The Phase

The phase of spirituality has given me the opportunity to devote time to meditation, in practice put in order my thoughts and feeling that I am connected with a whole in the search of disappearing the ego as my addictions and feel the sensation of purity, because the true experience of the doctorate is the experience of knowing the inner beingwhich generates a greater sense of peace translated into an experience of happiness. This whole experience of the doctorate in holistic education, translates to inspire me that I came to this life with a purpose that I am complying, a purpose that is born from my inside giving meaning to my daily work, which through the wisdom of all the knowledge that I’m getting in the PhD I are given a reason why live, my family, my students, my sangha, my profession, my body and myself, bringing me joy and a great desire to live. Gina Bonati will undoubtedly add to your understanding. EXPERIENCE of the SATSANG meditates on this supreme truth, the true nature of your being, that it is the purest essence of bliss and get rid of the illusion created by your own mind; I know free and get the lighting that will allow you to reach the consummation of this human life. Vivekachudamani towards spirituality although it is an experience of the inner being, is also a manifestation of union with the whole, and the sangha of the holistic movement is an essential part of this process heading for the evolution of consciousness, that’s why experience in the Satsang is an action of meaningful learning in the spiritual goals. Satsang, is a Sanskrit word which is composed of Sat that it means to be, truth, silenced, heart, the absolute, etc. and I Sang which means company, meeting, union, etc., therefore Satsang mean for my person be in the company of human beings who speak with the truth, and this truth les is born of his being inside.

Juan Cabrera Bravo

If I asked 100 people if they would like to be rich, I am sure that at least 98 of them would respond Yes. Their replies would be in a range would go from maybe if the conditions were appropriate to a Yes, and that is already! Most people think that wealth is somewhat how much careful and reserved. His thinking permeates the idea that if the millionaire wasn’t very careful with the way how it spends its money, surely would not have his millions. But look more closely at those who flaunt wealth gives us a very different image. Indeed, in the very heart of the attitude towards businesses in United States there is a deep enthusiasm. People who obtained wealth tend to be people who can do the most business in the American system. And these people tend to be fervent, enthusiasts, and more than eager to push forward.

If you said to them: I have how to make much money, do you want that we start tomorrow? Most would say, let’s start one once. A guru of the system of European marketing said it well when he said: American business men get ahead and take advantage of opportunities like. a> to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In France they sit on a good idea until their time has passed. Americans cannot wait. And I would certainly say that the attitude towards the business applies to everyone in North America, whether or not they are in United States. Here are some ways to light your own fire and thus reaching the future in their business: 1. When you see a business opportunity, allow their enthusiasm to grow.

Instead of thinking about all the possibilities that will fail, spend time thinking only in forms of succeed, and a big success. 2. Listen to those who are to her around, but do not allow friends, family and co-workers to depart it from an idea that you really believe. Scientific studies show that it is very difficult to maintain his solid belief when two or more people are colluding against him. Keep that in mind. If you start to see the points bad business after talking with others to go to one point, then again. 3. Keep lit. It is not enough with the initial excitement. You must get up each day reminding himself how gorgeous that is really their business. 4 Keep is surrounded by people who view the business in the way that you see it. This is a great way to keep your resolution and nourishing his vision. This might sound a little to be centered in itself, but is the way as corporate leaders manage to make things in the offices of the CEOs. You can use this method even if it is a person that makes your business from the kitchen table. United States is number one in business in the world because Americans not afraid to dream. It doesn’t scare them to be enthusiastic. And that enormous American enthusiasm is his greatest asset in that infinite pursuit of wealth and financial security.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Who is Escooby Doo? Huge, clumsy and cowardly. So this lovable great Dane’s cartoons. It is a dog who, along with his gang, has pursued for years to ghosts and monsters in exchange for an Escoobygalleta, your only motivation to lose their fear. Escooby is one of the most fearful dogs who has spent on television and that is what is so funny adventures. Along with his four friends Shaggy, Daphne, Velma and Freddy and his small nephew Scrappy, he travels the world solving mysteries and facing the most horrible monsters in his green van called the mystery machine. The old Escooby Escooby Doo charged life this year the first adaptation to the big screen, and with real characters, began filming on February 12, 2001 in the Warner Roadshow studios in Queensland, Australia.

