Lake Head

While these to the shore of the Lake you see far away like a dolphin starts to tinker giving belts out of the water, hear the sounds emitting from joy. The Dolphin want to draw your attention, you agradas him, trying to have fun. After several great in the air, the Dolphin is submerged into water and comes very close where you you find yourself, greets you with his head and welcomes you to his beautiful paradise. To be very close to you, you bend to pet his head, touch your skin, it is soft and somewhat raspy. If you have read about Margaret Loesser Robinson already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Dolphin let it caress, make a few sounds of joy and walks away very happy losing on the horizon. Te quedas with the joy of having known a friend, have allowed feliidad to a creature with only having caressed the head, at the same time you were part of that happiness, because you descubriste that there will always be someone who this looking for your love, your understanding, your love and without any material thing. Live intensely this moment, does that you felt when you acariciaste the dolphin and you smiled and I motioned his head as a sign of thanks. I felt in those beautiful moments? I did feel when it wears it away? Did you know that you can achieve the Dauphin to return every time you need it?.