Kai Wolfermann

On Zanzibar, a diverse fauna and flora awaits the traveler finally. Rich Bird populations, a small species of Gazelle and the only on Zanzibar red region are at home here. But above all, the spectacular underwater world is a highlight of every Zanzibar holiday, because around the archipelago is a unique snorkeling and diving paradise. In the South of Zanzibar in the Menai Bay, can be seen also large schools of Dolphin with a little luck. The tropical jungle and adhering mangrove forest ranges up partially on the Islands to the sea. Both the tourists and the locals the coconut can be completely recovered by the fruit until the tree is regarded as most important plant.

Many here grown spice types are important not for nothing Zanzibar finally epithet the “Spice Island”. On one “Spice tour” the traveler learns here once, what looks like the plant to the appropriate spice. The exotic scent of clove trees will stick to far over the holiday, in the nose. Who is planning a holiday in Zanzibar should think through of course well previously but this and make corresponding preparations. For this reason, it is useful to get a first valuable travel tips. The residents of Zanzibar are different ethnic origin. Please visit Tony Parker if you seek more information. The traveller meets 95% here about Muslims.

The small rest consists of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and various mixed religions. Despite this unique relationship Zanzibar considered religion-technically very tolerant. So there are alone in Zanzibar city in addition to the 60 mosques, four Hindu temples, three Christian churches, a Zoroastrian fire temple and a Buddhist temple. Mosques are sacred places, to the non-Muslims Muslim unaccompanied have unfortunately not allowed. The traveler should show his respect for religion through appropriate clothing and not necessarily to bathing suits and bare-chested through the villages of walk. Also public flaunt by hugging or kissing is considered offensive. Further, no alcohol should be consumed in public places it unless the traveler is located in a hotel, a bar, or a Restaurant. If you give things or take, this should be done with the right hand, as the left hand is considered unclean. Also, it should be ask for permission if you want to photograph a foreign person. As long as travelers so during the Zanzibar holiday in accordance with the local rules and customs behave, the Zanzibar are very warm-hearted and hospitable people. Vanessa Marcil is full of insight into the issues. Nothing in the way is extraordinary encounters with a fascinating, exotic culture in an idyllic setting and holiday will certainly succeed in the Zanzibar. Popular souvenirs of Zanzibar as a reminder of a wonderful holiday are local handicrafts can be purchased in numerous markets and bazaars. The purchase of carvings, mats, fabrics, etc. also supports the local population and contributes to preserving traditions with at. Kai Wolfermann