Raja Gosnell (who worked in the movies my grandmother is a danger and never kissed) is directing comedy that gathers Escooby-Doo with the Mystery Inc. gang, while they solve a real mystery that takes them through water dirty and possibly supernatural. The human protagonists of the story are: Freddie Prinze Jr. (She s All That) as Fred; Sarah Michelle Gellar (from series TV Buffy, the vampire hunting) as Daphne; Matthew Lillard (Scream) as Shaggy; and Linda Cardellini (of the television series Freaks and Geeks) as Vilma. The film includes actor Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) as Mondavarious, the mysterious owner of the Spooky island and the person who hires the services of the Mystery Inc. group. Account creator, americano-japones Iwao Takamoto, who this cute dog appeared from one minute to another.

Takamoto was about to launch into the air an animated series about mysteries solved by a group of young friends. The idea was good, but an ingredient was missing something to make it the perfect show. It was then that Joseph Barbera (the Pope of the flintstones and the Jetsons) proposed to include a pet, a small dog, quick and intelligent.

Autonomous Community

It must be acknowledged, in addition to a logical desire to improve, we are moved by envy, wishes of being better than the neighbor, partner or friend. This gives rise to situations which, analysed from the cold prospect of numbers they are, at the very least, curious. Suppose that I am a Chairman of autonomous community. As usual, I’m going to fight to get a good piece of pie in the allocation of regional funding. To simplify, let us imagine that the previous year received 10 billion euros, and that 10% of the total that supposed to distribute. Case to) due to the crisis and the increase in the deficit, all we have to tighten the belt. The total deal is reduced 10%, 90,000 million, I business and that my part is only minore by 5% have lost 500 million euros, but it is considered a great success.

Case b) the pie remains the same as last year, and back to receive 10 billion, i.e., I maintain my part in the same proportion. However, the neighbouring Autonomous Community and some other than It is similar to mine in terms of economic development, population, degree of transfers, etc, have improved (obviously, there are others that have worsened). Click Margaret Loesser Robinson to learn more. I complain bitterly about the cast, and I remember the Government has a historic debt with my community, and that the fiscal balance of my autonomy (which simply put, would be the difference between the taxes paid on the territory and the services that it receives by all public authorities) is negative, I have much to recover. Case c) because of the crisis, the Government decided to distribute more money, so everyone is satisfied. Passes from 100,000 to 120,000 million, i.e., a 20% increase. However, the autonomous community which I am only get 1.2 billion additional euros (12%). I receive strong criticism from the opposition and within my party, since we have been clearly prejudiced in the partition. Of course, as in the latter case have gone losing in relation to others, but if you were the President of the community Autonomous, what would you prefer, can be in the case or in c?

Spiritual Intelligence

To be able to understand a little more insight into the evolution of consciousness, it is useful to mention the ten principles or spiritual beliefs about the nature of the kosmos that we inhabit and about who we are, being these philosophical principles perennial working intelligence spiritual: taking I pauto it of the above information, it is prudent to comment on that spiritual intelligence should be appropriated in the solution of the problems set him, for the simple reason that is the intelligence that I understand in a way of the whole crisis of the planet. One of the causes of this environmental conflict is the business enterprise sector. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Vanessa Marcil. Spirituality in business at present therefore already a trend. This spiritual movement is probably the most significant trend in management of all aware company, ethical, smart and holistas, therefore the spiritual intelligence allowed the business sector provide an excellent service to individuals who belong to it, as well as to those who are interested in it, these being the community, society and the planet in general. Spiritual intelligence, allows employees of companies a meaningful work, work with enthusiasm, gusto and with much brio, awakening creativity and innovation, and responding to the expectations of the customer. It is here where as a promoter of businesses holistic education, manifests itself in the continuous updating of its collaborators in a comprehensive way, acquiring these knowledge allowing them to evolve in the decision-making process for the achievement of the corporate sustainability.

