Interacting With Others

You and I as human beings feel the need to interact with others to get ahead, and indeed socialization is key to business success. To achieve our objectives and that these people are always on our side is important to understand and implement basic and simple tools – Developing Confidence: It consists in reproducing any aspect of the behavior of the other persona.Esta technique generates a climate of trust and what you were telling the other person! .Yo Hey I like you. You and I have plenty in common. You can trust me. what we see are the perocupaciones, fears and needs of those around us to support and accompany our commitments are not many human beings. B-Smile Always: The smile radiates confidence, is a magnet that encourages others to want to be with us at the same time reassuring the person. When things go wrong, but one so, we remain cheerful by it must try to maintain a positive attitude and a smile, You and I we can convert a model for many and in turn give us invincible to enemies.

The day I do not laugh, is a day wasted Charlie Chaplin C-The Kind and Cotes: Greet with a smile on his face. When you talk with anyone, be kind, take a look in the eye, the other person you feel that you are connected. T- thanks and apologize when the situation warrants D-Listen: When you hear the other person you’re allowing it to desahogue.Ten mind that the best listeners wing people are earning very easily, you need patience and self very satisfying for people when you feel the person who understands very atencion.Hagale listen to that person feel he understands, that means using the thoughts of that person. “I understand what you say “” I understand what you’re going. ” E-Empathy: Step into the shoes of the other people, always seeing Begins point of view of that person, talks about what the other person wants, help showing different soluciones.Preocupece to understand the Person with sympathy. F-Make that person feel important: The easiest way to make friends and good partners is letting them know that you are impressed and happy with her presencia.Actua as if each person was the most important of your life so you will earn respect and appreciation of those people. When someone gives you something that is dear you immediately respond with the desire to give something back to make many deposits cambio.Preocupate by different people in the bank for when you have to make a withdrawal. I find this hard but if you analyze and put into practice at home in your work, your negociosveras it will be easier to surround yourself with precious people that will help you grow. Your friend martha relief Pinzon Zapata Psychologist and business developer.