The Coast

There have been many projects due to the influx of a professional character and amateur divers, to sabotage the new boats such as the naval old that are now being replaced to create new dive sites. One of these projects was carried out some years ago, when a space shuttle was sabotaged in Gozo. Unfortunately, the project went wrong when the boat capsized during the process, and now turns out to be a rather dangerous place, more than a leisure dive site. However, these cases are rare. The Rozi – tug boat port is one of the most picturesque, as is totally upright at a depth of 36 meters. Others are victims of shipwrecks of world war, such as the HMS maori, which is probably the most popular shipwreck on the island, the barge and the Carolita Blenheim bomber, which is, of course, a small plane, and not a ship. I rejoice, the sister island of Malta has begun to develop as a diving destination throughout the year similar to an English summer and visibility is still very good. In addition, there is no nowhere in joy that this more than 20 minutes coast.

In total, there are more than 35 dive sites scattered along the coast. List of Malta includes the sinking of Rozi, Marfa point, arc of Cirkewwa, L-Ahrax Point, the islands of St. Paul s HMS maori shipwreck, wreck Carolita barge, Blenheim bomber aircraft, Delimara Point, Wied iz-Zurrieq, Ghar lapsi and Anchor Bay. Some diving around Gozo sites include the Xlendi cave, Xlendi Coral, Fungus Rock, crocodile cave, the fireplace and the Blue Hole, of San Dimitri point, Ghasri Valley, Billingshurst cave, Reqqa point, double arch of coral, Xatt L-Ahmar, Fessej Rock and Il-Kantra. And, finally, some of the sites of Comino include the caves, Lantern Point and Cominotto Reef.