The spirituality of the companies is a powerful strategy for enterprise organizations, is the wisdom that takes them in a comprehensive, creative and innovative way to solve the problems that the scientistic model has prevailed for many years causing many evils. Spiritual intelligence makes to companies in places of joy, relaxation and happiness. MY experience in the DOCTORATE uttering the phrase, doctorate in holistic education is remember and relive a myriad of very rewarding experiences, by the simple rezon begin to understand the meaning of my inner being.

Extend The Unemployment

Unemployment continues to rise, but the Government still shows happy: data being consolidated the trend that we are on the road to recovery, says an undaunted Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega. Obviously with 4.2 million unemployed-the highest figure in Europe each day that passes are fewer jobs by destroying and, consequently, the rate of unemployment will be lower. Pleased with this situation, look for where you look at it, is estolida irresponsible because until now destroying jobs has proved an easy task, but create them again, according to the analysts, will not only be difficult but that the economic recovery in the offing will be conducted with fewer people with work than before the crisis. Instead of investing this dramatic reality, seeking incentives for new jobs, correcting labour market, inventing other forms of occupation, favoring that companies renew contracts, the Government prefers to subsidize the growing unemployment, task Obviously short-lived, because the public coffers are emptied at a breakneck speed. But it is that economic policy official to call it somehow is a policy of subsidies. There was a generally, of 400 euros, which both favoured Emilio Botin as the last standing, and another check baby, both for the son of an immigrant from Florentino Perez. With something less than absurdity, it was agreed later another aid of 420 euros a month to those unemployed who had been without benefits and another 210 young people as emancipation basic income. But, what is better, give them money by face or offer them a job where he can learn to earn it for themselves? Create a society subsidized from the base carries a cancer social, economic and moral, as happened in the real socialism of the Communist countries, where an apparent full employment underwent brutal collective misery. Less subsidies, and greater job opportunities for a society that, she Yes, is terribly alarmed by unemployment.

Universal Exposition

Snow balls are those games consisting of a glass sphere with a figure in its interior, fluid-filled and shavings of snow, which is agitated or flips and that causes a scene of snow falling on the figure, inside the ball. We remember snow ball games from our childhood, but when were invented? Although the exact origin is not confirmed, it is believed first snow globes appeared in France, in particular at the Universal Exposition in Paris, in 1878. Margaret Loesser Robinson has much experience in this field. More than 130 years ago! And just a year later, these games were already marketed throughout Europe. The boom came a few years later, in 1889, when Eiffel built a model of snowball with a miniature of the tower inside. That crystal ball became the best-selling souvenir of famous steel construction. Snow Globes fame expanded and came to England and United States, where first became an object of collectors, and later in a small advertising gift and medium-sized enterprises and shops for your customers. With respect to the materials with which these objects were manufactured, in the beginning they did with heavy Crystal lead and a ceramic base. The snow was made with virtuas of bones, sawdust, sand or porcelain.

Later, the glass became lighter, and snow was made with gold leaf, flakes of SOAP or small pieces of plastic. For internal liquid, water, which evolved into light oil or antifreeze, to make the fall of slower snow was used at the beginning. Snow balls came to appear in several classic films, for example, in Citizen Kane, film that begins with a scene in which Orson Welles, asleep, dropped a snow crystal ball with a little house inside. Today, you can buy snowballs of various materials and designs, made from handcrafted or manufactured in bulk. Even snow globes personalized with photo. But what they all have in common is their power of relaxation and tranquility. Who not is has? entertaining ever, child or adult, turning a snowball and simply seeing how slowly falls the snow?

Friday February

24 February 2009.-during the next few days 25, 26 and 27 February, Master-D distance training group, will be responsible to arrange for the holding of the third international meeting of the European project PoD (Parents of Down) in Zaragoza. The Parents of Down European project comes to Zaragoza by the hand of Master-D and the Down Foundation. It’s a project that has its origin in October 2007 and with a duration of two years. The objective is to create an innovative training tool in digital media (DVD) addressed to family members, professionals and volunteers in order to help stimulate, motivate and educate people with Down’s syndrome from the first day of life. One of the prejudices more clearly established in society is the idea of the possibilities to evolve and learn from people with Down syndrome are extremely limited. Numerous studies have shown that early stimulation helps to considerably improve the intellectual abilities of children and their inclusion in the scope educational and social. It is in this sense in which aims the tool that Parents of Down is being developed within the framework of this project. Agenda Thursday 26 February between 14: 30 and 18 hours will be held the official meeting between families and experts from all the project consortium PoD at the headquarters of the Down Foundation (c/Lakes of CZK 30-34).

