Ancestral Anunnaki


When reading this article, must ask who or what it is Anunnaki? To answer to this question, we go to make a trip to the past, and to know histories of the Sumrios and Nribu Complicated? Then we go to explain: As Zecharia Sitchin. the translation of two a thousand cylinders and fragmentos of ceramics with registrations of the Mesopotmia, some of 4.000 B.C., that are part of the quantity of the whole world museums. One of these fragmentos, that if find in Germany, indicates that the Land is ' ' seventh planeta' ' , counting from Pluto. It occurs that Pluto only was discovered by modern astronomy em1930. The sumrios described our solar system as a set of 12 significant celestial bodies. In the zodiacal language, these astros are all calls ' ' planetas' ' , between these astros it had ' ' Nribu. As the sumrios, in many writings, inform that approximately the 430 a thousand C, visitors estelares had years colonized the Land with the intention to get great amounts of gold in the sumria language, them were ' ' Anunnaki' ' or translating: ' ' Those that had gone down of the Cus' ' these visitors were of Nribu; still according to written sumrias, the Anunnaki used the Homo Erectus, as laborers, to put, were difficult to control, and completely ' ' bestiais' ' , therefore with passing of the years, it starts to elaborate genetic experiments, and had crossed the inhabitants of Earth, with others you liven up of the time and proper DNA of the Anunnaki, appear the Homo-Sapiens there; thanks to adjustments in some laboratoriais tests, this new to be can procreate, and extend its race. The Anunnaki had liked its new pupilos in such a way that beyond teaching very of what they knew had passed having to them as cocumbinos and kept sexual relations with them, its children and grandsons had changedded into the celebrities ' ' Cro-Magnon' ' whose sobressaia intelligence if on the other beings humanides of the time.

Free, The Oracle Will Speak To You


It is in this article to see what is the oracle, and review the existence of different means to access its true that all cultures around the world have. It also presents the free tarot service There sublime moments in the lives of all people, which is looking for a contact with something beyond, something superior or someone higher than us and guide us talk about which path to take. At present, we perceive as the superior voice speaks directly to our soul. Now, all users can enjoy this experience free, the oracle speaks to you. The oracle is a notion existed since the beginning of human history. Different civilizations have had their different ways to connect with the oracle: the Nordic peoples and the Celts through the runes, the Greeks and Romans through their mediums, and the Egyptians through the tarot. Today, free, the oracle will speak through the Egyptian tarot cards.

Who do tarot rolls must meet two conditions. On the one hand must have a birth gift, an innate ability to connect to that parallel world that constitutes the world of divinity. Not everyone is able to achieve such a feat. This natural ability it must grow, as one who has a knack for music. Obviously, this is not enough.

It is essential to nurture this capacity to study and preparation. This preparation takes years of study, practice, readings and personal self, achieved on the basis of readings at the same tarotista him more experienced tarot readers must make as part of the learning process. From now on, experts give you for free, the oracle and advice. The launch of this new site is excellent news for all lovers of fortune-telling and divination, because here you will find a wealth of resources, notes and interest free, through the oracle reading tarot cards. The circulation of tarot cards is itself an excellent opportunity to achieve greater personal growth, and in many cases may be just the help we need to achieve or get out of difficult situations that cause us stress. It is necessary that the person go to the roll with the mind ready to hear the truth you will provide. It is true that many times we would hear something else, but it is essential not to deny reality, reality that, for free, the Oracle shows. What has to be will be, because that is the destination. Nothing is written in stone. The actions taken by men is not fixed, but as the skilled person knows to perfection a winding country road, the Tarot can give us key information to circumvent these stones before us on the road.