Saint Augustin

In compliance with Gregorio (2006), Saint Augustin was one of first the religious thinkers who tried to join the faith and the reason, for it, Augustin ‘ ‘ The problem of the relations between the Reason and Faith left formulated indicating the way for its solution -, that will be the basic problem of the medieval scholastic. At the same time it demonstrates clearly its philosophical vocation in the measure where, to the side of the faith in the revelation, it burning hotly desires to penetrate and to understand with the reason the content of mesma.’ ‘ One another fact that leaves clearly plus a great difference between such beliefs, is that, no moment, the peoples politestas believed that the creators of the world had been the Deuses, this because, differently of monotestas that they creem in the divine perfectibilidade, this Deuses possuam so great imperfection that they would not be capable to create the universe in its complexity. Other thinkers of politesmo, such as Ovdio and Diodoro of Sicily, had left the question of the imperfection as indetermined. This imperfectibilidade makes with that, at definitive moments, the man is capable to fight against the Deuses. For example, the Chinese beat in its Deuses when exactly they did not offer what they were asked for to them.

The cats, in the Egyptian mitolgico world, were considered Deuses because it thought that, running away from the violence human being, the Gods if ‘ ‘ esconderam’ ‘ in the cats. He is clearly that in a world monotesta, to attack its God, would be considered as a criminal, being that, the correct one, for they, is, never to ask for, but yes, to be thankful what It of. For more different than both beliefs they are, both fulfill well its functions very, and that, beyond these differences, a rich conceptual characterization exists that does not become some inferior another one, and thus, disabling any scholar to prove categorically that such belief is better of what another one and that therefore, the people have that seguiz them to get some salvation.


The repertoire of Biblical parabolas, with stories that go of gnese to the apocalypse, almost always composes a species of express popular metaphysics in surprising way. Tame and delicate people had answered, however with brevity, however with incredible prolixidade to the investigations that place them to the film. ' ' I pray so that the children who are born if baptize. To grow or not to grow is another one coisa' ' , it warrants Great Baby, 90 years. goes in front: ' ' This because anjinho that it is not baptized is in the dark one asking for the world if acabar' '. For it, and all, angel serafim is the child who dies without time suck, without eating any thing. ' ' It only has an advantage: mother of five angels serafins, when she dies, is received in the sky for angels touching mandolin, must be much bonito.' ' In that community, what it cannot, what determines the loss of the honor, is to be thief. ' ' To these, it does not have perdo.' ' Each one thinks what it wants and Z de Souza certifies: ' ' The goat that says everything what it knows is besta' '.

Born, the citizen most prosperous of the Small farm of Arracks, nor therefore leave of being simple, common man as its neighbors, tedious in its to say and concise in its sentences: ' ' That history to inherit and to receive soon is very ruim' '. Or then: ' ' The man goes bank of the college pro and learns many things. But the things matutas it learns in the field. He goes coexisting, he goes talking, he goes seeing, he goes being prtico' '. Its summary of life is two phrases: ' ' The measure of never having enche' ' ' ' The man must work thinking that he does not go to die, and must pray knowing that morrer&#039 goes; '. This cadence of the life and death, death and life, perpassa all the film and invites to the reflection. The content makes in them to think. It will be that these individuals, marked for the time in the body and in soul, leaves a philosophical legacy of lesser value that the great philosophers?

