Security Risk Is Manageable

“REALTECH consulting package provides for implementing single sign-on in SAP landscapes from Walldorf, 16 June 2010 the REALTECH AG, SAP consulting company and manufacturer of software products for enterprise-wide IT management has developed a new advisory package for SAP customers: offer easier login at highest security” within their SAP landscape is aimed at IT managers a procedure for single sign-on, “would realize (SSO). For more specific information, check out John Paul Stevens. The goal here is that user login only once with an authentication procedure to an IT system and then gain access to the other software systems and networks in the company. Due to the variety of applications that are needed within a process, high costs in managing the associated passwords arise for IT – and departments. With the number of passwords that are allocated to a person increases the risk for the various IT systems. This connection appears logically comprehensible and yet be audit – just manage passwords – repeatedly shortcomings disclosed. Hear other arguments on the topic with neil cole. In the security and compliance environment provides single sign-on in the reduction of risk potential and fast results. The compliance issue with authentication, identity management, and governance, risk and compliance in conjunction with the corresponding authorization concepts is completed. The advantages of an SSO solution are significantly reduced costs of IT administration, drastically reducing the cost for the creation or deletion of users, as well as resetting user passwords.

So IT can authenticate central departments on single sign-on with a password to deactivate such user of departing employees on all connected systems. SAP already provides a solution for SSO. The consultation package by REALTECH shows how single sign-on optimally integrate can be in the relevant SAP landscape. This analyse the IT landscape the REALTECH consultant at the customer site and jointly develop an implementation strategy which also integrated Non-SAP-based systems such as portals or workflow solutions into account. Vulnerability password according to estimate of the industry association BITKOM users need to manage up to 20 passwords at their workplace. Consequently, for example, that users create easy-to-remember IDs. However, a more complex password enforced by the operating system or an application, users write down their passwords on paper and deposit them in her desk. So are dangerous vulnerabilities in the IT landscape.

Cost driver password user requests to reset passwords can cause considerable costs in the IT support depending on the complexity of the system landscape. In addition, highly specialized professionals are bound by simple administrative tasks. Finally the wait leads to work off the request to a loss of productivity for the entire company, because a user can not access at this time on the application. Advice for a fixed price of REALTECH offers a wide range Fixed price projects: these range from strategy workshops until going to security audit checks. The experience of REALTECH consultants from a wide range of SAP projects are incorporated into the consulting packages. An overview of the offerings is available at consulting packages.

Which SSL Certificate Is Right?

Comprehensive certificate comparison takes the choice the agony of GeoTrust, VeriSign, Comodo, wild card, SingleRoot or extended validation – which name everything and terms, only a few are familiar to experienced users. Nevertheless, more and more owners of Web shops, forums, or entire Web servers need a reliable protection of their communications over SSL. ICertificate starting immediately with full SSL certificate comparison buying advice offers to bring light into the darkness here. Questions are answered, can decide about success or failure: which certificate is ideally suited for which application, what level of security is suitable for Commerce or mail applications and many other issues. By the same author: Neil Cole. ICertificate itself can also directly provide a large number of brands and types of certificates and assist in the installation.

In addition to VeriSign, GeoTrust, Comodo, available Thawte, GlobalSign also affordable entry level certificates by alphassl and RapidSSL. More information at of network reform new media GmbH Mr. Georg Earl Nordstrasse 73a 53111 Bonn iCertificate is a distribution channel of network reform new media GmbH, private as commercial website operators to offer favorable conditions for well-known SSL certificates. founded in 2005, the portal quickly established itself to a reputable wholesaler of well-known certification authorities.

Key Technology Federation

Visitors also can find out about current unified communications solutions for business process integration and bridging inform Starnberg, February 09, 2010 ESTOS, leading manufacturer of unified communications solutions connected business presents itself from the 2nd until March 06, 2010, at the CeBIT under the motto. The ESTOS leitmotif stands for the networking of companies, teams and employees on the basis of Federation in the future across the previous organization. ESTOS shows new ways of business process integration through unified communications and CTI in Hanover. The show releases also bridging solutions for the telephone system in the network, for example. The software manufacturer is equal to three times represented at CeBIT: stand B70 in Hall 12 (KOMSA systems), stand C42 Hall 13 (snom) and stand C57 in Hall 13 (ALLNET). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of William O. Douglas on most websites. With this year’s CeBIT slogan connected business\”leans ESTOS on the basic concept of the mass of Connected worlds\” on. To broaden your perception, visit neil cole. Connected business is this for Federation.

