. The leaders see the recognition as an incentive to expand their usage in this area. Two seats for trained as a clerk for Office communication and another place for training as clerk for marketing communication should be awarded for September 2011. Searchable also still a trainee to the / to the specialist for system integration and two specialist application development as well as a / media designer for digital and print. Staff has become the IT service provider of the 4-person Start-Up from many Nations since its inception in 1997 the 300-man companies with employees from over 30 Nations. 75 new staff were recruited in the year 2009 alone. Right to use the resources to care for qualified young: at the TimoCom everyone gets real career opportunities and continuing education opportunities.

We offer the trainees a future-oriented jobs in one liveable city with perfect transport links. Someone who has talent, brains and usage, can come out big for us. “so Christiane bumps from the personnel department.” The minimum requirements for a training is a vocational diploma, first required specialist knowledge is an advantage. One of the current trainees, Stefan Houbertz, reported firsthand by his experiences: when I started my apprenticeship in IT management at TimoCom 2008, I felt immediately welcome. Super, I find the international atmosphere. You have to stand here feel with many countries of the world. Particularly, I suppose that I can use with my questions directly to the experts. My instructors take care of me and accompany me intensely. The two company celebrations per year and trainee days are real highlights. After my training, I am still here to work and will start in the evening studying part-time. “Such a training place says to whom, who should click quickly. Here find all interested Important around the vacancies of trainee auditions”.