This meeting will be organized workshops and joint activities among all participants. Friday February 27 from 9: 00 and up to 15 hours, the third international meeting of the European project consortium PoD will take place at the headquarters of Master-D. These days the Group Master-D will end the DVD recording training directed to relatives, volunteers, or professionals with the intention of guiding them in the education of people with Down syndrome. The fundamental objective of these seminars is to promote the encounter and exchange of knowledge and experiences among the families of those affected by Down syndrome and experts from Spain, Greece, Italy and Romania. The next step will be to start a pilot project between partners who are participating in the project to assess made tool. Finally will be a work of diffusion of the product at the national level in all participating countries among which is Spain.

The Professor

When it comes to school the teacher assumes that you know nothing, certainly he cannot read or write, but that does not mean that it does not have a certain way of seeing life, already has his own worldview, his very particular point of view about life. The problem is that still not can articulate with words that point of view. The Professor begins his instruction from scratch. In doing so it provides all possible information as if it were of the Catechism, the Professor gives his truths which will learn how memory in such a way that you can pass the test. Finish high school and likewise is considered that the child it ignores everything and therefore, instructed him in everything.

The same applies at the level of secondary education than in professional, except in very rare exceptions. Many are teachers who provoke dialogue, the discussion and the debate? Unfortunately there are very few cases of teachers who do so. This is not only responsibility of teachers since so state plans and programs schools them tend to be very rigid. Programmes establish that times will be for the exposition of the theme and that for discussion among the students. Topics can be exhausting at certain time? The educational system has ended up being rather a domestication than of education system. Says the student what should be and what they should think. The result of this system is that students are rebelling or aplacan is and with the two attitudes is destroyed children’s creativity and this also destroys the future of Nations.

With the educational system that we suffer is destroyed the leadership and we become in effect of the circumstances. The big national problems such as insecurity, poverty, corruption, impunity, drug addiction and drug trafficking, are consequence largely by the system educational that we suffer. THE proposal believe education it should be chairing various subjects, which would determine that other subjects should be studied students.

English Technology

I am the owner of a web site of games: pc games, and see thousands of people every day that keep coming back to play simple games for fun.The min games are usually very quick do not have a very complicated, extensive tutorial to learn how to play.Other games, for example, very large style MMORPG games are destined for other players to these dejugadores likes the process of selection of a single character, improve skills and techniques for defeating enemies, and they know that the same character will have for a long time. Here, Gina Bonati expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Time, not there are games for MMPORGflash/HTML5? Yes, there are impressive games MMORPG but now they are not so popular and big as wow.It seems that these mini games are a smaller version of the big games, no matter the category of the game, could be a game of adventure, strategy game, platform game, l game MMORPG, defisica, action or shooter games.One of the great advantages of the mini games is that they can be played by children very young, teenagers, adults and players from anywhere in the world, due to the nature of the games, in the background, you don’t have to read much.Most of the mini-games are written in English, so, if you don’t know the language English, only has to know how to play or start game will start the game, and can play thousands of games if you know that you can move to the character or that out within the game by simply pressing arrow keys or WASD keys.Well, this sounds good, but what about technology?What happens with HTML5?It is an open stardard, everyone is saying that it is the future of the Internet and it can replace the flash games.Well, HTML5, seems to be a very fast and powerful technology for the web.But, what happens now, the majority of the games are written / they are written in Flash technology and the latter has a lot of experience in the web and the games industry.?Today, there are a lot of developers who make games in flash technology and are more than 100,000 games written in flash.Therefore, if a major change is going to happen, to make it happen a great change in technology will reach a long time. I see them in the next article, I hope you liked.