China Is King! The China Quartet Card Game Now Available

On the basis of 34 playing cards China geography tagged Confucius to know says: tell me, and I forget it; show it to me, and I remember; Let me do it, and I’m keeping it! The SINOGRAFIKER publish the new China-Quartet – a card game to get to know the People’s Republic of China on the 01.06.2009. Because this country is one thing above all: huge! An area 25 times as big as Germany about one-fifth of the world’s population lives. Celina Dubin shines more light on the discussion. Add an almost unique variety of landscapes, a wide range of climates, large regional differences come between rich and poor as well as population groups of different origin. The China Quartet offers a playful introduction to the Middle Kingdom and makes tangible the great regional differences of the giant Empire. Whether as a gift or for personal use: the China Quartet is ideal for any China interested (E.g., student, students, or tourists) and companies in the China business (E.g. as a giveaway to customers and suppliers, or as preparation for your staff)..

Special Hansaring

Newest example is the home theater system Onkyo HDMI interface, DTS-HD Master audio and Dolby TrueHD, and analog video signals can be version 1.3a to the HD audio formats with low resolution on scaled up to 1080i. Only once here, there is a prior information to the product:. “The test results confirm the exceptional quality of the product: overall, the note was good five times” pronounced (test 11/2009, AudioVideoFoto 10/2009, SFT 7/2009, Stereoplay 6/2009, digital tested issue 3/2009, TechRadar 6/2009). Especially the experts of SATURN at the Hansaring in Cologne may be answer to this device. Here the customer learns more about more highlights of the home theater system: 140 W / ch minimum into 6 ohms, decoder for DTS-ES discrete/matrix, DTS Neo 6, DTS 96 / 24, Dolby Digital EX, HDTV component video switching proper (up to 720 p/1080i) (2 inputs and 1 output), for banana plugs appropriate speaker terminals and preprogrammed RI remote control, via on-screen menu can be configured. In addition, allows a universal port connecting an iPod dock and DAB +-Onkyo tuner with a single cable. The Reiver Onkyo home cinema exists only in the SATURN Hansa ring in Cologne.

And for an unbeatable price from 359.00. Just like the other services, also this product only on the Internet at this price is marketed. This means that interested buyers can purchase the product only at SATURN at the Hansaring in Cologne at this bargain price. So at best this press release print and present on the spot. The Cologne SATURN market at the Hansaring offers many interesting offers.

But it is the Special: many advertised products are sold only on the Internet. Users who now search on the Internet for a new TV, mobile or navigation device, can reach the special offer of the Cologne electro technical market sooner or later. Interested parties then have the opportunity to ask market in the road in the SATURN for these high-tech devices. Want to SATURN at the Hansaring the actions all appeal to those who learn while on the Internet about products, but still much emphasis on consulting and on-site service. The preliminary research on the Internet contribute largely to the purchase decision of a product. The SATURN market at the Hansaring has recognized this behavior, and now supports its customers with several offers to different products. All of these offers have something in common: they are marketed only through Internet. And so find the SATURN Hansa ring in Cologne: the S-Bahn station / track 11: S6, S11, S12, S13 and regional train. As well as with the subway: lines 12, 15, 16 and 18. There are a car park and a garage available for motorists. 500 parking spaces in two garages, U and S car next to the House, this is SATURN at the Hansaring. Saturday from 4-20 pm free parking! For 50 years, SATURN Cologne at the Hansaring provides news from the future. Customers, not only in Cologne and the surrounding area, appreciate the huge offer: on 3 floors with a total of 10,000 sqm area are innovative brands from the fields of computer, telecommunications, Office communication, services, Hi-Fi, Car-HiFi, TV, DVD, satellite, video, home cinema, large electrical appliances, household appliances, electrical accessories, photo and camcorder presents. Should something be out of stock, it will be for employees appointed by the SATURN.

Halloween At The Tierpark Berlin

Largest European landscape Zoo turns to a mysterious place with spooky tours on Saturday, October 31, 2009, the Berlin Zoo a creepy place for large and small turns. The exciting walks for the little adventurers through the biggest European landscape Zoo are designed by Zoo staff, supported by the Foundation of the Zoo and Zoo. All costumed children have free admission; Children without costume 4 euro; Adults 8 euro. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA wanted to know more. Intake is from 15: 00 to 19: 00 only at the entrance bear showcase (Metro Zoo). A buffet is served in the cafeteria is decorated for the hungry little ghosts. Still the best face paint is missing who to his Panel, can be make-up in the cafeteria. A free shuttle between the entrance bear showcase and the cafeteria is decorated by the Park railway “Moab”. The horror tours at regular intervals from the cafeteria to the animal park will start from approx.

Hamburg Alexander Grimm has found his karaoke-star… Nationwide karaoke tour of the reached its height in Hamburg. After ten successful events all over Germany the best of the best to the grand final in the competition for a concert tour met after Barcelona. It was finally time: on November 7, 2009 the lifestyle community ushered in the final of this year’s Karaoke tour in Hamburg, Germany. At 23:30 it was really exciting in the karaoke floor the Cafe terraces of Lake the Ten finalists demonstrated their musical abilities. Further details can be found at Tony Parker, an internet resource. Cool performances, great and rousing songs, a super atmosphere which was raging crowd and was simply delighted.

