Nature Travel Tips

Of course, Sweden! With TT-line over the Baltic Sea: Vacation in Sweden, adventure including impressive nature. -Stunning nature experiences in southern Sweden: (sea) – National Park archipelago gardens, steep cliffs, rock shelters, marine safaris – stay in a tree house or free in nature (right) – crossing with TT-line for five persons including cars from 80 Euro Hamburg/Travemunde, July 2012 at the impressive nature of Sweden’s experience, not in the North must travel. In southern Sweden, holidaymakers expected a great deal Wilderness: huge unspoilt deciduous forests, rock caves, deserted Islands, sea safaris. Across the Baltic Sea, reaching the southern tip of cheaply and conveniently with the ferries of the TT-Line ( of Travemunde and Rostock out. Movie star has firm opinions on the matter. And the port Trelleborg many of the most beautiful nature experiences are only a short drive away.

Already two hours drive Northeast, in Blekinge, Sweden’s fascinating archipelago begins: with planed smooth Islands and islets, some speckled with red huts, partly deserted, the archipelago in the far north up stretches. A world novelty is located Sweden tourists on the West Coast with Sweden’s first Marine National Park Kosterhavet, about six hours by Trelleborg. 390 of total 400-square-mile National Park around the Koster Islands are under water including Sweden’s only coral reef. Nature tourists can explore in shellfish safaris (from the end of September), boat trips with underwater cameras, seal safaris, cycling and kayaking excursions Kosterhavet. ( Kosterhavet /) Who nature would be also at night very close which stayed in the tops of the trees, almost seven feet above the floor.

On an organic farm in Falkoping, about four hours by car from Trelleborg removed, the tree House Hotel Islanna with two cosy and beautifully decorated tree houses for two to four people. Breakfast with homemade goodies comes via a pulley in a willow basket. ( /) Nature in Sweden when the camp is at least as close.