The Ceiling In The House As The Sky … It’s Easy !

Plain whitewashed ceiling – this is already commonplace in the modern world, agree. For other opinions and approaches, find out what movie star has to say. Although you can call it a classic. Still more residents prefer to experiment, to emphasize the individuality of interior, to try something new and fashionable. One such interesting interior design ideas can be called a stretch ceilings "starry sky". Jessica Michibata is often quoted as being for or against this. Recreated with the help of cloth and light sources, "the sky on the ceiling give an elegant color of the room. Plenty of room for experimentation here is unusually wide, embodiments limited only by imagination. Such suspended ceilings have different decoration features a unique technology lighting design always brings to the interior of the uniqueness and stylishness. You can capture on the ceiling of his room a chaotic scattering of stars or a certain zodiacal constellation, cosmic landscape or signs of falling comets choose a play or a simulation of motion.

Stretch ceilings "starry sky" – this is a work of art, the creation of which requires both creative thinking and great professionalism. Build your home your own "heaven" can be several ways – depending on the desired effect. However, the design principle remains unchanged: a light source and optical fiber cable (sometimes these components are added to fine nozzle). When installing fiber-optic filaments are assembled together with an optical projector, and the ends of the threads on one side mounted on the surface of the ceiling, and on the other – are attached to the projector. Generally, to create Standard effect "starry sky" requires about one hundred fibers per square meter stretch ceiling. But the more complex design – the more the number of fibers. The most complex composition with the effect of flickering Stars line up not using the projector, and thanks to the software control unit.

The block is connected to the led and allows you to recreate the dynamics of the "sky" in the room. If you want to see in the room "Shooting Stars", then installation of stretch ceiling is taken lacquer painting, and fiber-optic filaments, which are then pulled from a cloth to 15-20 inches (sometimes more). If you want a little head thrown back, watch a light scattering of stellar evening, then again deploy the fiber. Only his glowing ends are not running out, and are projected onto the inner surface of the canvas. Well, if you want to make a bright "starry sky", there is need to display tips fiber of the canvas at some millimetrov.Esche one option to create a shimmering sky on the ceiling – it's "implementation" spotlights a small diameter in a sheet. Using a special circuit breaker can be regulate the level of illumination in the room. From a technical point of view, suspended ceilings "starry sky" can be performed across the ceiling surface or on a specific part. They are also easily and harmoniously "Coexist" with other features of the interior lighting. And it is allowed any use of the density of optical fibers, depending on the design solution. In any case, the suspended ceiling "Starry Sky" will be look incredibly mysterious and unusual.