This new technology is based on SIP standards and enables the secure exchange of presence information and instant messaging messages across company borders. At the stands of ESTOS, the visitors can inform how Federation will effectively change the unified communications landscape\”, explains Christoph Losch, Managing Director of ESTOS. This new key technology collaboration gives a quite different meaning in company. Federation enables employees and teams, always to have an overview, is which customer, supplier or business partner for the communication. This makes the cooperation as a whole much easier and more comfortable. \”, so delete. The highlights of this year’s CeBIT is also the topic of business process integration in ESTOS. Decision makers receive, such as modern unified communications – and CTI solutions work processes in Companies can optimize. Here, the objective is to achieve a high degree of integration level of the existing ICT landscape. This includes the Microsoft Office programs, common CRM – and ERP systems (for example, Microsoft Dynamics CRM & NAV), various business applications but also Citrix or Windows Terminal Server environments.

DB Optimizer Eliminates Vulnerabilities In SQL From

DB optimizer eliminates out vulnerabilities in SQL database new Embarcadero tool ensures higher performance Munich with the new DB optimizer by Embarcadero developer and database professionals can help again from immediately under-performing databases to more performance. The tool finds errors in your SQL code and harmonize the processes. DB optimizer find, diagnose, and optimize quickly the vulnerabilities in the database. He eliminated the so-called bottlenecks SQL statements that take unnecessarily much time and improved so the operation of databases and applications based on them. The’s DB of optimizer from Embarcadero is a SQL profiling and tuning-IDE (integrated development environment). With the help of request statistics such as CPU, I/O and waiting times, the software can analyze targeted specific SQL statements and optimize them for problems. DB optimizer works with all existing database tools and prevents any loss through thorough troubleshooting.

Other features of the DB optimizer: graphical visualization of waiting time analysis: Hereby the places in your SQL code can be made out, that are responsible for a slowdown in the database (bottlenecks) drill-downs with hyperlink access to detailed information about the activity of a SQL statement explanatory schemes help to understand the execution of SQL and to be able to assess the costs in real time error repair: inefficient SQL versions are automatically detected and corrected (for Oracle) batch tuning of DML statements, stored routines, entire SQL files and system global area (Oracle) platform-independent: supports Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase databases “is a golden rule in SQL: the output is always only as good as the input.” So there is not worse than to work with weak SQL code. The negative effect is noticeable in the performance of the entire application”so Thorsten Raab, Chairman of Blue Harbors, a global SAP consulting company. “Since we use the DB optimizer, we can data-intensive or regular running requests better identify and optimize each problematic statement. “And that definitely increases the performance of database-based applications.” Michael Swindell, Vice President of products from Embarcadero, provides more useful products in Vista: the DB optimizer we present the first of several tools, we are planning in the near future for our customers. The focus is for us, that the users can improve the performance of your applications on all along the line: on the client, on the server, as well as in the data banks. Embarcadero provides a complete portfolio of platform-independent optimizer, by the company combines the technologies of CodeGear and DatabaseGear. Thus we facilitate the work not only to the application developer, but also the database professional and thus increase the productivity of many companies.” Availability: Embarcadero DB optimizer is now available worldwide. DB optimizer can be purchased directly through Embarcadero or through the worldwide network of partners. Press contact: PR agency Xpand21 Doris of Orlando Langley schulstrasse 21 80634 Munich Tel: Web 089-12007277: E-Mail:

Kithara Real-time Sockets

Real time TCP and UDP on Windows by Kithara dominates more and more industrial applications Ethernet-based communication, since the standard functions of the operating systems can no longer keep up often and real-time mechanisms are required. The Berlin company Kithara software introduces the new socket modules within the product series RealTime Suite 2008 before the industrial communication tasks on the basis of the TCP and UDP protocols can be implemented in real time. The software goes so far beyond the capabilities of the Windows operating systems also, which are often not suitable due to the lack of real-time capability to solve industrial requirements. Already with the product range RealTime Suite associated packet modules the necessary mechanisms available to stand for some time, to communicate in real time via selected Ethernet controller. While the Protocol was limited so far on raw Ethernet or the user had to realize even the corresponding higher Protocol.