Karl Marx German Philosopher

A movement exists estudantis, of the unions, some political parties, and groups of artists and intellectuals who are rereading the workmanships of Marx (Karl Marx German Philosopher of century XIX) and believing a world with little social inaquality. clearly that this releitura has that to be adapted to the present with its lacks and perspectives of world. ' ' Any that is the point of view for which let us study the modern society, in order to compare it with the past and to foresee the future, we must conserve, at least, the subconscious mind of this transformation radical in functioning, without what nothing it could be compreendido' ' (CARDOSO, PG 173) to better understand this change of paradigm that some sectors of the society frees through the study and analysis, it is good for remembering that this is not nothing untied or without annex for the opposite comes of evolution of the critical and historical thought the life in society. It is clearly that when if speaks in socialist ideas nowadays if not to say in revolution armed it would be an illusion after the democratic movements if to have some ideological ideas through the force. In this direction the welfare of the population as a whole is the focus of the quarrel of the present time. Any person wants optimum for itself and its family, however with the globalization and easiness of communication the individualistic interests have gained land. Perhaps inside of a simpler optics, we can explain that the necessity of market and the collection for having raise the individualism. The life race and the difficulties of the economic estabilidades move away people as a whole, beyond dividing families and placing parents against children, and brothers against brother. In this direction the human values are being reviewed, and fit to each one of us to make its part in the direction of if becoming a pacifying agent, inside of the coherence, the ethics and moving away from a time for all the uncontrolled consumerism, the fanatism, the intolerncia, the preconception and the homofobia of our society. Bibliography I MASK, Alysson Leandro, Philosophy of Direito Filosofia Poltica, Ed Atlas S.A, 2003, So Paulo? SP BOFF, Leonardo, After 500 years That Brazil We want? Ed Voices, 2000, Petrpolis, RIO DE JANEIRO CARDOSO, Fernando Enrique, Man and Society, National Ed, So Paulo, – SP DUSSEL, Enrique, Philosophy of the Release, Ed Loyola, 1977, So Paulo? SP

Arts and Drama

The objective of this work is to differentiate, at least, three types of art that had been of utmost importance in these last centuries, that are, the representative art, characteristic art and dramatical art, under a perspective of the thinker Ernest Cassirer 2 REPRESENTATIVE ART In its Aesthetica, Alexander Baumgerton, tries to prove, through a logical idealizao of the imagination, that the art is independent, however, it was imperfection because the logic of the imagination never could reach the same dignity of the logic of the pure intellect. The philosophy of the art and the language, possess antagonistic trends that oscillate constantly, one are objective, the other is subjective. In the objective fact, the language and the art if I summarized and if it constructs through the imitation of the things. The imitation is an inexhaustible source of pleasures, and these pleasures, affirm Aristotle, are an experience more theoretician who specifically aesthetic. If an art if limits to the imitation, and the imitation never is a perfect copy of the object, then, who imitates modifies the object (or the nature), either for more good pu either for more worse, however, the mimtica art can not only assist the image of the nature as a whole, but also to improve it (or to get worse). For example, it has drawings of grape plantations, that are prettier of what many plantations of real grapes. In the representative art, the imitation is seen with something pleasant, therefore, no matter how hard that some object is difficult of being to see, he is delicious (or desprazeroso) to see such object represented for the art.

Zaratustra Nietzsche

Zaratustra and our dramas With you already it must have occurred something similar what it occurs with me: I catch myself thinking. today, thinking I remembered that when Thus writing Zaratustra Nietzsche spoke brought to the quarrel some of the questions and problems that also circulated in its day the day and of the society in which he was inserted: to answer, to comantar, to criticize to consider alternatives to the current thought of its time. Which were these problems? Related to the moral, the religion, the behaviors. Gina Bonati takes a slightly different approach. E, of the reading of this controversial book by the way as all the nietzscheana philosophy if understands that the philosophy is a possibility of the demolition. It is the philosophy that in the sample some ways to be prevented. Not necessarily the acadmcia philosophy (this, by times rancid, since tied as if was condemned) which most of the time only functions in the measure where it repeats the ideas and penamentos of that they had been alados to skies exactly because they had known to say something different to its contemporaries. These academic philosophers finish, on behalf of the philosophy, killing it for starvation since instead of feeding it with new ideas to only they supply (only to keep the nietzsceano spirit) the vomit it of the repetitions. We know that to remain itself alive, the necessary philosophy to look at the old ones, yes, but also to consider the destruction, as Robert considers Gomes in its Critical one of the brazilian reason; or in the nietzscheana perspective: ' ' The time is come close where the man more will not hurl the arrow of its yearning stops beyond the man and where the rope of its arc will have unlearned to vibrate. Say I you: she is necessary to still have chaos inside of itself, to be able to give to the light a danante star. More info: Adam Sandler.