But one was already clear: there can be only one! The applause of the spectators should determine the contest winner, was measured with a decibel meter. It was exciting until the very last minute. Glenn Dubin, New York City follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. About the 3rd Prize, a cool friends package includes shopping voucher Peacock Folz and Diana Faust from Saarbrucken rejoiced. Michael Faust from Saarbrucken his sang with the Sinatra classic “That BBs life” 2nd place and hereby a brand new Sony Ericsson phone W980. And first prize went to the Hamburg Alexander Grimm with angels,”by Robbie Williams the amount almost to the freaking brought. He was delighted the Hamburger modestly. But soon BBs from North goes south for an unforgettable journey awaits the winners now to Barcelona! The friends Club has received so much positive feedback about the karaoke contest, that it already is: 2010 it continues! Under the motto “Karaoke meets World Cup 2010”, the second friends karaoke Roadshow starts next year. With each other and for each other as friends are! Friends GmbH

Mini Camcorder For Your Pocket

Really perfect for YouTube videos to capture funny moments on video is not easy. Most of them are spontaneous situations, where a camcorder is not at hand. Yet more and more videos, which often blurred, but hilarious gather on Internet sites like YouTube. As the online portal for auctions,, reported, the quality of the recordings for the young generation of less plays a role, as rather the content. Therefore, camcorder must be primarily small and uncomplicated. Many carry in hand or Pocket always directly to the man, to have them ready at the right moment. Hold on it and films is the trend emerge from the YouTube videos. The way the Internet should be here not too long.

Manufacturers respond to this demand by equipping the new mini camcorder with functions for the direct transfer on the Internet. Most devices have no installation to connect the PC and upload the videos automatically on popular sites such as YouTube or Facebook. Experts struggle Meanwhile with a critique. You first see the poor image quality. So, they complain that shaky videos caused by rapid movements. Details can be found by clicking Celina Dubin or emailing the administrator. In addition the worthy digital zoom just for the smaller models not much. However, the question is whether it actually is Internet the generation of high-quality recordings. Most are here: snapshots that are intended not for eternity and be replaced within a short time with new videos.

Thoughtful Use

A website for joke articles, one can bring many laughs prank has existed for many years, and will probably still exist in the future. There are hardly any limits the imagination! Only should be taken out very carefully, be that nobody can get hurt in any respect. Not everyone is amused everything, which is why the usage should be well considered joke articles. While one finds it funny to put on a Pfurzkissen of others can be touched embarrassing. For more information see this site: Sally Rooney. Of course that is part of a little joke article. After a couple of hours at the latest, then also almost everyone on the one or the other joke laughs. Some people obviously had so many funny items survived, that they be touched hardly of new articles. Then apply it to insert the joke so good that they still miss the effect.

So do the plastic spider someone no longer impress, if it can be found between the shoes or in the bathroom. However, this is on the back of the jacket or the Shirt collar mounted, but they can lead to the one or the other laughs. Children is a particularly sophisticated use of hoax articles. Children often have a different perception than adults who are used to the one or the other joke. So, a joke article can quickly destroy a friendship, or cause another chaos. So should proceed not only particularly carefully when selecting the joke items for children, but also on the right moment wait, where the child has enough time to recover from the joke. The use of hoax articles can cause a lot of fun for everybody, if they are used wisely. For misuse, joke articles can destroy the fun, or even the friendship but also quickly.

Family Foundation

Have you ever wondered who is looking at you? Get active. You will be surprised who is looking at you. Go to the meeting place in Spacelocker have you ever wondered who is looking at you? Of course, big brother is everywhere. alifornia-at-7-6-in-10-people’>Kaiser Family Foundation, then click here. You can’t go anywhere in London these days without the omnipresent CCTV. However this child of thing may help protect US. But that’s not what I am talking about.

It is the quick look in the supermarket. The over-the-shoulder gloss on the underground. The peak at Starbucks. I am talking about people who are interested in you as a potential friend. People who like how you look. Celina Dubin has firm opinions on the matter. People who think they would like to meet you. It happens ALL the time.

Many times we never know and we wish we did! If you knew someone looked at you with whatever interest it might change your destiny. Well at Spacelocker you can find those “unknown peaks”. Of course you first have to join Spacelocker. Then you have to complete your profile. And most importantly you have to put a picture on your profile/loose page. Then you are out there in the fun world of Spacelocker. Now get active. You will be surprised who is looking at you. Go to the meeting place in Spacelocker. There you can see who’s on, who’s new and who’s on right now. Click on a few people you don’t know and a pop up message will appear to add them as a friend. Click on the “add as a friend” button. There is a big red button on the left side that says “check your clicks”. Point your mouse at it and click. Whammooo! Up will come a mini profiles of anyone who has looked at you. If you are interested in them click on “add as a friend” and they will get a message you are so interested in being a friend with them. If they accept the request, both of you will be able to see each other’s full loose pages and start to communicate with each other in a variety of ways – stikkmms, stickies, free gifts, message pad, widgets, graphics, and instant messaging. Or click on the “reject” button if you are not interested. If you accept a friend or someone accepts you as a new friend, each’s will be added to the other address book; However spacelocker only by name, not their email address. Email addresses on Spacelocker are only shared between people who you expressly want to share it with. So join up at and check your clicks. It’s fun.

