Investment Fund

One of the most widely read newspapers of our country, published a great article on the best way to choose a fund. (As opposed to Ken Kao). Here I share a summary of the best places to find yque me? First define how that investment funds are by far better option than credit unions or banks because they hold the exact amount of money but the interest rates offered are very low. Mutual funds, however, invest in fixed income or debt and equity securities (shares in companies). After several studies to examine the merits of investment that best suits the individual, in many cases it was concluded that it is depending on what you are looking for the person himself. Thanks to investment funds provide a much higher interest than the bank or credit union, has shown an increase of 18.82% in the number of customers for. There are mainly three types of funds, free paper, secured. The director of business development for a large bank in our country, states each time the characteristics of a fund depending on the type of investment: 1 .- Debt: invest in private or public debt, as are the Treasury Certificates , for example.

It is desirable to have more liquid and have low volatility in the short term. 2 .- Equity: invest in speculative markets as is the stock market, for example. Higher performance because they also involve greater risk. 3 .- Coverage: invest in foreign currency such as dollars or euros. Diversified funds are recommended for long-term results and consist of varying between hedge funds and equities. Once you know the three main types of investment funds that are the substance of debt, equity fund and hedge fund, you can choose from a more intelligent way that best suits you.

It should be noted that the more you risk the more you earn. The diversified leaves more money in the long postponement, that, once mass because you risk more.