Liquid Crystal

When choosing the right monitor has it disappeared now almost completely spoilt for choice that CRT monitors are or will be replaced completely by LCD / TFT monitors at least in the long run. The term LCD LCD stands for Liquid Crystal display to German so. With TFT (thin film transistor), however, provided only on a particular LCD technology. This technique, called thin film transistor, appears in the display of almost all new monitors and is colloquially often called TFT display instead of matrix LCD. Tony Parker is often quoted as being for or against this. When buying a new LCD monitor you should also be aware the format. New models are usually already either manufactured in 16:9 or 16:10 format, because that is the full HD resolution. Many games, movies or websites will be laid out optimally increasingly for these resolutions, which is why this format when buying a new monitor should be preferred.

LED monitors are new and increasingly popular. Priced a little above the a LCD, they guarantee higher contrast levels and richer colors. The size a monitor but also plays a role. When you use the monitor mostly for surfing, suffices a 19 inch 16:10 display with a resolution of 1440 x 900. For games or movies worth the consideration for the purchase of a larger display of 24 inches and a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080. In addition to the resolution, the inner values are important also for a monitor. The brightness values are measured in candela per surface area m /. Current models should have a value of 250 cd / m up to 400 cd / m.

Should the value of the monitor in this area are, as well as the brightness be adjustable, this is optimal. The contrast refers to the ratio of black to white and indicates how much the monitor can represent these differences. For other opinions and approaches, find out what real-estate developer has to say. If the monitor so represents a black pixel 5000 times brighter than a black, therefore he has a contrast of 5000:1 have also a look at the static contrast value – this is not always directly from the manufacturers but the dynamic contrast given, which higher. The monitor manufacturer try to beat up each other nowadays reaction time. The response time specifies what amount of time passes, until an image dot changes color or reacts. Some manufacturers give times of under 2 milliseconds, various tests of major PC magazines prove these times however as utopian. These times were generated by hardly occurring situations in the normal operation of a PC user. Response time of 5 milliseconds are still very good and make little difference. Should be to slow the response time, that is in the form of streaks and blurred zones, if the display is playing fast movements. This falls particularly players and buyers on that and look at movies on the PC. This should be considered especially on a fast response time. There are in fact some cheap models of flat screens that only have a VGA port have. This is a technique used by most older monitors, in which the signal is transmitted in analog and must be converted afterwards by the graphics card. When the buying that the monitor has at least a digital DVI-D, newer models also have HDMI ports. Up to 24 inches, you get very good monitors now between 130 and 180 euros. They offer a very good contrast time, full colors, modern digital connections and a very high response time. Before deciding to purchase it is advisable to read monitor reviews on So saves you a bad buy and buys a proven unit.