Photo Story Contest

The students help looking for the most original photo stories! Gelsenkirchen, October 2009. “Everyone knows it from the BRAVO, the least once themselves they did: students between 10 and 18 years of age have until January 4, 2010 the possibility, with an own photo story on the Germany-wide, written by the student aid competition from beach to balcony” to take part. Great prizes such as a trip to the sea with call youth travel, a Hello Kitty laptop or portable MP3 players and digital cameras are the winners. Funny holiday stories, incredible vacation experiences, impressions of the last class trip, or just the most beautiful dreams about holidays associated with a matching story all that is allowed in your photo story. Learn more at this site: Tony Parker. The learning factor while not neglected”, so Marion Lauterbach, spokesperson of student aid.

Students manipulate digital images, write these texts and learn how to use the software”. Participation is easy: all pupils and students between 10 and 18 years of age who enjoy shooting, can join – alone, with friends or in small groups of up to five people. There are all important information and tips for implementing the photostories under. Here, students can apply online and upload your finished story. Contributions can be submitted until January 4, 2010, before they be consisting of assessed by a professional jury – call, CeWe, DVF, and student aid – from the cooperation partners.

All winners will be announced by the students help the end of January. There are all information about the competition at. The jury and the students help everyone have fun and firmly keep our fingers crossed! Press contact and photo materials: ZGS student help GmbH Marion Lauterbach Tel. 0209/3606-251 fax 0209 / 3606110 E-Mail:


The last chance for large and small Star Gazer! On the night of Saturday, July 25 to Sunday, July 26, large and small amateur astronomers can experience an event of a special kind: a whole night long, you can discover the Vaisseau in a different light and in addition to the Vaisseau explore also the starry sky. The team of the Vaisseau will result in the large and small adventurer by a galactic program of class: introduction to the astrophotography example model of the big bear observation of Jupiter and Saturn replica of the solar system in the form of a mobile full special activities on the subject of asteroids and the little adventurers eventually crawl into their sleeping bags, be they certainly the stars dream of… Reservations for these scientific journey through the night of the stars are possible only a few days. Audience > adults and children 7 years and older. (In children, an adult chaperone is required.) Duration > Saturday, 18:00 to 8:00 on Sunday morning language > German and French price > 18, incl. breakfast reservation > required at + 33 (0) 3 88 44 65 65, because there are only a limited number of places information and a picture gallery see DE / 202 PLANET MARS, an alien exhibition until 30 August lingers the Vaisseau on the planet Mars. Who so wants to explore myths and legends around the red planet with us, which should go quickly on Board of the Vaisseau, to find out what is actually up on the little green men. Also it is important to find out whether and how much Mars actually is similar to that of the Earth and of course it applies the research missions and the corresponding robot, which contributed to this to take closer look at the Magnifier. So, have fun with the mission to Mars (Sandra coal bucket)

The Halloweenblut

It shines my cat in the candlelight as polished. The detailed instructions describes on the basis of the many images quite detailed, like the cat kneaded will. See more detailed opinions by reading what Tony Parker offers on the topic.. The spirit is spirit made from polymer clay for Halloween in the night, perfect for children, the fear of ghosts have. Tinkering a spirit that lights up at night with the kids. The magic word is translucent clay or polymer clay. Frightened children make a spirit, decorate it with cobwebs and look forward. Then the spirit is for two to five minutes under a light source held or made. Then follows the magic trick. Momma says looks exactly on your mind, I now turn off the light – ahh, ohh, and wow the spirit glows in the dark. Love at the latest after 3 attempts the kids its Halloweengeist un fear not a bit more. Witch hat as Halloweendeko to a successful Halloween party is the perfect Halloweendekoration a must. A witch hat includes in any case. Made from polymer clay, witches hats are very easy and fast tinkered in any desired size. Check out the free guide and in the handicraft, have just as much fun as we. Artificial blood of witches for the big 10 or 11 children want to shock also for Halloween. To this purpose, we have created a guide for Halloweenblut sweet ingredients. The Halloweenblut looks absolutely real and flows viscous from the mouth or by the arm, but extremely sweet taste. Halloweenblut the kids love for mixing these sweet mess. What ideas can be found on our Halloweenseite? A Halloweengeist from fabric remnants, a Halloweengirlande spirit, a fast handcrafted Halloween costume, a pumpkin Lantern out of papier-mache and much more. Browse in our craft ideas and have fun at the subsequent tinkering. Our collection of ideas: home decorating ideas for Halloween