Communication Sciences

The acts of violence of various kinds, from domestic lawsuits up to wars between Nations, through assaults and motor vehicle accidents, have become a resource used by some large corporate television and successful daily in multiple countries, action understandable by the high number of respective viewers and readers that generates them and under the understanding that emotional populations health does not seem to be the priority of its informational and business policies. In this sensitive situation, a healthy alternative to be considered consists of turning off the television and stop reading newspapers. It’s that easy. It is understandable that the news facts, i.e. those which are of public interest due to its notorious social significance, are broadcast with opportunity and broadly to large audiences. But it is also very clear that there is still a marked tendency of some media by exploiting human curiosity by watching scary and bloody events of pushy and irresponsible way. as these. A fact obvious is that images and sensational journalistic presented some television programs and popular newspapers typically generate fear and even panic among sensitive audiences who do not know another way to entertain and inform you. It is evident that the consciences of millions people remain numb and trapped by the emotional impacts infused through the bloody images that spread some media with much insistence and emphasis.

At this point it is right and proper to recognize that there are accountable and responsive media of its social function, which disseminated training content and encourage the awakening of the individual and collective conscience with a constructive and peaceful approach. However the contrary examples persist between the television frequencies and rotaries selling kiosks and street newsboys. Conscious break with this unhealthy emotional reliance decision may consist of a simple but decisive action: turn off the TV and stop reading newspapers. Although it is feasible resorting to the media when the schedules and contents are constructive, healthiest may consist in blur the attention of these informational resources and entertainment to focus on those issues that can contribute to the awakening of the consciousness and maintain emotional stability. Read newspapers and watch television programs do not constitute, by themselves, deplorable actions, what is worrying is that we lose our individual consciousness Center and us charge of destructive emotions by the violent events that is broadcast with so much emphasis by some media. The orientation of our conscious attention is decisive to define the quality and the kind of reality that we are building for ourselves, so it is urgent to revalue the amount and quality of time that we devote to television and print media.

And from this consideration, make a decisive decision, by own personal well-being. The author of this article, Sergio Alan Villarreal, was born in Guaymas, located port in the northwestern region of Mexico. He studied Communication Sciences and served several years professional work of reporter and editor, among other activities. In 2008 he decided to focus its existence to the development of consciousness and topics related to transcendent spirituality. He resides in the city of Mexico.