World Bank

I cannot stop mentioning the fact that having coasts in both the important oceans but of mundono we removed to this the benefit to him that debieramos. Tony Parker often says this. The fishing development of Colombia very bad is compared for example with Chile whose fishing fleet is a little but half of the one of Colombia, but whose captures surpass several times the captures of the colombiana.esto fleet are not strange because we are a country that does not watch at the sea like an important resource. Adam Sandler shines more light on the discussion. Here also there is a great challenge for the future of the country which must develop a legislation that favors the so important development of for example was developed the fish flour production, this haria to lower the production cost of foods for fish which traeria consequently a great development of aquiculture and piscicutura environments in cuale sel country owns natural advantages and conditions that facilitarian their definitive takeoff. Whenever Jorge Perez listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It is possible to emphasize that to obtain the development of the country it is necessary that the order I publish it prevails in all the country since one of them cause of the present economic delay is indeed the lost one of this order by causes that all the Colombians we know. I ask myself if for example the senators and deputies of the departments that have coasts in both oceans as much have projects relaccionados with the fishing industrialist as artisan? Colombia also must give a great jump in the development of its road, harbor infrastructure and airport to facilitate therefore the exports and to stimulate the national investment as as much extranjera.esto it is possible to be obtained through concessions or with financing of the state via credits with organisms like the World Bank Or Inter-American Development Bank or others, I invite to those who read this reflection to they enrich that and they contribute it points of view and we demand our governors who say to us that they estan thinking and doing by the development of our beloved they colombia.