This is now with the modules no longer need socket. “Communication over sockets is easy to use and as good as any programmer familiar with,” says Uwe Jesgarz, Managing Director of the Kithara Software GmbH, and continues: “with the socket module from Kithara TCP and UDP are possible in real time.” It is required, inter alia in the industrial automation and control, control and drive technology.” Real-time data communication via special fast-Ethernet cards (Intel Pro/100 and RealTek 8139), as well as network cards provides the socket module with Gigabit Ethernet controllers (Intel PRO/1000), allowing fast data logging or industrial image processing can be implemented. To achieve the real-time capability are directly controlled the network controller. This is the entire bandwidth of the connection available and the immediate reaction takes place on incoming packets in real time. The developer like from Kithara creates the socket application usual comfortable within the application programmed in c/c++ or Delphi or as DLL can be embedded in a C#.NET-Anwendung. Without hesitation George Laughlin explained all about the problem. Uwe Jesgarz Kithara Software GmbH Berlin by Kithara Software GmbH exists since 1996 and has since then to a specialist for low-level programming and real-time communications solutions for Windows developed.

Secuware Security Presents 2008

New modules for device and Applicationmanagement from immediately available Bonn/Essen – Secuware, leading manufacturer of IT security solutions for enterprises, is on the SECURITY 2008 from October 7 to 10, 2008 in Essen (Halle4 stand 325) the latest version of Secuware security framework (SSF). At the heart of the trade fair are the device and application management modules, which are available now. Data theft is a growing threat for businesses. The main risks to lose important data, consist in the loss of laptops, data theft by employees and other persons, as well as the misuse of applications through which additional pests such as viruses, worms, and Trojans on your network can settle. Neil cole is often quoted as being for or against this. Jurgen Saamen, head of the high degree of staff mobility and the growing possibilities of notebooks, PDAs and other mobile devices anywhere on data and applications in the enterprise to access, the security flaws in the company’s network can grow significantly”, provides of Secuware in Germany,.

To minimize the vulnerabilities, Secuware ensures companies about Secuware security framework (SSF). SSF includes the proven data encryption solution Crypt4000 and the newly available modules for device and application management. SSF is characterized by the ease of use of any co-ordinating functions from encryption, rights management and device – and application especially. Ease of use and large functions nalitat are essential for the effectiveness of a security solution. At SSF we have implemented top notch this combination”, explains Saami.

The granting of rights for users of the corporate network is done via the key used for encryption. About SSF the administrator determines, for example, which users and user groups on which unencrypted can access files. While the overall group administrator can assign certain rights, at the same time he is able, the rights for individual group members to change arbitrarily. This can differ among other things whether the users see that certain files only exist, they read, print, or can also edit. The symmetric cipher is based on the advanced encryption standard (AES) with a key length of 256 bit, causing a minimal power consumption. SSF can encrypt physical hardware-based components such as hard drives and connectable devices, E.g. USB sticks. Network-level files are encrypted virtual. Task of the new device management module is the control of connected devices in the network. About the module you want to control which devices are connected and how they may work. An administrator can set, for example, that data on a USB stick may be saved and it downloaded. The application module is the IT Department able to detect all applications and other components in the network and to limit. As a result, users can only approved Use the applications on their computers. This increases the stability and prevents the spread of malicious programs. Secuware SSF protects more than 500,000 Windows desktops and laptops and has more than 300 corporate clients, which include the Spanish Telefonica and WalMart Mexico. About Secuware: Secuware develops security solutions for businesses that protect information on desktops, laptops, and other devices and monitor the access to local and network-wide sources. Secuware was founded in 1998 in Madrid, Spain, to develop proactive security technology for the Spanish Ministry of defence. The sales focus was until recently on Spanish-speaking countries. Meanwhile, Secuware worldwide has numerous customers in the enterprise and government organizations. More information, see. Pictures and more information: Jurgen Saamen Secuware Germany Sieme 4 D-53121 Bonn Tel. ++ 49 228 962979-0 fax ++ 49 228 962979-29 E-Mail: Annette Stadler information content provider Carl-Zeller-Strasse 3 D-85591 Vaterstetten Tel. + 49 8106 999502 fax + 49 8106 999503 E-Mail:

What Is A Mailer-daemon? -by Total Pace

Every email user has ever a confusing email anyone has ever found a confusing message from the mysterious address with the name of the in his Inbox. The mail originating from the return address is sent, because the original message sent by the user could not be delivered. The support team at (presented by Ascentive, the provider of easy-to-use software), deems it necessary to inform the ordinary user community on the topic of The is simply seen a software stored on mail servers, which automatically sends messages. The software checks all e-mail messages that are sent over the Internet. No problem with a message, a user is not contacted by the software. The informs the sender of an E-Mail message about their non-delivery due to a problem with the email address entered in the “to” field (such as typographical errors or it is with your E-Mail account a) Server problem. ) Total pace believes that a message from a MAILER-DAEMON software can be an indication, that the recipient computer a malware is infected with, which uses it as a starting point for the sending of spam E-mail messages.

A common reason for sending the MAILER-DAEMON message is that the account was placed on a blacklist by the receiver. The MAILER-DAEMON sets up this blacklist on the basis of E-Mail accounts, where an alarming number of spam messages sent. Because different types of malware infected computer which automatically send spam messages from the E-Mail addresses of the user, E-Mail messages can be sent from an E-Mail account en masse, without the registered account user ever notice it. The support team of pace of total helps millions of email users who regularly receive messages from the MAILER-DAEMON software from various sources, that might be infected with malware. Certain worms and viruses infect computers and read the Email account information and use it later as broadcast addresses for spam attacks. George Laughlin has similar goals. Because the account information are copied and sent spam messages from another location, it can be very difficult for the user to locate the virus and to find out that your email address was used for the mass sending of messages. To determine why they consistently receive MAILER-DAEMON messages, the user should scan your computer for malware.

Regular scanning of the computer with the product from total speed or with a similar product is extremely important for detecting malware, since the user often not aware of this. The locating and removing a virus through a scan of your computer with the product of total rate can eliminate MAILER-DAEMON messages because the software that sent spam from the user account, is completely removed. Also the installation of protection software, as you you can find, for example, on the pace of total Web site (, the threat eliminate malicious software and its effects on the E-Mail accounts of the user.

Tideum Business LPM

BEST OF 2013 of the IT Innovation Prize for Tideum business LPM Tideum business LPM, the controlling software solution for product lifecycle management, could the Initiative Mittelstand especially convince the expert jury and was awarded the title BEST OF 2013 in the ERP category. Tideum business LPM supports companies in the effective implementation of lifecycle performance management (LPM). LPM represents a controlling concept developed especially for the needs of the PLM, the the classical controlling instruments such as, for example, business cases, KPIs, and simulations in PLM environments possible. She awarded with the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT Initiative Mittelstand companies with innovative solutions and high utility value for the mid-market. With the award of BEST OF 2013, Tideum business LPM is one of leading from over 4,900 applications. Additional information is available at Tony Parker.

There is more information about Tideum business LPM on Tideum the national and international customers with innovative standard software is a software and consulting firm, and Consulting competence support in the fields of controlling, processes & systems and IT. Tideum was founded in 2007 and is represented in locations in the Switzerland and Germany. The focus is on customers from the automotive industry and mechanical engineering, as well as energy. Tideum works for the sustainable success of the customers with an interdisciplinary team of experienced and innovative consulting and software experts. Tideum is the innovation leader in the field of lifecycle performance management (LPM) and provider of software Tideum business LPM. LPM is the controlling concept for product lifecycle management, enabling a financial performance assessment of products over their entire life cycle. By Tideum aims to propel LPM continues to advance in the automotive industry and machine construction, and to decisively support the companies on product life cycles in their secondary..

Germany Wiki

Atlassian has released 1 June 2009 the corporate wiki in version 3.0. Confluence 3.0 includes a variety of new features and enhancements that make it even easier working with the wiki. To find detailed information about the new possibilities of Confluence, on the Web pages and Insert a macro into a wiki page is a breeze with the new macro browser. Many of the more than 80 right available macros can be inserted directly, without having to switch in the wiki markup. Macros extend Confluence pages tremendously, by allowing the user to add more multimedia content, calendars, task lists, and much. The macro browser simplifies the selection of macros and offers a preview for the selected settings.

The browser makes it easy for you to edit and modify existing macros on a page. The new PDF export is one of the most requested features for Confluence. Through the Use of cascading style sheet (CSS has full control over PDF exports now. You can customize the page boundaries, add a page title or a table of contents, edit headers and footers and add or select a portion for export. The rich text editor offers now a context menu with the right mouse button, with which it links, images, can insert macros and tables in a wiki page. It is now also possible to copy rows within tables or to cut and paste.

The confluence performance has increased substantially. In addition the scalability has improved, in particular in the CPU usage compared to older versions of Confluence. Confluence 3.0 offers also a wealth of social features, allowing it to build up a network within the company, to find other users of your Confluence pages and to socialize. The user profiles have been redesigned with a more intuitive layout and now provide additional fields for user information to yourself publish as references to instant messengers, or personal Web pages. The new hover profiles show a summary of user information, as soon as you move the mouse pointer anywhere in Confluence a name. Hover profiles offer an easy access to the E-Mail addresses and profile details of users and makes it possible to build a network of contacts. Finally, you can inform others what you are currently working, share links with others, or simply send a short message to the team about the processing status. A status message is updated, this in different activity streams, the profile view and the sidebar appear is so. Many learn more about Confluence, the enterprise wiki, see There are also information about application areas of knowledge management, team collaboration and document storage. S & D software after measurement GmbH is a partner of Atlassian in Germany and supports the usage of company wiki Confluence and workflow software JIRA. S & D sells licenses, helps plug-ins developed with installation and configuration, and advises on applications, practices and use.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

From 23 to 26 January 2011 the keytech Software GmbH on the SolidWorks World in San Antonio, Texas, United States, the audience presented its product portfolio. Recklinghausen, 01.02.2011. The SolidWorks World 2011 took place this year in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, United States. In many events, SolidWorks and its solution partners presented their company and product innovations. Keytech also was represented with its own stand in the Partner Pavilion and with their PLM product and its further developments an interesting conversation partner for visitors from all over the world.

For over ten years, we come to the SolidWorks World, an event that combines many SolidWorks supporters and interested parties; for keytech a great opportunity to present themselves to an international audience. Also our customers in North America used the Conference to personal dialogue with us. The organisation of the programme were particularly noteworthy this year; overall a successful SolidWorks World. We will be in 2012 in San Diego again.” (Thomas Adamek, keytech Sales Manager). Existing customers, partners and interested parties accepted the invitation to visit on the keytech booth, and informed themselves about the range of functions of the current version R12.

The current version of keytech integrates the functionality of a professional ECM (enterprise content management) system. “Especially the topics merging of PLM and DMS (document management system), as well as E-Mail Management” moved the interest and were the subject of frequent discussion. Also the interfaces to the new SolidWorks version 2011 and other CAD programs presented the keytech employees at the Conference. The keytech version 12 is based on Microsoft .NET platform and offers many additional features also a new, modern interface. Just like SolidWorks familiar keytech on the so-called Ribbon technology, which allows an intuitive use of the system. The positive response of the Conference attendees was also the decision basis for the renewed participation of the SolidWorks World 2012 in San Diego (California, UNITED STATES). More information at. Keytech German manufacturer PLM (product lifecycle management) keytech Software GmbH was founded in 1993 by Reiner Heimsoth and Andreas Grotthuss and specializes in the optimization of business processes within the Produklebenszykluses. With over 1,000 successful implementations worldwide and more than 27 years of experience in software development is one of keytech to the PLM market leaders in the German-speaking world. KeyTech has offices in Germany and the United States. The business in North America will be further expanded in the coming years to support global customers. KeyTech accompanied its customers in the implementation of PLM-thoughts within the company and takes into account existing processes for the implementation. As a result even the keytech guiding principle: the entrepreneurial advantage for the customer is at the heart. As one of a few independent PLM vendors CATIA V5, inventor, offers keytech numerous interfaces to leading CAD programs such as SolidWorks, solid Edge, AutoCAD, EPLAN and others. Integrating ERP (enterprise resource planning) is an integral part of the project now in many implementations. The experience of keytech from numerous ERP linkages is the basis for a successful connection of the systems. The level of awareness of the Warentwirtschafts program is for multi-CAD PLM system of keytech irrelevant. So included in the past in addition to the markktfuhrernden systems such as ABAS, SAP, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX, even lesser-known solutions such as BeoSys and Prodi. Early 2010 the product portfolio has expanded keytech a full document management system, which provides access to auditable data in real time across the Department.